Grief – Depression- Listening???- American Pyschiatric Association Responds-somewhat

April 4, 2012 at 3:39 pm Leave a comment

and Joanne Cacciatore, PhD responds to them – hopefully they will do what they are trained to do and “really listen”!

There are thousands of us trying to speak through our tears- we are not mentally ill- we are those that loved those who are now denied to us through death . To classify us as having a ” mental illness/defect” because we aren’t over it in your prescribed “normal time frame ” is demeaning, insulting and totally without human understanding. Take a pill !- your dead son or daughter, loved one just a symptom of your illness not of your love so say the “talking heads’! They are an emotional virus attacking your mental stability – because that in essence is what they are saying- the love you have- the loss you feel has a time frame – who knew??? – I never thought love needed classification and thought of as a sympton of illness..

Grief versus Depression: The American Psychiatric Association Responds

The full response can be found here×600-normal-0-false-false-false.html

We want to address your assertion that some grieving individuals do need treatment. We agree that sensitive and compassionate support and professional help should be available to anyone who needs and desires it. However, we are not comfortable assigning a label of a mental disorder simply to allow someone to obtain insurance reimbursement for such help. The DSM fails to recognize that there are legitimate forms of suffering that are not caused by a mental disorder and instead seems intent on labeling normal, if intense and enduring, distress as pathological.


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