Combining Religion- Politics – Castrations/ Cover -ups/ Church

April 9, 2012 at 3:36 pm 8 comments

If you didn’t want to start an argument within the family at our gatherings in the “old Country” ( England) you steered clear of talking about religion and or politics. In fact my father’s mother refused to have those subjects discussed at the dinner table. “it is very bad for the digestion”.

Funny though, because she was the most opinionated of them all, if my memory serves me. Although it was felt generally the politics and religion are not a good mix.

It is fraught with danger, in my opinion, to combine the two . I find that politics and religion are now lumped together with the candidates running for President of the United States

I was asked the other day – after writing the previous piece
what I believed…. the question made me think. You see I always thought ( being brought up loosely with religion) I was a “Protestant – Church of England the box to be ticked on a questionnaire. Not that I ever “practiced much” the odd weddings and holiday services after I reached an age of decision.

Father Divis -Lorain Ohio

I never bothered much about what other people believed – to each his own – if someone believed in Jesus Christ or not , or in any of the religions of the world that was their business. Who was I to say who was correct? I kept religion in my way, until the arrogance of right by might touched my life-

Confrontation Bishop Lennon

I started researching these men of compassion, whose way was of the majority in this place called Lorain. I would suggest the following website –

I knew there was always hypocrisy in organized religion – there are many, many instances and situations that I could document not one segment of any “faith” is free from controversy.

However , I was truly sickened the other day at this story appearing in major newspapers and electronic media in Europe where religious beliefs and politics are once again locked arm in arm. The “MEN of God forcibly castrating young men to cure them of homosexuality and covering up the wide-spread sex abuse amongst the men of FAITH????????? and then enabling the cover-up of such disgrace even NOW!- I AM SICKENED!!!.
This happened under the “reign” of

261.Pius XII (1939-58)
262.Blessed John XXIII (1958-63)
263.Paul VI (1963-78)
264.John Paul I (1978)
265.John Paul II (1978-2005)
266.Benedict XVI (2005—)

You can’t make me believe that NONE of these revered heads of the Roman Catholic Church were unaware of the abuse of their priests and bishops and Archbishops!

Pius XII (1939-58)

Forcible castrations and the Dutch good old boys’ network

by Robert Chesal http://www.

How could the commission into abuse in the Catholic church have left the cases of castration out of its report?

But Dohmen found something even more important. He discovered that the Deetman report failed to mention a certain political figure who tried to secure a royal pardon for Gregorius and other convicted Catholic brothers from Harreveld. That was Victor Marijnen, a former Dutch prime minister and leading member of the Catholic People’s party (KVP). The KVP later merged with Protestant parties to form the Christian Democrats (CDA) – the political party of inquiry commission chairman Wim Deetman..

You see in the Netherlands in the 1950’s

Blessed John XXIII (1958-63)

We know this thanks to investigative journalist Joep Dohmen of the newspaper NRC Handelsblad. Dohmen wrote about a boarding school student who had been sexually abused by a Dutch monk. When the former student reported the abuse to the police in 1956, he was brought to a Roman Catholic psychiatric ward, declared a homosexual and then castrated. The same surgery was probably performed on at least 10 other schoolmates of his who tried to blow the whistle on abuse. The main abuser in this case was “Gregorius”, the brother superior of the Roman Catholic Harreveld boarding school in the east of the Netherlands.

In short, the Harreveld castration story reveals collusion between institutions, bishops, politicians, the police and the justice system that enabled sexual abuse in the church to continue unpunished for decades on end.

Paul VI (1963-78)

A few weeks after Henk reported brother superior Gregorius to the police, Gregorius was spirited out of Harreveld boarding school. Records in the Dutch state attorney’s office reveal that he was never prosecuted, for “lack of evidence.” His congregation quickly moved him to New Glasgow, in Nova Scotia, where he helped set up a home for the mentally handicapped and worked for many years, according to a Dutch newspaper.

John Paul I (1978)

John Paul II (1978-2005)
Gregorious, whose given name was Gregory van Buuren, died in 1993 of natural causes, at the retirement home of his congregation in the Netherlands

Benedict XVI (2005—)

Interesting the Roman Catholic Church spirited him to the New world and Nova Scotia- I lived in the maritime provinces and know the area well…….ah the Man of God……. working with the mentally handicapped being “their shepherd”. It seems, according to my research, the higher-ups of the Roman Catholic Church in these cases just removed the priests not the problem and due to their decisions of cover-up caused untold misery in the lives of so many youngsters. And “governments” who enabled are as much to blame and still the “good old boys of power” are still at it.

One has to wonder as congregations all over the world listened to their “parish priest”, piled the money into the collections plates,listened to the words of “God” and love , peace , humility and good -will toward men- just who was doing the preaching and handing out the confessional penance – was it the man of the cloth sent not for his reverent goodness to shepherd the flock but one who was hiding – pedophilia and abuse under the robes of religion?


And now I will probably have to make a choice of a President based upon the candidates who are put before me by those whose “religious beliefs/ faith have the most money/ influence from “religious supporters ” You can see the cow-towing going on every day in the news media, as the election process is covered.

I believe this situation is fraught with danger. Not only is the mixture of religion and politics bad for your digestion it can cause untold misery – just ask any survivor of the Holocaust.

Holocaust. 75% of the country’s( Holland/Netherlands) Jewish population were exterminated, a much higher percentage than countries like Belgium and France.

I came across in this far-reaching scandal( although I must have missed the coverage locally) on-line through various internationally known publications- first through the BBC but since this filth of abuse and deception has spread world-wide the situation reaches past the Roman Catholic and Christian community for instance Hindu website has picked up on the story
and their editor states:

Editor’s Note: Most of the sexual abuse of boys in Holland took place in Don Bosco houses by Salesian priests. This should be of concern to Indians as the Salesians of Don Bosco have a huge presence in India and operate numerous boys homes and schools. In his biography, Here is the Heart of a Priest, former Vincentian seminarian K. P. Shibu Kalamparambil describes in detail the goings-on in Indian Catholic seminaries. His book has sent shock waves through the Indian Christian community and should be of major concern to Hindus too as their children are schooled in Catholic institutions.

As the religious leaders as high up as the Vatican sought to send their “priests of perversion “ out of the public eye and out of the harms way of punishment – they, like the plague spread their filth worldwide……

The hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church and not only the church and faith-based institutions world-wide but those in power who enable( even the cover- up by the media) have a lot to answer for ….. SUFFER little children…………… and a reason for a TRUE” separation of Church and State” ( no matter the religious persuasion) because if you can’t trust the “men of God ” well Gott Mit Uns maybe the jack boot of right by might will be found marching to YOUR door one day no matter YOUR beliefs……………………from one who has felt the arrogance -albeit in a “small way” compared to those that have suffered so much- but the prinicple is the same ……….


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Ahhhhhh!!! Easter /Eastre – resurrecting memories, eggs and crabs Past- Passed- Forgotten by most – Remember for just a while- Chris Ritchey

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  • 1. gramster1  |  April 9, 2012 at 5:48 pm

    WOW! You are on a roll. But it is information people should know about. All “organized” religions have had their share of “mis-cues” but the cover-ups and continuations should not be tolerated. Has your research shown that most of the “religious rules” are more man-made rather than “scripture” driven?

    Keep writing.

  • 2. Loraine Ritchey  |  April 9, 2012 at 6:04 pm

    Scripture that is another aspect – it is the “written word” but whose written word- whose translation and who decided the writings that should be included for that we have to go back to the 3rd Century and did the writings of Genesis tell the tale of Eve in such a way to denegate anothers religion hmmmmmmmm quite a can of “words” 😉

    And YES these rules are all written by man……… geesh I better becareful I will be accused of being sexist 🙂

  • 3. Dennis Lamont  |  April 9, 2012 at 6:42 pm

    Just a couple of observations;
    1) Where was the church in Germany where Hitler took over …Where was the church when Bush went to war? do I keep forgetting that right to life only embraces the unborn ??? Preemptive strikes must be morally correct, or not worth mentioning, right ????
    2) It must really be embarrassing when many catholic institutions have to revise their programs to quit paying for birth control. Moral outrage and indignation really become comical in nature. Methinks the flock is someplace else, listening to a different drummer.
    Inquiring minds want to know Just two and quit

  • 4. Loraine Ritchey  |  April 9, 2012 at 7:07 pm

    Good thoughts Dennis- and in the case of Hitler ( who had been a Roman Catholic Altar boy it was the protestants that voted for him

    Lutherans voted for Hitler in greater numbers than Catholics. Different German states possessed regional social variations as to class densities and religious denomination;[27] Richard Steigmann-Gall alleges a linkage between several Protestant churches and Nazism,[28] the main aspect being Hitler’s citing anti-Semitic pamphlets by Martin Luther and accusations that the Lutheran establishment supported Hitler. The small Methodist population at times was deemed foreign; this stemmed from the fact that Methodism began in England, while it did not develop in Germany until the nineteenth century with Christoph Gottlob Müller and Louis Jacoby. Because of this history they felt the urge to be “more German than the Germans” to avoid suspicion. Methodist Bishop John L. Nelsen toured the U.S. on Hitler’s behalf to protect his church, but in private letters indicated that he feared or hated Nazism, and so retired to Switzerland. Methodist Bishop F. H. Otto Melle took a far more collaborationist position that included apparently sincere support for Nazism. He felt that serving the Reich was both a patriotic duty and a means of advancement. To show his gratitude, Hitler made a gift of 10,000 marks in 1939 to a Methodist congregation to purchase an organ.[29] Outside of Germany, Melle’s views were overwhelmingly rejected by most Methodists. The leader of pro-Nazi segment of Baptists was Paul Schmidt. Hitler also led to the unification of Pro-Nazi Protestants in the Protestant Reich Church which was led by Ludwig Müller. The idea of such a “national church” was possible in the history of mainstream German Protestantism, but National Churches devoted primarily to the state were generally forbidden among the Anabaptists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and in Catholicism.

    During the 1930s Hitler tried to nationalize Germany’s churches (German Christian), with restrictions allowing only German membership. Some Protestants resisted by forming the Confessing Church.

    After a failed assassination on Hitler’s life in 1943 which involved Martin Niemöller, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and other elements of the Confessing Church (a Protestant organisation), Hitler ordered the arrest of Protestant, mainly Lutheran clergy. Catholic clergy were also suppressed if they spoke out against the régime.

  • 5. Loraine Ritchey  |  April 9, 2012 at 7:10 pm

    However :

    The political significance of the signing of the Concordat of 1933 was, however, ambiguous in its day and still remains so. Hitler interpreted the concordat to mean that he had won the church’s approval, thereby gaining international recognition of his Nazi regime. At least some German Catholics took the signing of the treaty as an indication that church officials had softened their opposition to National Socialism. Some political commentators, journalists and historians—then and now—have viewed this event as a manifestation of Pope Pius XI’s and Cardinal Pacelli’s underlying motives, which allegedly included their preference for dictatorships over democracies, their readiness to use Nazi Germany as a bulwark against the spread into Europe of Stalin’s Communism and their disregard for German Jews. The pope and his secretary of state insisted, however, that they approved the agreement simply to protect the church. Cardinal Pacelli said as much in August 1933 to Ivone Kirkpatrick, the British minister to the Vatican: “The spiritual welfare of 20 million Catholic souls in Germany was at stake, and that was the first and, indeed, only consideration” in agreeing to the concordat. The Holy See “had to choose between an agreement on [Nazi] lines and the virtual elimination of the Catholic Church in the Reich.”

    This statement is noteworthy because it expresses the theology of church that shaped the words and deeds of Pope Pius XI, Cardinal Pacelli and the German bishops. As Cardinal Avery Dulles explained in Models of the Church (1974), this ecclesiology regards the church as a hierarchical institution, indeed as a “perfect society,” founded by Jesus Christ in order to make grace available to all people. Given this view, church officials saw themselves responsible before God for protecting the church’s organization and its functions of sanctifying, teaching and governing. In Pius XII and the Holocaust (2002), José M. Sánchez has pinpointed a pope’s “first obligation” according to the ecclesiology of perfect society: “As head of an institutional church, he is charged with protecting that church; according to Catholic theology, the church is the necessary means of providing the sacraments which give the grace needed for salvation. Without the priests to administer the sacraments and the freedom to receive them, Catholics can be hindered in their search for salvation” (p. 36).

  • 6. Dave Cotton  |  April 9, 2012 at 11:31 pm

    keep “preaching” the truth no matter what!!!

  • 7. Loraine Ritchey  |  April 10, 2012 at 3:09 pm

    I am honored the Vatican ( or someone in Vatican City 🙂 has just accessed the post hmmmmmmmmmmm you think I may be “cannon” ized ….;)

  • […] Long time readers of this blog will remember I have a real issue with the Roman Catholic Church – so I have researched the inconsistencies with what the hierarchy preach and what they have done – for example lets talk castration and that cover-up ( under 6 Popes)-… […]

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