Ahhhhhh!!! Easter /Eastre – resurrecting memories, eggs and crabs

April 6, 2012 at 11:27 am 18 comments

UPDATE: Lisa has taken her comments about the “hare- brained idea” and posted- check it outhttp://bustershouse.wordpress.com/2012/04/06/as-seen-in-lorain-bunnies-as-prizes-is-wrong/#comments

ED. Note This years Easter Egg hunt in Lorain Lakeview Park – April 7th 2012 – 10-11 am- The Easter Bunny is coming to Lakeview! Bring your own basket, a camera and be sure to dress for the weather. Egg hunt for children ages 2-11yrs.

Easter was always a great time growing up- the Easter holiday in England lasted for days and days – I don’t remember much about church though – although I am a pretty good organizer I don’t like to be “organized” as stated in my series here:
organized religion left me “wondering and questioning”. But that isn’t to say I didn’t take full advantage of the “holidays -no matter the culture or the origin!

As it turns out, the Easter bunny has a long history as a pagan symbol that predates the Christian holiday. In fact, sources suggest that early Christians purposefully co-opted the pagan hare to popularize their own holiday. In the second century A.D., Christian missionaries tried to convert northern European tribes. To help make Christianity attractive, the missionaries turned pagan festivals into Christian holidays. The pagan Eastre festival occurred around the same time as the Christian celebration marking Christ’s resurrection so the two celebrations blended into one, rabbit and all.
Photo Source

Quite a few pagan cultures hold celebrations in the spring. It’s the time of year when plants return to life after being dormant all winter and when animals mate and procreate. These festivities celebrate the renewal of life and promote the fertility of crops, animals, and even people, which was important in these agrarian communities. The Saxons believed in a maiden goddess of fertility named Eastre or Eostre (Oestre in Latin) and honored her with a spring festival. Hares and rabbits were considered sacred to Eastre because they are notoriously fertile animals.

NOTE: AHHHHHHHHH Explains a lot!

Over time, Eastre became Easter, and the symbolism changed as well. Instead of the Easter rabbit symbolizing fertility, the rabbit may symbolize an innocent, vulnerable creature that can be sacrificed, similar to the lamb. To Christians, these innocents are tokens of Christ and the sacrifice he made.

The Easter bunny we know today was influenced by German traditions dating back to the 1500s. German children believed that the Oschter Haws (a magical rabbit) would leave them a nest of colored eggs at Eastertime if they were good. Pennsylvania Dutch settlers brought this tradition to America in the 1700s.

On a related note, eggs have long been a symbol of rebirth and thus associated with spring celebrations. In the 600s, Pope Gregory the Great forbade the eating of eggs during Lent (the 40 days proceeding Easter), and this helped make eggs a special treat at Easter. Many European cultures also have old customs of decorating eggs and giving them as gifts.


Well Pagan/ Christian Holiday or not – I used to love Easter.

There was the Easter of George the Crab. Easter Holidays meant a trip to the seaside to Auntie Pat and Uncle Frank. They lived in Margate on the coast. Some Easters we froze as winds whipped the town and we huddled in front of a coal fire enjoying hot cross buns but if Easter was late and you were really lucky weather would be warm . Although the sea was still much too cold even for paddling, rock pools left by the out going tide held all sorts of wonders.

It was on such a delightful Easter Saturday I acquired George- a rock pool crab- I refused to leave him and smuggled him in my little sand bucket aboard the bus to take him home. I was found out by a disgruntled Bus Conductor who made my embarrassed mother and Auntie Pat leave the bus and I had to put poor old George ( who I admit was looking a bit green and smelling quite a bit ( no doubt tipping off the Bus Conductor) back into the nearest rock pool.

Easter Eggs- were such fun, and NO I am not talking about those waxy chocolate ones stuffed with syrupy sugary yukky cream I have experienced here in the USA – ( I am sorry I dislike American Chocolate, it always tastes like eating candle wax) but beautiful sugary concoctions and real chocolate <sans wax) that when you break them open more chocolates appear.


Even the “don’t eat the sugar eggs”
were appreciated because they always contained sugared almonds which were allowed.

It takes some doing but I have managed “English Easter Eggs” through the years for my children and Gavin too has always had his English Eggs and so too will Braedyn ( when he gets teeth). I hope you enjoy your traditions this holiday – maybe we will have crab for lunch hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

In the meantime Happy Easter /Eastre to all……….

From Gavin

And from Braedyn

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Knight or Tin Man – coming up on the first 100 days- Chase Ritenauer Combining Religion- Politics – Castrations/ Cover -ups/ Church

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  • 1. Lisa  |  April 6, 2012 at 2:03 pm

    I would like to know whose harebrained idea it is to give out live rabbits for prizes at Easter Eggland. WORST IDEA EVER. They should be giving out certificates for people to pick up their bunnies from a reputable place that will educate them on the proper care of their NEW PET and allow them to decide if a rabbit is really the right pet for their household.
    “Rabbit ownership,” says Heidi Hoefer, D.V.M., “requires the same commitment as owning a puppy, and should be taken just as seriously.” Marinell Harriman, president of the national House Rabbit Society (HRS) concurs: “A rabbit has the best chance of becoming a well-loved companion if the adopter is well-prepared.”
    “The potential lifespan of a well-cared-for indoor rabbit is seven to 10 years—and some live into their teens. Their soft fur and cuddly appearance give the impression that they are akin to animated stuffed toys—perfect low-maintenance “starter pets.” As a result, when uninformed owners are faced with the daily reality of rabbit care and maintenance, the rabbit often ends up in a shelter.”
    “Living with a companion rabbit can pose special challenges to families with young children, particularly toddlers. Joanne Hamoy, rabbit-care coordinator at Stevens-Swan Humane Society in Utica, NY, is blunt about it: “Young children and rabbits do not mix, and this fact cannot be emphasized enough.” (bold mine – lisa)

    Giving live animals a prizes is irresponsible and unethical.
    Some of the potential “winners” of these living creatures are hardly able to take care of themselves and/or their children, let alone a pet. Please reconsider this very bad decision before someone or something gets hurt.

  • 2. Loraine Ritchey  |  April 6, 2012 at 2:20 pm

    Lisa I will send your comment to those who brains must be suffering from rarified air syndrome 🙂 and I agree 100% I thought of a duckling last year as I have a pond until I researched the fact that wild ducks and those little ducklings they sell and give away at easter/ eastre can’t fly so so they are fodder for the feral cats……. again thinking without the consequences Cheers Loraine

  • 3. Loraine Ritchey  |  April 6, 2012 at 2:28 pm

    Lisa I have sent your thoughts to all the sponsors of Egg Land – but I wouldn’t hold my breath…………..

  • 4. Lisa  |  April 6, 2012 at 4:01 pm

    Thanks Loraine 🙂 Good luck finding the person responsible for the Lorain Brain.

    Amazing what a little research revealed when you were given the opportunity to decide if a duckling would be a good addition to your space. Pets should not be forced upon people. There are so many other things that this organization could be awarding as prizes. If you want to bring people downtown, there is no need to stoop to something traditionally done at traveling carnivals of questionable repute. Our repute is questionable enough on its own and this isn’t going to help change it for the better.

  • 5. Loraine Ritchey  |  April 6, 2012 at 4:14 pm

    Lisa take your pick here is the list of offical sponsors according to the city website

    This event is proudly brought to you by the City of Lorain, Faroh’s Chocolates, Lorain Growth Corporation, The Palace Theater, Lorain Port Authority, Black River Historical Society, Lorain Arts Council, Charleston Café, WOBL/WDLW, Home Depot, All American Demolition, and the Morning Journal.

  • 6. Robert  |  April 6, 2012 at 5:00 pm

    Since Lorraine has pointed out the Easter/eastre bunny is a religious icon predating christianity, should the city be involved with promoting religious beliefs? And in giving out live bunnies to be sacrificed on the altar of stupidity must violate some church and state ethics.

  • 7. Loraine Ritchey  |  April 6, 2012 at 5:03 pm

    Ahhhhhhhh more to debate which came first the stupidity or ignorance 😉

  • […] I did not want to help publicize the giveaway of live bunnies as prizes. I reconsidered after Loraine posted about Easter and I took over her comments. I figured I may as well bring them over here and give them a little […]

  • 9. Loraine Ritchey  |  April 7, 2012 at 12:39 pm

    Oh MJ and all did you check this out :

    Dr. Debra Cutler of Kelsey-Seybold Clinic said parents shouldn’t buy the poultry as pets because they can carry salmonella. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, last year 96 people in 24 states got salmonella from handling chicks and ducklings.

    “They want to hold the little ducks and chickens,” said Cutler, about young children. “They’ll stick their faces in them and try to kiss them. Well, that’s like direct contact.”

  • 10. Dennis Lamont  |  April 7, 2012 at 5:22 pm

    If you want to add to the fun, look up “why is a ham at Easter traditional?”

  • 11. Loraine Ritchey  |  April 7, 2012 at 6:40 pm

    Oh brother – Dennis – anti semitism or Ishtar the “Queen of Heaven” or of Baal and her son being conceived by a sun ray and what were her symbols – snake /dragon/ tree and apples OH boy that reminds me of another tale Huh …. well I think I will eat that crab for lunch
    From the all about Jesus Christ web site

    “The Easter ham, and most other “Easter” traditions actually have their roots in Paganism and have nothing to do with Christian commemorations of the Resurrection of Jesus. Although Christianity observes Easter to acknowledge the Resurrection, most know it is not the actual day of this event.

    Still, Paganistic rituals infiltrated the Christian Church and have become intermingled to the point of misconceptions. The word Easter is in the Bible only once and is used Acts chapter 12. There it tells that King Herod (an evil pagan) was preparing to participate in Easter rituals at the time of Peter’s arrest. So Herod delayed bringing Peter forth for sentencing until the pagan rituals were over. (You can read this miraculous story in verses 1-19)

    What were these rituals and where did they begin? Noah’s grandson (Cush) and his wife Semiramis had a son named Nimrod. Reports say that after Cush’s death, Nimrod married his own mother and became a mighty king. He too was eventually killed. His mother then began the deceit of deifying her son/husband, claiming he had become a “sun-god” (the origin of “Easter Sunrise services), and he was then to be called Baal. (Baal was worshipped as a god of fertility and promoted sexual sin.)

    She proclaimed that the people of Babylon should worship him and that he was with them in the form of a flame. This wicked Queen, doing the work of Satan, was creating a new religion and set herself up as the goddess called “Ishtar.” Hence the root of the pronunciation “Easter.”

    After she became pregnant, she bore a son named Tammuz claiming he was the product of a sunray, which caused her to conceive. But Tammuz grew to be a hunter and was later killed by a wild pig. “Ishtar” then designated a forty day period (the source of Lent) to mark the anniversary of Tammuz’s death.

    During this time, no meat was to be eaten. Every year, on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the spring equinox, a celebration was made. Ishtar also proclaimed that because a pig killed Tammuz, that a pig must be eaten on that Sunday.

    “This is of course a condensed version of all pagan beliefs originating Easter. Satan is a master deceiver, and has filled the world with idolatries, lies, and misconceptions. The Easter Ham and all else promoting the ancient pagan religion of Mystery Babylon (per “Ishtar”) are customs of the false god, Baal.

  • 12. Dennis Lamont  |  April 7, 2012 at 7:47 pm

    Ain’t we just as ecumenical as all get out! gotta love it.
    Happy Easter

  • 13. Loraine Ritchey  |  April 7, 2012 at 7:53 pm

    Ecclesiastes 1:9

    What has been will be again,
    what has been done will be done again;
    there is nothing new under the sun

    Guess they have that right 😉

  • 14. Brian  |  April 9, 2012 at 3:12 am

    I posted this over at Busters House thinking it would post here also. Since it didn’t I copied and pasted since I can do the now.

    “No one is being forced to take a bunny home, and catching salmonella is probably much greater in many residents own refrigerators. I can walk out my door and identify an easy thirty or so flea ridden uncared for cats and kittens that obviously had to come from somewhere.

    When I take my kids to a carnival and “win a goldfish”, how is this any different? If a person does not take care of a pet, it can die. If a fairly responsible adult cares for a pet and allows their children to participate in their care, it can be a wonderful life experience for children.

    Too many people want to “overprotect” their children from things that may open their children’s eyes to things that they may never get the opportunity to experience ever again. If you teach your children to wash their hands before they eat, they won’t get salmonella,. If you don’t want to care for a bunny, or if you don’t want to take the time to show your children how to take care of a bunny, don’t take one if it is given to you.

    Last thing. If you don’t want to take the time to allow them the opportunity to experience new things, set them in front of a TV and don’t let them go outside.”

  • 15. Loraine Ritchey  |  April 9, 2012 at 11:20 am

    Well it isn’t any different than the goldfish – isn’t there enough suffering in this world through ignorance and a being a throwawy society – isn’t this just another example- does it matter on what scale of living things we then can abuse ?

    I understand our throw away society but treating animals like garbage wrankles…as for the salmonella if you think clean hands is ample protection you would be incorrect……. but I understand your points – but I strill maintain the thinking behind using the live animals is wrong- and actually unnecesary in order to get the people down there. Heck I have filled ghe Palace on more than one occasion- one by giving away free food at an event and the another time when people thought Charleston Village was going “historic – ( I should say producing Brigadoon and King and I also ( as a producer)filled the Palace as well every performance for 5 performances because the product was good and I didn’t need to give away live animals to do it 🙂

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  • 17. Loraine Ritchey  |  April 9, 2012 at 5:58 pm

    Hi I just received a phone call from Ray Carrion- Community Development whose “idea” the bunny give -away was – he stated that- he also said similar to the comment from Punie gal _ secretary at Community Development – on Lorain County Dot com .basically a form was filled out similar to adoption papers for the APL and of the 200 hundred requests only 9 were actually approved. However I think they are probably rethinking this feature of Eggland for next year

  • […] Easter was this past weekend , another holiday  I  hypocritically  celebrate for the sake of loved ones and friends . I have pointed out my  views and Easter/Eastre has been noted – another pagan holiday  utilized, blended, absorbed  and  morphed for convenience sake of whatever was the popular faith  at the time  https://thatwoman.wordpress.com/2012/04/06/ahhhhhh-easter-eastre-resurrecting-memories-eggs-and-crab&#8230; […]

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