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Press Release from the Office of the Mayor- Chase Ritenauer

June 12, 2012
City of Lorain
Office of Mayor Chase Ritenauer
Phone: 440-204-2002

City of Lorain Proceeds on Considering Donated Property Without Schools; City Expresses Support for School Administration and Vows to Work Together for Success

LORAIN, OH – Some weeks ago, the Lorain City School District approached the City of Lorain to discuss a potential collaboration with respect to property owned by Mr. Joe Lucas. The City of Lorain has been exploring potential sites for a service center to house multiple city operations, and the potential for collaboration with the school district was welcomed. After meeting with the schools on June 4th, the City, at the request of the School Board President, composed a letter discussing the potential for collaboration.

Within the past few days, it has been made clear that multiple meetings and discussions have been held without the City’s knowledge. These meetings included discussions and facts central to the decision making process. As a result, the City is moving forward on its own with assessment of the Lucas site along with other potential sites. The City is welcome to future collaboration with the schools as well as with other entities so long as mutually shared goals are established at the forefront of the process.

Mayor Ritenauer supports Superintendent Branham, whether he finishes out his contract or whether he and the Board agree for him to continue on through December, and the School Board and wants to work with them in achieving success this November and beyond. While approaches to management will inevitably have philosophical disagreements every so often, the City looks forward to those conversations and ultimately wants to see the Lorain City Schools be successful and will work with the schools to that end.

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Mayor Chase Ritenauer- Video MJ- What he didn’t say????

OK I am more confused than ever – well not really 😉 I believe I have this figured out- this morning the Morning Journal has a video piece re the new Lorain High School

and just for clarification I could care less where they put the new high school I just think this toing and froing for the past years is indicative of bureaucracy at its best!

1. Mayor Ritenauer states the City of Lorain has wanted to combine the City of Lorain Services ( paraphrasing) a service complex

This idea and the sites for such a complex has been around for years and nearly came to fruition with drawings a couple of times. I believe during those years the ” deciders of the moment” and it was under at least two administrations that I personally know as my husband ( communications) was involved in meetings due to having to move communications and FCC licenses etc.) He has been retiired for 4 years. I believe it was decided on about 30-35 acres would be needed to do it right – salt – building, storage, electrical , street dept, fire , police, utilites mechanics and all that would be required as needed those city services.

They have, from time to time ,reached out to partner with other entities and I believe the Lorain City Schools have been included with their “service needs” that could be met by also sharing the SERVICE complex. I don’t have a problem with that as a taxpayer – (on the surface of it” because it is the surface we aren’t told “all of the information” with these things-) I will withhold my final “stamp of approval”

2. The Lucas site became available which the city could use as their service complex – all well and good.

3. According to some “unofficial ” sources there is apparently a developer interested in developing the lakefront area especially since the “power towers” are scheduled to go away.

All studies that have been done in recent years have stated City Hall is a bone of contention with any development – it sits on prime real estate- the views are spectacular…… Lorain City Hall needs to go elsewhere ( the Staubach Report).

Ah! the confluence of air, waters and timing beats against the bastions

In Mayor Ritenauer’s video he states ” a joint service center” ( we know what that is ) and a JOINT administrative center” the administrative center being offices for city government ( city hall???) and Lorain city schools “administrative center” ( Charleston) all on one acreage. AHHHHHHHHHH now it makes sense (somewhat) all the toing and froing

Is Mr. Ritenauer proposing the service center and administration center all on the old Admiral King site therefore having to build the new high school in the woods for which they have already had the land donated?

I think we have it finally sorted. Combining the service and adminstrative offices into one large complex of “government ” .

At least twice maybe three times Mayor Ritenauer makes mention the

“schools had come to me”

but he never said WHO?? Was it the Administration of – Superintendents office??? the members of the Board of Education??? WHO from Lorain City Schools had the authority from LCS to approach the mayor for inclusion?

Because it seems to me this has not done Lorain City Schools any good in the eyes of those of us that pay the taxes both in the city and for the schools. Personally this looks like a comedy of errors…………

I just wish the interview had asked some “hard questions” such as the courts, the police dept communications all would have to be sorted that also exist in that structure of City Hall – Oh maybe St. Joes center??? for those we will see what the Chronicle articles bring later this morning.

Cleveland is the only Ohio school district where the mayor appoints school board members rather than the voters choosing them. Ritenauer said he hasn’t talked to local state lawmakers about how a mayoral takeover of the deficit-ridden Lorain Schools could be done, but “nothing is off the table.”


Prenosil stressed commission members wouldn’t tell board members where to build referencing a former colleague’s comment about “building a McDonald’s on the moon” if there were money for it.

“Everything has consequences,” he said. “We’re not going to say, ‘No.’ We’re going to say, ‘Does everyone understand what they’re getting themselves into?’”

I am rife with speculation .Transparency with ‘political speak” is not transparency . And remember the taxpayer is also part of this equation and we are never wrong because we speak with our vote.

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