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The not so “secrets of the garden”- Lorain- Part one


My mind and therefore my brain is in another place these past days – I had hoped to be able to “write” over the weekend thoughts of solutions or at least a beginning for Lorain City Schools …….. but the emotional puddle that I am has left no room for logic- therefore I have taken a walk in the garden… if anyone would like to guest blog their thoughts on LCS contact me …….

In the past three or so years- the volunteers and supporters of Charleston Village had added two new green spaces to this old neighborhood.

One is Settlers’ Watch corner of Oberlin Avenue and 2nd Street.
When visitors walk around the carvings and view the plants and wildflowers – some say weeds 🙂 they may not realize that in the seemingly lack of design ( tall at the back and lack of theme planting) the plants are actually there BY DESIGN- there are special plants for special people and reasons:
Earlier in the year we made a game out of some of the puzzles of Settlers’ Watch- Lisa from Buster’s Momma Blog- Buster’s House followed through with the 8 clues over the spring and summer .

Here are the clues:

1. Your journey of discovery begins with this clue:
From France they came and gave a Queen to Lorain

2.Don’t tread on Me! (as seen in the Garden of Eden and now in Settlers’ Watch)

3.As seen at Irving (School) , now this part of an eye blooms in a children’s garden.

4.Its family member is the pride of Scotland
but this prickly plant needs to emigrate from Settlers’ Watch.

5. Ah wistful and hysteria combined make this vine a bloomin good time

6. A tale of two vines:this one could literally blow its own horn
and the fruit of which fills the gap of women and song ( two for one 😉

7. In the garden is a flower of light planted recalling an Asian flight

8. Sunlight = night light

You can find the photo answers here.
I will expand upon the secrets of Settlers’ Watch and the reasons for the plants in the next post in the series-

Yes seems like this blog is becoming a series of series!

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