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The Sorcerer’s Apprentice -” ON “the BOE Agenda – Lorain City Schools

Let’s take another magical tour through the Lorain City Schools. We start by looking at the agenda for the Board of Education meeting on Dec. 14, 2011. (I promise not to go into typos and all grammar errors; those are just too much to go into.) Please be aware that this information is being provided by our Board of Education, the people who want us to support them and give them more money to spend.

On Page 5:

“It is recommended to terminate the previous Treasurer’s contract, dated April 9, 2008, and approve a new contract for the Treasurer, effective August 1, 2011 through July 31, 2016.”

This at this time is a moot point since it was tabled. BUT, did we not learn about extending contracts before they are close to expiration with our former superintendent. Remember we gave her an extension with a nice raise and didn’t link it to performance.

Page 6:

A. Job description for GEAR UP Site Facilitator
B. Job description for Associate Director of Operations
C. Job description for Grants and Accounting Manager
D. Job description for Certification Specialist (revision).

Items B and C appear to be NEW positions, sure anything GEAR UP is grant driven. Why do we suddenly need an ASSOCIATE Director of Operations? Do we need C because we don’t have people in finance who can oversee financial matters? Isn’t that part of the job of treasurer? Didn’t we have someone in HR doing that job without the title? What are the salaries attached to these positions? When are they to be filled? Too much missing information

Page 8-12: Supplemental Contracts

This leaves open so many questions. We are spending in excess of ¼ million dollars in supplemental payments to teachers for job related work. Then too, why do some supplemental contracts for production get 3 times as much as a special education teacher? Why do we have to PAY teachers to do their jobs? If they don’t want to do the extra clubs, maybe we don’t need the clubs. If they have a problem being the “director” of a musical group, maybe they don’t really need to be “teaching” music. After-all, isn’t the performance part of the evaluation of how well you taught your students to play or sing?

(Be advised that some of the supplemental amounts on Page 12 and 13 are from “grant sources”, so evidently don’t really count.)

Page 14: The dreaded “Athletic” supplemental contracts.

The ones on this agenda total $51,727.81 (there have been many others). Breaks down to 7,988.88 for certificated and 43,733.93 for non-certificated (which includes some retirees as well) Seems to me like an argument for the dreaded pay-to-participate. If we cannot “leave” the conference without monetary penalty, then it is time to tighten the belt and make athletics self-sustaining.

Page 16: Reduction in force of 12 teachers and 8 support staff.

See above supplemental contracts in excess of 250K

Page 21: “Ohio House of Representative”

I realize it is a typo, but, don’t we proofread or do we only have ONE representative in the state of Ohio?

“BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Treasurer be directed to spread this resolution upon the minutes of the Board of Education and that copies of the resolution be forwarded to members of the Ohio House of Representatives.”

Ok, here’s my question – How is the treasurer to “spread” this resolution upon the minutes? Does he use a blender/food processor and make some bologna spread? (After-all, all the time and energy spent taking the legislature to court to correct funding of public education got us what exactly? Of course, the Supreme Court of Ohio said “Fix it.” and that verdict has been ignored?) Or is he to “PUBLISH” this resolution within the minutes {Of course, it is already included within the agenda so . . .} of the Board of Education and “send” copies to the Ohio House of Representatives?

Stop feeding us this drivel. Give us some explanations, reasons and vision as to WHY this has to be this way. We are not stupid! We have an education and it should be sufficient enough to understand the agenda, IF, you want us to really know and understand what is going on. If you want our support, you really need to change the way you do “BUSINESS” and include us, not just feed us what you want to.

More trip highlights to follow as we continue to travel through The Morning Journal article of Dec. 15, 2011.

See you later, have to re-charge the trip batteries

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