License to “fraud” – it is a “big deal”- USA- election process-

June 27, 2012 at 11:37 am 10 comments

UPDATE:::::: Oh My My ….. cards on the table??? And just who is swiping the card in the racially charged community ???

Former LCCAA board member Gilchrist pleads not guilty to voting charges Brad Dicken – Chronicle Telegram

Some of Gilchrist’s supporters have said the allegations against Gilchrist, who is black, are racially motivated. Caruloff, who is white, has denied that race was a factor in her complaint.

Gilchrist said he doesn’t know if the accusations against him are because of his race, but added that “I would be a fool to think we don’t live in a racially charged community.”

Speech can segregate you from everyone- by Chris Ritchey

In recent months on this blog there have been any number of categories discussed- polticians, credibility , society , history , education, politics, religion, rental housing , crime , Lorain, media and the common thread is “accountability “ and trying to hold those in control accountable for their actions when they are found lacking.

Accountability for one’s actions.

Robert Gilchrist – former Service Director- City of Lorain and “terminated” Head of LCCAA has been indicted by the grand jury on 4 counts of voter fraud.

Yesterday’s news ……
Chronicle Telegram Brad Dicken 

Elections board Director Paul Adams said his office occasionally deals with allegations of voters casting ballots in the wrong place, but typically those deal with the elderly or someone with a mental issue.

But he described what Gilchrist did as a “blatant” violation of the rules requiring someone to change their voter registration after moving.

“I think it’s a perfect example that we take any kind of voting violation seriously,” Adams said………….

……..Supporters of Gilchrist, who is black, also have previously suggested the allegations were leveled against him because of his race.

Morning Journal
Fox News Channel 8

Caruloff says she has been the target of accusations that her motives are racial, since Gilchrist is black and she is white.

“People were saying things like ‘oh you are going after a black man’, and I was real upset that they made this into a racial, because it was never about race it was strictly about somebody voting in a ward where he should not have been voting and more than one time,” said Caruloff.

This apparent “election fraud” has morphed into the question of race and about a singling out of Mr. Gilchrist

(previously by two people who depend or depended upon that same election process) and those that think this is “no big deal”- petty stuff – etc.

The original complaint of voter fraud caused one elected official in Lorain requesting the presence through an email of the 100 men group to turn out for the hearing at the Board of Elections. This aspect of the situation was explored on this blog ( and I was unpleasantly drawn into the story- by Lorain’s 3rd Ward council person Tim Howard also of the 100 Men Group

Paul Hill, one of Gilchrist’s supporters, said the elections board looked like a Ku Klux Klan meeting as the board prepared to begin the meeting. The members of the elections board are all white, while Hill is black.

Hill’s comment drew an angry response from former Lorain City Councilman Dennis Flores, who asked whether Hill saw any white hoods in the meeting. Flores, who won the May Democratic primary in his bid to reclaim his seat as the city’s 2nd Ward councilman, is Hispanic.

Hill later said he was upset because he feels Gilchrist is being singled out for investigation because of his race.
“They’re trying to get something on him because he might run for mayor someday,” Hill said.

Denise Caruloff, the Lorain resident who filed the complaint against Gilchrist that led to the investigation, said after the meeting that race had nothing to do with her raising the issue.

“I personally thought it was disgusting that it turned into a racial issue,” she said.

1. Mr. Gilchrist had a complaint filed about him because of WHERE he voted in elections- Nov. 2009- May 2010 and again November 2010 and MAY 2011

2. Mr Gilchrist ( even if he had made a mistake of address in Nov of 2009 had a further 18 months of being able to correct his voting whereabouts.)

3. Rules are made in a democracy for “all to follow”- accountability is not a matter of color or being singled out as his attorney Jennifer Brunner stated:

Gilchrist’s attorney, former Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, previously has said she believes Gilchrist was singled out for prosecution. Brunner could not be reached for comment Monday.Brad Dicken Chronicle Telegram

4. Fairness and accountability in the election process it is why in fledgling democracies all over the planet such pains are taken to ensure there is no fraud in their elections. Those international groups trying to oversee a fair election process aren’t always successful in stopping fraudulent elections but through them and their ensuing reports we are made aware of phony tallies , intimidation and voter fraud. Then this country and others take those elections into consideration when dealing with the governments of those nations.

This country prides itself of setting the bar very high when it comes to the election process. I am sure there are mistakes, issues and maybe some fraud that slips through the cracks but on the whole I think the citizens of the United States have faith in the system .

Mr. Gilchrist was an official in an “elected” government administration- he represented the City of Lorain in his capacity as Service Director. He was not someone who forgot where he lived, for 18 months- voted in the wrong ward on 4 separate occasions- presumably voted for that ward’s representation- because obviously he couldn’t vote for the ward representation where he actually lived ( although he took out petitions for that person) . He knew the election process and the inner workings more so than many of the regular voters. He also did not renew his driving license within 10 DAYS of moving – also against the rules. He broke the rules – that fact alone by default – singles him out from those of us that follow the rules!

As I read some the comments on the articles listed above I was concerned that a number people thought this was not such a big deal, or was petty and insignificant or a Republican vs Democrat issue

It is a big deal
– Mr. Gilchrist may not have set out to commit voter fraud but he did ( imho) 4 times- he “skewered” the system and had it not been for a voter in that 2nd Ward , Denise Caruloff, following through with her concerns and NOT just about Robert Gilchrist, who happens to be black but in another instance where she felt there was wrong doing by one whose voting address she found suspect Paul Biber – BOE- who was white, would any of this comes to light?

The only black and white in this issue is accountability for one’s actions – it does not come down to race ( as many would like to say) – or no big deal it comes down to the right for fair and equal election process – to vote, the right to have your vote counted, and to have faith, credibility in a system held up as an example on an international scale.

Jennifer Brunner, as a former Secretary of State has no business putting the blame on the complaint by a member of the electorate for Mr. Gilchrist’s actions. Ms. Brunner depended upon the fair and unsullied votes of the community –
– to throw doubts upon the process is irresponsible, in my humble opinion, by saying Gilchrist was singled out seems somewhat ironic, is not the election law the election law – did she not tout herself as the champion of overseeing those laws ? Singled out ? I don’t think so!!!!!- he admitted voting in that ward 4 times in 18 months– his reasoning- 

I voted the address on my license!

Mr. Tim Howard, 3rd Ward council person , Lorain in trying to organize his 100 men to – as an elected official- who also depends upon an unsullied election process should also have put the ” credibility of the election process” before crying foul in the above email and basing his conclusions on the race card and the request to watch the “bullsh** process unfold” .

It was that ‘bullsh** process” that helped elect you !

Why Mr. Gilchrist didn’t follow the rules– I can’t say – but he didn’t – he was found to be in violation by a Grand Jury and the system has to now kick in-  accountability to the system !

BUT it is a big deal- because the world looks to these United States – the only colour that matters is that of red white and blue.

By your one vote you give power to others to act on behalf of you- the people- that vote should not be compromised!


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  • 1. aka/mozart  |  June 27, 2012 at 12:52 pm


    I guess Loraine…we”ll have to see what comes next . He did this to
    himself…whether out of stupidity, or influenced by someone, or just because he thought he could….(I still recall when the story came out when he ran into a hill…and said he had fallen asleep…as most people do on that stretch of the road)…do still have that drawing i sent you…lol….
    It still makes me sick…as those who tried to claim it racially motivated…when it is those folks who keep the racial tension alive and well…Jennifer Brunner..joins the ranks of “idiots”.

    I remember when i went before council re” the car stereos blasting their base…it was non other than Tim Howard that piped up and said that I was going after minorities…and they would not have the money to pay those fines. If I could have jumped over that divider, I would have! How dare he play the race card..then…and now. There is a word for him..but I will use restraint..and keep thaT THOUGHT TO MYSELF!

    I wonder how long we will have to wait yet again for a conclusion re: “Bob”…He was given so many opportunities to really have a pretty gravy life…good jobs with good income. The opportunity to make a difference….nice! It was reported that he even beat his girlfriend…..just a loser….quite plain and simple…threw it all away for what….WHERE DID HE GAIN ANYTHING WITH HIS BEHAVIOR?
    good grief…and a double UGH!!

  • 2. Dennis Flores  |  June 27, 2012 at 2:27 pm

    Although, I lost the 2009 May primary by 30 votes and this was only one voter who got caught, the lingering question in my mind is “How many people came out of their precinct to vote for Drwal?”

    If I do decide to run again one thing is for certain I will be paying closer attention to who is really voting.

    What better way to meet you constituents then face to face and asking them for their support. I was campaigning door to door in the Duane bldg. when I received a call from Ms. Caruloff. While talking to her I was reading the voter names off my BOE walk list when I saw “Bob’s” name and in passing conversation with Ms. Caruloff it was mentioned that Bob doesn’t live here anymore. Had it not been for that moment none of this would have ever been exposed.

    Thank You, Denise for your strong support and dedication to our community.

  • 3. aka/mozart  |  June 27, 2012 at 4:31 pm

    right back at cha Den! this is why communicating is so important. Team effort is effort is everything..we all have a role to play…as example:

    when Dom Giardini,.and..”i didnt file city tax”
    Williams…and “babyface” chase..were discussing the Lucas property..behind the scene…thank goddness.again..that that got leaked..where would we be right now?. (That might be a topic for another day)….

    Loraine having her such a great help for folks to get the word out. She researches everything…it is news I/we can trust,

    so, really in a sense…it is all of us and more, that make things happen. Maybe soon..”they” will realize that there are those of us that are on top of things…we too are behind the scene…transparent..yes…..
    Sick and tired…
    you betcha.

    And what the hell do you mean Dennis..when you say…”IF” I decide to run again!!!!

    THANKS LORAINE FOR YOUR TIME ON THIS!.. i know you got an ear full when you contacted (I”m a racist) Howard…re: his million man…one of us

  • 4. Loraine Ritchey  |  June 27, 2012 at 4:59 pm

    Denise I do try to ask the hard questions and to research where I am able , as well as covering the back story- the media doesn’t always have the space allowed to do that – but I am grateful for the information they publish which I can then link to.

    The trouble is that not having the”press card” any longer and not getting paid for these “writings” I am seen as just a busy body without legitimacy 🙂 …so I don’t always get the answers to the hard questions? However if I am ever incorrect this blog is open to a different point of view or information or conclusion……. Cheers Loraine

  • 5. gramster1  |  June 28, 2012 at 9:30 pm

    It’s amazing that when a person gets “caught” in a lie, doing a bad thing or not following the rules, it always seems that they try and make it someone else’s fault. I don’t understand that mentality at all.
    It’s not the color of your skin, it’s not who you are, it’s not your age, it’s not your gender, it’s not who you know, it’s all about the fact that you are accountable to yourself and everyone else to follow the rules whether you like them or not. It’s part of being a citizen of this country, to live here in freedom and do the right things according the the rules. If you want the election process to work for your own ambitions, you have to assist in it working for all of us the same way. The rules are the rules are the rules are the rules.

  • 6. Loraine Ritchey  |  June 29, 2012 at 12:41 pm

    What is that old adage about laws being made for the law abinding??

    As citizens of this democracy, you are the rulers and the ruled, the law-givers and the law-abiding, the beginning and the end.
    Adlai E. Stevenson

    this racial blame game is pathetic in this happenstance. For goodness sake ( I was going to say “man -up) but then I might be seen as “sexist” geesh…….

  • 7. aka/mozart  |  June 29, 2012 at 2:58 pm


  • 8. aka/mozart  |  June 29, 2012 at 6:03 pm

    “BOB’S” pretrail…july 23rd at it 8:30am….7th floor…judge Zaleski..atty Jennifer Brunner….so now i’m gonna guess it will be a year of pretrials…will there be a back door deal cut in the end?…man i;m gonna be watchin this one.

  • 10. The Other Lorain- The city OF IFFY???- | That Woman's Weblog  |  September 7, 2015 at 5:19 pm

    […] – Robert Gilchrist comes to mind- you may be losing the voters’ faith in the process ? MY IFFY METER […]

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