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The Fish that soared- and the name is “Dirt” -A Chris Miss ” tail” continues

DR. Who Christmas "Crackers" BBC

Times have changed traditions from our English Christmas held in this house.

There wasn’t a Christmas Pudding – always Christopher’s job to light it every year- no real tree with needles dropping everywhere, also a Christopher “has to be” – no all red paper gifts from Santa Claus- but we still had (thanks to my mum) mince pies, chocolate logs , Quality Street candy and egg nogg with brandy. People were missing- one -not by choice and others by their own volition and selfishness .

We still pulled the Christmas Crackers as we sat down to Christmas eve supper-Gavin realized at Thanksgiving he could make adults look like real “charlies” in their paper hats whilst remaining sophisticated ( by not putting his on) and insisting we all did. He also realized there were little presents in the crackers which he duly collected as payment for being on the other end of the “pull”

The table was set and the ooohs and ahs as usual – However this year a new tradition possibly 🙂

You have to drop them in the pot head first to be kind….. Jim!!!! that is HEAD first, Dad ??????????….did it scream??? “who was that one – was that Sue , Tim or Ken” – how do you know if they are girls or boys? Jim stop making them angry– it will pinch you – I can’t bear to look .. I know which one “I” want to drop into the pot where is she???

Sweet little Nana informed us

Oh! you have to make them angry it makes the meat sweeter. Which one is the Divis…. is that the big one?I bags the big one

Gavin was more interested in the croissants.

After supper Gavin and I went to the playroom whilst the rest put together his new bedroom, with Lightening McQueen, a fire house bookcase and nightstand and a tool box cupboard…… all the time wondering how he would react.

Personally I was concerned about the “Fish” which was bigger than he was. The fish was hiding in the laundry room.

First though another tradition Gavin now has taken over the job of handing out the presents and Nana was his first customer of the evening- only she wasn’t fast enough for his liking

The time had come and No! it didn’t quite work out as planned the “fish floated” and performed well- there was more trepidation than excitement at this “ brilliant idea of Nag Nog’s’ – instead of following the fish plans changed to let us hide from the fish as we dashed ( well he did I was still peg legging it) up the stairs-

Let us hide in here !
The joy of Christmas was found on a little boy’s face as he dove headlong onto his new bed. Oh! Oh! the Fish is coming

Hide! Hide

It’s found the bed!!

The evening wore on, there was laughter, smiles and cuddles and as I received my Chris Miss present – the candles Chris always gave me – there were tears choked back but the joy of a child , cheeks flushed with excitement as he got ready for bed helped like no brandy egg nog could ever accomplish.

ED NOTE! I should tell you that the “bestus thing” in the whole of Gavin’s world is DIRT- he loves it loves playing in it with his favouritess / bestus things- “diggers” ( bulldozers and backhoes to you and me) . Therefore, I have to announce that boy or girl Gavin has decided the new baby”s name is DIRT- and he decided that from now on he would sleep in the new room and DIRT could have his old one– hmmmmmmmmmm

and yes Santa came and a “Digger” was dropped down the chimney with care

Christmas night the cousins and brothers and sisters , nieces and nephews all arrived and crackers were pulled and once more children were center stage as Christmas drew to a close……

And I left the mayhem of Christmas joy in my daughter’s home to return to my own home I remembered another little boy who loved Christmas ………. and is so missed- my Chris Miss…..

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