Hillary St. Pierre – her gift to you too – continues

March 19, 2012 at 1:13 am 3 comments

Readers of this blog know how much I admired this young woman. She touched my life and still continues to touch the lives of people who may not even know her name.

Hillary, walked a path of cancer and along the way discovered not only did she have to deal with the obscenity of this insidious disease but insurances, medical non communication and the robot muppets of cubicle pigeon-hole decision makers as to what will be covered.

Until it hits you, the “system” is some remote tale on a blog or program. The system hit Hillary and she hit back.

Look at your son or daughter, loved one and then imagine, if you will, facing a catastrophic illness – it doesn’t have to be cancer – look at YOUR insurance :
Is there a lifetime cap, how much is that cap ? can you access the specialists you will need- who will fight for you with the “permission givers” when you are too weak to lift your head, who will deal with the bills – who will be your advocate when your brain is numbed with drugs – will your ability to pay for the cost of the survival become part of the equation of life and death ?

Hillary became an advocate for all of us in the United States:

She’s Always Been a Fighter’
By Chris Fleisher
Valley News Staff Writer


Last month, St. Pierre-Ford died at the age of 29. But until the moment that cancer claimed her life, she was determined not to let her experience as a patient go to waste. She turned her frustration into action, advocating for reform at the federal and state levels, writing about her experience on her blog and the news website Huffington Post, and becoming a voice for patients who she felt were being neglected by the system.
Once an aspiring communications major at the College of New Rochelle in New York, St. Pierre-Ford used her writing and technology skills to raise awareness of problems within the health care system and also suggest ways to solve them. Her legacy could be an electronic health record system, called “Patients as Partners,” that acts as a kind of “Facebook” for health care, where multiple providers from different hospitals can communicate in one place about a single patient.She designed the project from her bed, then patented it and gave it to the state of New Hampshire, which is now considering it as part of a larger effort to create an electronic medical records exchange program.

There were other concerns. She wrote on her blog, called “Baldie’s Blog,” and for other Web publications about the immense costs to her family, how insurance maximums would cut off life-prolonging treatments. Last year, she wrote for the Huffington Post about how health care costs were forcing her to consider a “Medicaid divorce,” in which she would legally divorce her husband to protect his financial assets and, in becoming single and destitute, make herself eligible for Medicaid to pay for care. (She and Jon did not divorce.) Private insurance, she found, would not cover many treatments

ED Note: Please read the whole article on Hillary’s Blog

Hillary found all this out at the age of 23 and spent the next 6 years fighting the disease of the “curable???” Hodgkin’s Lymphoma-( refractory) which ultimately claimed her young life , just as it claimed my son’s . Although due to my son’s wife’s insurance – she being a Dr. with the Cleveland Clinic -we had no such insurance worries. MEDICAL INSURANCE NOT ALL EQUAL

Dr’s within the Cleveland Clinic system seem to know what it will take to keep them from dealing with the insurance and healthcare system – 100% coverage and no lifetime cap and so much more which I will cover in my The Good???? Dr – or Dentist Series
Hillary had a gift and she continues to bestow that gift including her words to help the youngest among us understand .

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  • 1. Brian  |  March 20, 2012 at 11:22 am

    While the thought of reaching the lifetime limit of an insurance seems scary, there is a very large portion of our population that grows larger and larger every year that has NO INSURANCE.

    There is no one really fighting for them. They are the forgotten demographic. This group gets sick then pretty much learn to live the rest of their lives not owning much of anything. They might get a small reprieve for a short while if they can file bankruptcy, but in the end, they usually have nothing at the end even if they recuperate.

  • 2. thatwoman  |  March 20, 2012 at 12:20 pm

    I know that Brian – it is disgusting in this the self proclaimed weathliest nation in the world healthcare is “earned”…… not a right… don’t get me startyed…….. 🙂

  • […] How do you face the loss of the one you love and still be reminded every damned month as the bills for the “failed” treatments come through your door as another Hodgkin’s fatality family deals with after the loss of their Hillary. Hillary fought with her dying breath for coverage – She had to fight the cancer and the health insurance potentates https://thatwoman.wordpress.com/2012/03/19/hillary-st-pierre-her-gift-to-you-too-continues/ […]

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