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The Neighborhood that was???? Landlords ,Banks and Business

Oh dear! it doesn’t seem that I will ever get back to our schedule of house moving and Lorain’s home history mystery .
It seems I have to stop reading the papers ( on-line) if I want a quiet life. Although maybe I should look into getting that team of oxen the only way I will get to move………. won’t be able to sell this old house for what I owe on it- Sorry Lorain National Bank talk to your fellow banking buddies over at First Federal of Lorain for the reason.

Kent Sutton one of the founders of theLake Erie Landlords Association ( and quite the political contributor actually helped stop the 100 per cent garbage pick up in Lorain) is up for an award- Most influential ( what??)

MOST INFLUENTIAL: Kent Sutton surprised by nomination

I read the article noting that his name had come across my computer screen a lot lately as I have tracked down addresses in Lorain where the criminal element had been renting and who owned the properties. It stands to reason that Mr. Sutton and Sutton rentals that came in over 60 rentals on just the two quick searches Kent Sutton and Sutton Rentals LLC., and then there were those 77 owned by KTS Enterprises

Oh my ! With that many properties the chances are that more than one miscreant would find a “home” in one of his properties.

The same with Mr. George Schneider and his over 160 properties or how about Deborah Akin and a quick search of the auditors site in her name only 29 properties and remember the those murderous gang lords the police have been tracking down well close to home here at 1026 Brownell –

Randy Glover pleaded guilty-

Glover, along with 21 other suspected gang members of Member of Blood or Money or Bitches gang…..He also pleaded guilty to earlier charges of two counts of felonious assault, having a weapon under disability, obstructing official business and two different counts of burglary……….Police believe the gang is responsible for nine of the last 12 murders in the city in the past four years and other violent crimes including home invasions, shootings, intimidation and drug trafficking.

How did that background check work out for you Deborah? I know how it worked out for my neighborhood.

Ok! it isn’t all the landlords fault they are in it for the business and banks are making business great in the rental market.

Let us take 1121 W 4th– the house has been foreclosed upon twice in recent years. A landlords group did purchase and fix it up a few years ago thankfully- First Federal of Lorain held the mortgage. Apparently that didn’t work out too well and three years ago everyone left and the house has sat empty. First Federal of Lorain maintained the grass and checked on the property every so often.

Oh we, the neighbors,( what is left of us) tried to keep an eye on it as best we could- just the other day stopped aluminum shed from being ripped off but not before they had destroyed it.

The house went up for Sheriff’s auction in May and was purchased back by First Federal of Lorain for $28,000 ( see Lorain County Auditors site) – this house was purchased after the lot was split in the early 2000’s for 80 thousand dollars up from the 54,000 the “property developer” paid for the two houses on this lot.

They were split into 33 foot lots ( not a good idea) and the other little house that was on the original lot is scheduled for demolition after it too had been foreclosed upon and a tree fell on it – once again the mortgage company was First Federal of Lorain

Just a few hours ago I saw the real estate chap whom I had dealings with earlier in the property’s history with clients over at this house at 1121 West 4th

What is happening I asked

Oh we are looking at the house First Federal will sell it for 13,000 , wiring been stripped out etc.- but not a bad deal.

No not a bad deal??? the property has lost $15,000 in a month! Now I maybe dense but I want to know what this wonderful business deal is doing to the market value left of my property. Makes me wonder especially when Mr. Sutton of Lake Erie Landlords fame also pronounces

“We simply assure housing providers that they are running a business not like any other business,” Sutton said. “The housing should be kept up to some condition of the neighborhood.”


Well sorry Mr. Sutton, but the unhealthy conditions in my neighborhood are through thinking just like that and banks dumping their unwanted on my “property doorstep’!!!

Yup! you and others like you who follow that thinking and business plan are certainly INFLUENTIAL in my neighborhood!!!

Lorain is being prostituted in my opinion by those who see her as a “business deal” and pass her housing around like some old worthless slut. And so goes the neighborhood………..

2010 census report

3615 – vacant
1642 vacant for rent
57 rented but not occupied

557 for sale
159 sold but not occupied
83 for occasional use/ temp housing
1,110 – all other vacant – abandoned

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