Meet the Mayor Night – Lorain – March 2012

March 9, 2012 at 12:53 pm 4 comments

After an afternoon of playing in the world of the child and trying to persuade Gavin that I am the one in charge – which didn’t work out too well- I went to the Meet the Mayor Night.

Ritenauer names staff, focuses on city’s core deficiencies (with videos)

I am not sure what I expected but I decided rather than being just an “email” personna to meet the staff face to face so to speak. The tour started off in City Council Chambers with introductions of Mayor Ritenauer’s staff- Robert Fowler, Geoff Smith and Derek Feuerstein.

There followed a tour of the 7th floor- new seating in the outer lobby (DONATED), new colour on the walls. The offices have been changed around with a more customer friendly feel to them . Furniture had been recycled and desks. You certainly appreciated the views of the lake and the sunset that turned everything in its path rosy.

The event was geared so you could speak informally to the staff. Since I had already sent emails in regard to the situation looming( new water lines) for Oberlin Avenue and the changes we will be facing with the cutting of the trees I hadn’t much to say. Although I did give Geoff Smith the latest “homeless” person to come across my computer screen in the afternoon on 6th and Reid- a criminal with a RSO resume that was lengthy.

There were familiar faces those that are always trying to help in this city and it looks like they are still hanging in there. Not wanting to take time away from others ( “Garbage ” and the one thing we have an excess of in Lorain was a frequent topic-) I went back to council chambers where Derek Feuerstein, Chief of Staff, was writing down the issues brought to him by the participants. Now there isn’t too much I can say as to how quickly any of those issues will be resolved but this I can tell – that young man was excellent under pressure.

Rushing into the chambers was a “lady” I recognised from the neighborhood, she honestly looked like the hounds of hell were after her- spying the young man in the suit she proceeded to grill him as to

Who he was, where was the mayor , what was he- what was he going to do

– the poor guy patiently tried to get a word in to answer but wasn’t allowed.

The issues went from garbage cans, to surrounding cities. By this time Mr. Smith had joined us- knowing this woman I kind of chuckled as Mr. Smith would try to explain to her who she needed to contact and the appropriate avenues to take

Note: We had now segued from garbage cans to crime to being homeless as she had had her things thrown out of the window by the wife of a landlord- and how the city needed to enforce the contracts between the tenant and landlord not his wife and family and sisters she didn’t have contract with- and the judge making her homeless because of non payment of rent – the homeless shelters discriminating against her and the death penalty we were enforcing the tirade went on an on.

She was having none of Mr. Smith’s logic and would not let him finish- logic was definitely not what she wanted – turning her full attention and barrage, as though Mr. Smth no longer existed, to the patient and polite Mr. Feuerstein. It seemed ages the verbal bombardment continued only to have her storm out to “pee” only to make her exit halfway before changing her mind. The tension mounted for those of us in the chamber wondering now if she would need to find relief of her kidneys in “chambers”.

Obviously this “lady” had some other issues but I had to admire the staff as they “tried” only to have her storm out again only to have her return- hopefully she found the ladies.

I don’t think it was the kind of one on one they expected but they get top marks for handling it well. Oh! I did bring up the house on Hamilton and 4th so we will see if this Administration fares better than the previous 38 years worth. Photo Lisa Miller
Photos of Ritenauer, Fowler, Smith and Feuerstein – Morning Journal


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  • 1. paula tobias  |  March 9, 2012 at 8:19 pm

    The “Lady” incident: Yes that was quite the experience, I guess you can expect something like that when you open to the public (is that an example of the issues/citizenry the city faces/why we are in the “state” we are?)

    Look forward to seeing her at Council. 😉

  • 2. Loraine Ritchey  |  March 9, 2012 at 8:41 pm

    well if nothing else they saw a citizen of Lorain of the ilk that we have to deal with everyday in these old neighborhoods .

  • 3. Dr. Tammy  |  March 10, 2012 at 4:08 pm

    I would really like to know when and how the wheels came off the city. I know big business left, but there were so many business opportunities here that didn’t happen. Was it city council, community development, non-profits, welfare….what was it??? Lorain has so much promise, but there is such a negative attitude, and lack of follow-through, why? There is such a them and us environment here and soooo many non-profits that say they are working for the poor, homeless or mental health needs, but nothing is changing!

  • 4. Loraine Ritchey  |  March 10, 2012 at 4:43 pm

    Ah ! that is the question- In my opinion it has been lack of “foresight” anticipating the negative. not having a contingency plans- everything has been piece meal and studies and people walking out of meetings thinking they have accomplished something.

    This city is like my old house.. we know that the roof will last 20 years BUT we don’t have anything in the bank to cover the replacement cost so we eke out another 10 and patch but that causes rot in the rafters and bugs and vermin can get in and we just spray the known areas….. until the house falls in upon itself and that is what happened in Lorain.

    Every single administration had their own agenda. Garbage 100 percent pickup was mentioned at that meeting.. I mentioned that 7years ago a committee worked out the details- everything worked…. with everyone from the Allied Waste the city county businesses had a workable plan of action and it died a death on Mayor Foltin’s desk ( whose own safety service director was involved and never came to light) WHY because THE biggest business in Lorain is rentals and the LEA and other landlords etc pulled his tail and said no no…. and since they were also his supporters in times of elections.wel.. there you have it

    It is personal and political AGENDA in my opinion that has caused Lorain to implode upon herself….. IF TPTB in all of this community the politicians, businesses , corporations non profits spent their time and energy putting the city before all other agendas there might be some hope.instead like an old whore who is painted up – perfumed to hide the stink and sent out by her pimp to get the last bit of income from her she is diseased with those that have used her and continue to do so .

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