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Lorain City Schools – What will it take Lorain – The BAD

UPDATE: I have pulled this information out of the comments to the “front page” as I believe the information is beneficial and “shows” a great deal Comment No. 2. on this post
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I analyzed stats from the year Dee Morgan left to the last year Atkinson was here to see what that cool million we spent on her did for us. We were better in 7 areas and worse in 18. Average Superintendent salary is $140,000. Why do we spend $85,000 more than the going rate? For what?

Part One – THE GOOD

BAD – the definition
Not achieving an adequate standard; poor

Lorain City Schools has been in the BAD category when trying to achieve an adequate standard:

The history from Citizens 4 Better Lorain Schools
( You can follow this link and click on the links (PDF files) for all the documentation here :

The Yearly Report Card by the Ohio Department of Education is in for 2010-2011. 5 out of 26 state indicators met.

The Yearly Report Card by the Ohio Department of Education is in for 2009-2010. 1 out of 26 state indicators met.

The Yearly Report Card by the Ohio Department of Education is in for 2008-2009. 3 out of 30 state indicators met.

The Yearly Report Card by the Ohio Department of Education is in for 2007-2008. 4 of 30 state indicators met.

Apparently we have also been “bad” in other years

4-05-Academic Watch-Morgan 3- 78.1 out of 120

05-06 -Continuous Improv -Morgan 6-82.3 out of 120

06-07-Continuous Improv -Morgan 4-80.6 out of 120

07-08 -Academic Watch- Atkinson -4 -77.8 out of 120

08-09-Academic Watch Atkinson 3-78.6 out of 120

You can slice it and dice it anyway you want:
Morning Journal article August 2011
Lorain schools get better grade (with video)

but we are still “struggling”- UP a point- DOWN a point…… but always hovering very near the bottom and that is BAD……….

Obviously, this has not happened over night but we aren’t making any great strides either even with two different ” highly paid” and “educated” superintendents at the “helm”

The numbers games comes into play –

after all since schools are publicly funded they have to show us something for our money don’t they?

You can find all sorts of information here

We aren’t healthy and haven’t been for many years and gaining a point or two isn’t going to cut it, because a whole generation of children have been coming through the corridors of under achievement and academic watch and that is bad…….. we won’t get those years or those children back for a “do over “

Something isn’t working no matter how much we pay superintendents or spend upon the students per school (whether high school, middle school or elementary) The 2009-2010 stats found here
LCS Excel file

There is a great deal of information about the Lorain City School system on the Ohio Department of Education website and you can compare all information to any school in the state ( including charter schools) also here is a link to the website INNOVATION OHIO

FYI on Innovation Ohio

Feb 28th 2011 Former Strickland Policy Chief Launches Innovation OhioColumbus, Ohio — Innovation Ohio, a new non-partisan but avowedly progressive think tank with offices in downtown Columbus, begins operations today.

Innovation Ohio, which is comprised of leaders in business, academia, politics and public service, will have a two-fold mission. First, it will advocate and advance progressive public policies (especially in the areas of the state budget and jobs, education, health care, and energy) that strengthen the middle class, protect the less advantaged, equalize opportunity, and provide businesses with the tools they need to innovate, compete, and create well-paying, long-term jobs. Second, Innovation Ohio will provide rapid response policy analysis and commentary to ensure that reckless, ill-advised or counterproductive proposals originating elsewhere do not go unchallenged. Innovation Ohio will not urge the election or defeat of candidates for any political office, nor pursue a partisan agenda. It will, however, deploy an army of academics, practitioners, and policy experts to ensure the progressive voice is heard and included in the public policy debate

and the report which you may find informative :

So there is your homework – anyone have any ideas on the “real fix” other than what has been happening – playing the stats game in order to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear!

In order for Lorain City Schools to make progress in the community ( all of the community not just enough of them to squeak by with a win in a levy campaign) but to get the citizens on board supporting their schools once more there has to be ” a course of action and time line to turn the bad report card into one the “city” and “her tax paying citizens” – the other two partners – can once again be proud to put on the public refrigerator door……..

MY BAD!!! What is YOURS????

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