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A CHRIS- MISS – Wish —— 2011——- Chris Ritchey

As I type this post, once again the snow is gently falling, not huge puffy flakes but more like frozen tears that are covering the stark barren ground with a softness, covering the hardness of what is the reality. It is that time of year again when those who are happy and optimistic rush through the shopping, wrapping, giving , cooking, lighting ,childlike excitement in their step. I remember so well those days and I am not alone this season “missing them”- The ghost of Christmas past still lingers beckoning as the frozen tears of a wintery morning fall and the spectre of the Christmas that should’ve been is lost .

My CHRIS MISS wish this year is FREEDOM

Freedom from “people of self” who cause one pain and angst

Freedom from the selfishness of those who do because they can

Freedom to BE

Freedom to laugh, to cry

Freedom to leave the “societal pigeon hole”

Freedom to choose

Freedom to speak ones mind and opinion without fear of retribution

For those that grieve , this time of year is particularly painful, we walk among you trying not to interfere with your celebrations- we smile nod accept your greetings -all the while hand in hand with another spectre whose tears dampen down the fires of cheer . To those that walk with me I wish you most of all strength and companionship of those that truly care and understand.

But most of all I wish you all the joy and anticipation that can be found in the excitement of a small child as they wait under the tree in Santa pajamas……….

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