The reprise of “gobble de gook” – claptrap- wishy- washy -ask me no questions I will tell you no lies

February 15, 2012 at 1:03 pm 4 comments

As I continue in my very cynical state – I have lost patience – with the wishy-washy claptrap and those that believe we, the great unwashed, are there to be placated. This isn’t a new phenomenon for me as I was losing patience three years ago and in those three years I have experienced even more claptrap and not only from the political pundits but from the medical community – time to reprise my thinking of three years ago on this day that is an anniversary of:

Out of the Box Win- Win- Moving Forward

by Loraine Ritchey

ERRRRRRRRG!!! I hate those corporate and political buzz words- whenever I hear them they make me cringe and I have heard a lot of them lately .
A lesson in consultanese

The sound bites of the people behind the dreaded “flip charts” – I believe they are supposed to astound us with their intelligence. They are the “consultants” ( what exactly is a consultant anyway)and what do they do ?
consultant51 Source

ED NOTE:GEEK AND POKE ( One of my favourites- I just love the “take” by Oliver Widder)

One answer I received was They live over 60 miles away- are paid 250 dollars an hour – to tell you something you already know!”

They are not alone in my blame game of gobbledygook, they have plenty of company BUT it is WE THE PEOPLE that enable the gobbledygookers.

We, who pay , we who can’t make a decision or “plan” without their expertise ( even though we know what is needed ). WHY IS THAT I WONDER ?


News flash – most of what I see and read from “out of the box” thinkers has been done before- it is recycled, tweeked thinking. The trouble with boxes and out of the box – remember Pandora?
pandorasbox SOURCE

No 2. WIN WIN –
everybodywins SOURCE

loser1 SOURCE

Well I have news for you someone always comes in 2nd and therefore loses- no such thing as “Win Win”
Burst Your Bubble, painting by Erik Stenberg,

AND as for Moving Forward– not too bad as long as you know what is ahead
manrunning2Source Dave Brown
of the Independent

I am done with the – win win- out of boxes- moving forward thinking. I just want “common sense ” “integrity”“money where the mouth is to prevail- and I don’t need a study – a plan- a consultant – or ” Keyboard Kops” to evaluate .

Well it is still ok to dream isn’t it?
The Stuff that Dreams Are Made by John Anster Fitzgerald, circa 1858


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