“A Story having …….” Googled equals Chris Ritchey/ That Woman

March 24, 2012 at 6:11 pm 5 comments


a story having fear, surprise, sadness, disgust, anger, anticipation, joy, trust

That was the search term that was googled and the search that Google felt applied to my son apparently because the person/s who searched were sent to this blog and “my story”.

It seems Google were right in their direction to this blog , as upon reflection:

FEAR – “the obscenity of cancer- Hodgkin’s Lymphoma



It was a phone call that sent an icy cold that permeated through my very core and has not left me yet, my brain not wanting to “compute” what my ears were hearing, mouth dry, eyes welling with tears , the incredulousness, the denial , the confusion, the sheer terror that runs through your frame, your mind screaming, a few seconds that changes your life forever- nothing will ever be the same

SURPRISE – the extended family certainly surprised me by their actions :

The Vykas, Tim/ Sue Lombardi/ Ali Lombardi, Angela(Lombardi) Ritchey DO

Maybe I would have not been taken by such surprise when a call came from the Boyer and Cool Funeral Home (8 days after my son’s death and ONE week after Angela (Lombardi) Ritchey had agreed to cremation and the decision of Chris’s ashes) stating that I need to meet with Mr. Cool. These “people” didn’t have the common decency or courage to face us personally with one of the most personal decisions one can make .

That morning of December 11th my mother was here staying trying to deal with her own pain- worried about me and the state I was in and my husband when the phone rang. I knew something was wrong- apparently my mum hadn’t even been acknowledged at the memorial service – no concern for her by the dry-eyed controllers –

maybe “GREED” would have narrowed down the search
even further)


Sue Lombardi ( the mother in law) – the cash from fundraiser- not deposited into the Friends of Chris Ritchey account( First Federal) – her own statement November 2009- waiting room – Cleveland Clinic- when asked for a list of those that donated so I could send thank you

Sue Lombardi –
“We don’t want people to know the full amount – we aren’t publicizing that. I have opened a safe deposit box for the cash – Angela has access”

SADNESS – that goes without saying:

I have cried everyday of the yesterdays at the loss you, my eyes are sore, always swollen from the weeping of you and I will cry today as my heart continues to break. My will to go on is battered and blown by a grief that seemingly knows no ending. I stagger emotionally through my days – stand rooted immobile – whilst all around me a world of todays rushes past- soundbites of life, colours, voices sometimes penetrating the world of tears. The hurt has not eased no matter the passing of yesterdays.

DISGUST – the Priest (Divis) and the Bishop Lennon and members a certain congregation who were and are in my opinion “traitors of compassion”


I am perplexed by the continued lack of respect and disgusted by the actions of your number. I would suggest you remember that as you pray to another mother and think of her pain you ask forgiveness for the pain caused to another of her sisterhood.- one who lost her son to disease and again to deceit and control and yet again the dishonor perpetrated by those that decorate with cake, beer and balloons enabled by your church.

ANGER – it is what has kept me upright

Angela Ritchey- In red - by Chris Ritchey

Anger I have found is a most misunderstood emotion. Anger actually has been beneficial in my world of late. It has kept me from totally puddling emotionally. Anger should not be confused with hate. Hate would be all-consuming, my grief is all-consuming – no room for hate.

Anger on the other hand, in my world, actually is a positive. Without the utter anger I felt in the past days I could not have moved my mother- I just wouldn’t have had the strength physically, it was anger that enabled me to pack 27 years worth of life into plastic bags, haul furniture and clothes up and down flights of stairs. And just when I would start to flag the thought of that selfish narcissistic cretin gave me the strength and admittedly helped my husband and myself make a “moving miracle”.

ANTICIPATION– we had that too as well as

JOY– and a host of golden daffodils


Braedyn made his appearance into the world just after 6 in the morning . And although they maintain this 6 lb bundle complete with eyebrows etc. is 36 weeks – Murphy and I know better he had at least two weeks on them………

I have realized just how old I am trying to keep up with Gavin, whose energy is seemingly limitless and whose imagination gets us both into trouble- when the dog gates become a makeshift Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and a muddy Scout rushes into the room. Bath time – is an experience to be believed – Gavin nightly tries to prove Archimedes wrong and the water he displaces usually ends up soaking me. One towel for Gavin , one for the floor and one for me.

TRUSTbroken trust and loss of trust also covers the story of Chris and this blog –


Trust- just a little word actually, one of those “throw away “ words ,seemingly unimportant in the wonderful mind and tongue pleasing words that you can get you teeth into, as we frolic in the English language.

Trust when broken , no matter the language, is broken forever. There aren’t any “degrees of breaking trust” it is intact or it is irrevocably broken.

NOTE: All writings in this our story are from my perspective as we are the ones who have lived this story first hand. It is OUR TRUTH -However, there are witnesses- documentation for each and every scenario presented upon this blog.

These posts are based upon my opinions of people and situations as they presented themselves in the past 4 years. My conclusions are based upon living this story and having to deal with the actions of a few who have entered our lives and left behind them the anger, the sorrow and disgust as they trampled upon compassion…………………..

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  • 1. Henery Hawk  |  March 24, 2012 at 11:18 pm

    Know what’s funny? I know that the folks mentioned here are aware of the things that have been written. Yet none of them has ever attempted to dispute what’s been written.

    Very telling.

  • 2. Mark Teleha  |  March 24, 2012 at 11:19 pm

    Sorry ’bout that. I got logged in under Henery.

    Mark T.

  • 3. Loraine Ritchey  |  March 25, 2012 at 12:10 pm

    They can’t dispute the truth – and I have told the truth – I have the letters, the texts and the witnesses – this ALL happened as I have documented it here and these are the results of their actions – how it has effected my family…. at the lowest time of our lives……..

    Their Buddy Bevan can send out all the emails he likes trying to spin but I tell the truth and this is what the pillars of St. Mary’s Mother of God did ……. ah such compassion and love ……….

  • 4. aka mozart  |  March 25, 2012 at 1:01 pm

    Loraine….i guess there are woo’s and there are wolf’s. That is all that I can add to your post.

  • 5. Loraine Ritchey  |  March 25, 2012 at 1:04 pm

    and definitely a lot of catty MEOWS 🙂

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