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Lorain City Schools- Cut and Paste- Back to Wonderland?

And so the trial starts as Alice (Taxpayer) continues her journey through LCS Wonderland….

Reports from the media BOE meeting Wednesday Dec 14th-2011
Lorain Schools announces cuts: 27 to be laid off, more than $6M in cuts planned – Evan Goodenow
Chronicle Telegram

Branham said charter schools — privately run, but publicly funded schools that have underperformed academically in Ohio compared to traditional schools — have been a major drain on the district……..

Each student lost to charters costs Lorain Schools about $5,700 annually. In 2010-11, charters cost Lorain Schools $11.4 million, open enrollment cost the district $4.5 million and school vouchers cost it $1.4 million.

Facing a $12 million deficit, Lorain Schools is likely to implement a financial recovery plan next year that would include up to $6 million in borrowing from the state and between $6.1 million and $7.6 million in layoffs and program cuts.

Among the cuts:

•$1.5 million: Layoffs of 18 teachers and nine teacher’s aides approved Wednesday.
•$1.5 million to $3 million: Lay off 50 to 100 more employees next year.
•$947,000: Eliminate fine arts programs.
•$737,000: Reduce kindergarten to half-day kindergarten.
•$295,000: Eliminate academic enrichment programs.
•$240,000: Eliminate high school busing.

Illustration Sir John Tenniel (1820-1914) for Alice in Wonderland

Morning Journal

Lorain schools look at cutbacks, borrowing to handle deficit – Alison Strouse

A total of 10,024 students live within the Lorain School District, however, 2,432 of them attend other schools through open enrollment or vouchers. Those 2,432 students represent $17.2 million in revenue lost by the Lorain Schools because that money flows to the outside schools those students attend, according to Branham

Now I am the product of another educational experiment gone wrong $*#* NEW MATH!!!*%# and my math is not adding up if I multiply the number of “lost children ” 2,432 by the number $5,700. I don’t get 17.2 million – I get $13,862,400 dollars- there seems to be a discrepancy of $ 1,372.00 per student. Or is that just my ‘New Math” 😦

The Plain Dealer article from November 2011 has an in-depth article on ” suburban schools and charter schools” part of which states

In a January survey of ECOT students, “nearly 50 percent of those who responded said they had experienced bullying in a previous school setting,” Wilson said in an email.

Suburbs must pay for every lost student

Whatever the motivation may be, every child who moves to a charter school takes money with him. And that’s a huge frustration for districts that have lost state funding and can’t persuade tapped-out residents to vote for more taxes.

Charter schools have money complaints of their own. They get roughly $5,700 per student in basic state funding — plus special education and other targeted aid — but they don’t get a slice of local property taxes or bond issues for buildings.

Who does get that money( local property taxes etc. ) is that part of the 1,372.00 I wonder???

But the part I found most interesting was a chart from the Ohio Dept of Education Please note this chart DOES NOT reflect the 5.9 million ( open enrollment and vouchers money )

District – Lorain
County – Lorain
State Ranking – Continuous Improvement
District Enrollment – 7,585

(NOTE: Good job the chap ( Gary Brantly) that
left to go with Dr. Atkinson –
around 8,200 students are enrolled in Lorain schools. That is an increase from around 7,600 students this time last year, according to Gary Brantley, the district’s chief information officer.
Maybe he and Atkinson were the product of the new math too 😉 However, Atkinson’s math was fuzzy,


Charter schools draw students and money from high-ranking suburban districts – Edith Starzyk, The Plain Dealer

If my math is correct then the numbers are still “squiffy”…. so clarification please did we lose 17.2 million to the lost children or $13,862,400 or going by the ODE figures of $6,541.472 for Charter Schools plus the 5.9 million in open enrollment and vouchers approximately 12.4 million . HELP!!!!

I am sure there is a formula I am missing somewhere- but LCS remember the majority of us whom you will be asking to pay will be using basic math so how does this work?

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