For Rent One City- Who dictates the health of your neighborhood?

July 8, 2012 at 9:27 pm 26 comments

Photo Source- Morning Journal- Michael Allen Blair

The other day media reports touched off a plethora of comments with regard to holding accountable the actions of a “mother” who lived in squalor, filth and endangered her children by exposing them to all sorts of situations which would disgust even the most jaded among us.
7 filthy kids found in dirty home, Lorain police arrest mother, 28

Some comments on the articles called for drastic measures, some of these were literally over the top BUT it showed the frustration of people-
The usually silent majority of society in Lorain want accountability for this deplorable situation

Generally we, as a society, want children to be safe and protected as they can’t fend for themselves.

As I read of the little one who had been in its own excrement for 4 days – I just felt like throttling the mother or “family” myself…… Can you imagine the heat,the stench, the sores on a little body that come from such a lifestyle, the disease, the flies , and vermin that permeated through that dwelling – what degradation these little ones were exposed to as such a tender age.

It doesn’t bear thinking about . We aren’t living in a third world country or are we? What has happened to Lorain? And what has happened to follow through from Children’s Services- these living conditions should have been reported and steps taken.

Some comments were quick to hold the landlord responsible in this case KTS Enterprise for the living conditions and the argument raised by others ( probably landlords 🙂

the landlord can’t be held responsible for what his tenants do in “their homes’ it is after all their home as long as they pay rent.

Ok! I see the point however- the “business rentals” in this town are “BIG business” for some.

My question to this particular landlord Kent Sutton- of Sutton Rentals, KTS Enterprises and Kent Sutton ( property owner) since you are in the business of rentals- and also to others like you

Do You check the background of your prospective renters? I would think that would be part of good business practice- don’t you ?

Had you checked, even on-line, through the court records you would have found this particular mother was not squeaky clean-

Did she have an income? needed to pay for the rent and utilities?

Are we the taxpayer somehow liable for this rent- is any of our tax money going to enable this situation in “your property?”

Are all your properties certified as free from lead?

Residential Lead-Based Paint Hazard Reduction Act was enacted in 1992. This law is commonly known as Title X (Ten). Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations implementing Title X apply to rental property built before 1978.

I am sure you have since you are in the “business” of rentals taken care of that paperwork- after all it would be important to your business to make sure all the paperwork is done correctly – otherwise it could cost you money -just as poor decisions in the rental businesses are costing the City of Lorain money.

The landlord must also give every tenant the EPA pamphlet, “Protect Your Family From Lead In Your Home,” or a state-approved version of this pamphlet.

A landlord who fails to comply with EPA regulations faces penalties of up to $10,000 for each violation. And a landlord who is found liable for tenant injuries from lead may have to pay three times what the tenant suffered in damages.

Was this done?

Did you not advise this Ms. Perez that maybe your TWO bedroom rental would not be a healthy situation for 7 children

Or was that none of your “business” either- after all how she lives and causes young children to live is none of your business legally – how about morally?

Photo Source Morning Journal

She said she has seen a woman sit on the front of the porch before and she believes it is a tenant. She said she also has seen a man come out of the house with trash bags to put in a trash container, but he never bothered to get rid of the trash on the lawn.

How about 100 percent Garbage pick-up in Lorain so we don’t have to keep having the situation on Apple Avenue- do the Business rental CEO’s and LELA favor such an ordinance –

We all suffer through your “business decisions”

So yes , I am personally holding your “business” somewhat culpable for this situation on 1714 Long and other situations (eg. criminal element renters- can you say background check) that have happened with your “product” and others of your ilk – morally at the very least.

You see Mr. Sutton, it was your own words, stating how you consider rentals a business ( and you are one of the largest in Lorain with your different “enterprises)
You said in the Morning Journal newspaper

We simply assure housing providers that they are running a business not like any other business,” Sutton said.

and you went on to say :

“The housing should be kept up to some condition of the neighborhood.”

Now my question is WHO determines the condition of the neighborhood.

Well, to that end I did just a very quick brief property search on the Lorain County Auditors site on your “ownership of rentals” and that of George Schneider ( even larger than you )
what I found just quickly looking that you both tend to “cluster” on certain streets.

How about 17th Street for instance
Kent Sutton- 338,842,1030,843,839,1142, 833
George Schneider – 206,515,223,219,1020,1018, 1403
Just YOU TWO own- 14 properties in that 17th street neighborhood

Lets us look at 18th Street:
Kent Sutton- 613,930,1009,837,707.1333.608.1031
George Schneider- 502,511,409,1017, 703 and a lot or two?
Another 13 properties

ED NOTE: OH! OH Kent, George’s property may be devaluing yours by the looks of these pictures 😉

32nd Street
Kent Sutton -119,129,201.206,2500,207.215.118,120,200,214,124,1729
George Schneider – 1774, 922
But never mind you have poor old George beat on that street 13 to 2 – what is a few thousand more or less –

Mind you , he has pulled way ahead on some other streets. And I have to wonder if I searched by addresses how many other “business rentals” I would find on those same streets determining the “condition” of the neighborhood

In answer to my question – who is dictating the conditions of the neighborhoods being used as the bar set by LELA and you

The housing should be kept up to some condition of the neighborhood.

The tale of one house on 32nd street Kent Sutton owner 😦 Sigh


ED NOTE: The photos and information are from the Lorain County Auditor’s site and were chosen randomly from the many hundreds of homes listed to the above named landlords.

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26 Comments Add your own

  • 1. joe smith  |  July 8, 2012 at 11:47 pm

    Somewhat culpable? How about depraved indifference?

  • 2. aka/mozart  |  July 9, 2012 at 12:20 am

    I’d like to see either take their “rental business money maker” into amherst…or Avon..or A Lake…The standards were set low here in Lorain.. These are the money shakers that we now have to contend with.

    With the bar set so low…the only winners are the ones whole can slide under it untouched. ENOUGH OF THE GHETTO SLUMS THAt hAVE DEVALUED THIS CITY.

  • 3. aka/mozart  |  July 9, 2012 at 12:22 am

    who can slide…..

  • 4. Mark Teleha  |  July 9, 2012 at 2:42 am

    The question I’d like to have answered is: How many of each of their properties is classified Section 8? And of those, what kind of condition are they in NOW? They have to meet certain standards BEFORE the tenant can move in, where they go from there is what I wonder about.

  • 5. gramster1  |  July 9, 2012 at 10:21 am

    It would seem to me that a property owner would occasionally make a personal visit to check on the condition of their property. I don’t think that the deplorable conditions found recently on 17th street occurred overnight. It was an accumulation of “stuff” that led to the conditions inside and outside. Why was it never spotted earlier? As guess as long as the landlord gets paid, he don’t care. Can always “write off” the cleaning and fixing up that will be needed before it can be rented again. OOPS, also can charge more since have to “upgrade”. Irresponsible landlords contribute to the problem as well as irresponsible tenants.

  • 6. Loraine Ritchey  |  July 9, 2012 at 11:13 am

    I would have to check to see if things have changed and I don’t know if this house was section 8
    but I was told by one landlord ( of the now derelict house next door) that if a section 8 tenant destroyed or abused the rental property then they were not given another section 8 rental – not sure if that is correct…..also that any damage done and costs incurred by the landlord were covered after the tenant moved out. .

    Denise is right most of these “rentals” meet a minimum standard.

    I got into it with the last owner of 1125 as he put up walls and changed the configuration of the home into two bedrooms ( actually one room was the old closet expanded ( how it legally became a bedroom wellllllllllll and the kitchen hadn’t been upgraded ( even the flooring ( which was spongy – only held up by the layers of linoleum) in 30 years….. the bathroom floor too. and the carpet was at least 30 years old by that time and I said aren’t you going to do anything about this carpet and kitchen.

    No he said ( his father waas also a multi unit lanlord) my dad says you are in this to make money not live in it….. I told him then the tenants you get will not give a damn about your property because no woman who did give a damn would come into that kitchen and bathrom and put their child in that closet……..

    I was right and we had some “real winners’ .Also the blue house that First Federal is dumping has had some “interesting” viewers including the car load yesterday who parked under my window on the grass – I said you realize that is not a diveway and does not belong to the blue house.and as they snarled something untelligble the one whose “fashion sense was definitely “street punk” yeah we know………thank you First Federal…………..

  • 7. aka/mozart  |  July 9, 2012 at 11:52 am

    omg…look at the house on 9th and Long…it is falling in..and there is a FOR Sale sign on it…the sign in propbably hanging on the only nail that is holding this peice of shit together.

    A while back…i noticed a sec 8 sign for rent…i called the number and asked if she indeed accepted sec 8d…she proudly said “yes we do”
    then i said//”i see i dialed a 967 number…you live in vermilion”?
    She said yes….then i thanked her for dumping her section 8 into my back yard, while she lives out of the city…she said…well, it is guaranteed rent”!……that is the bottom line it seems. ugh!

  • 8. Darla Cuevas  |  July 9, 2012 at 1:40 pm

    How can she have 7 kids in a two bdr house. Lorain code, is no more then 2 per bdr. I knew a girl who rented, she told me she never met her landlord.

  • 9. Loraine Ritchey  |  July 9, 2012 at 1:46 pm

    Lorain code………. well there are lots of codes but who enforces them……. and I am not surprised a renter never sees a landlord…… and NOT all landlords are bad -please don’t misunderstand we have a gentleman that owns a few properties in an around this neighborhood and he is a good landlord, and neighbor and that may be part of it HE owns and lives in his own house in this neighborhood…. he has ownership in this neighborhood on two fronts….. so bad rentals would effect him as well as his neighbors….

  • 10. aka/mozart  |  July 9, 2012 at 8:59 pm

    2 guys broke into slum house..stole the air conditioner, and play station…with some movies…guess she put more money into the plaY STATION THEN THE FOOD FOR HER KIDS…what were those two idiots thinking…i hope catch some kind of fungus or something.
    the stories never end do they….good grief!

  • 11. Loraine Ritchey  |  July 9, 2012 at 9:45 pm

    If you click on the photo you can see the “airconditioner” and on top of the roof a “dish” and then the garbage strewn everywhere but in the garbage can……. eewwwwwwwwwwwwww with this heat that place will have to be fumigated – what a pair of losers – wonder where they live?

  • 12. Brian  |  July 10, 2012 at 11:49 am

    I want to point out a few things. I jumped in my van and determined that 32nd Street was approximately 2.7 miles long. There is a half mile break in it because of Oakwood Park. Based upon my counting of houses of 48 per block and the distance, I am guessing that 32nd Street has about 289 homes.

    Mr. Sutton is presumed to own 13 based upon what you posted, so that would mean that he owns about one out of every 20 homes on the street.

    Based upon your assumption that we need more inspectors, I am pretty sure that Mr. Sutton paid at least $650.00 to the city to have all of his properties inspected by the city for their “rental inspection program” that is good for three years. Now I am going to assume that all of the homes are available to section 8, but doesn’t mean that they are actually occupied by tenants that get assistance. Every person who gets a voucher for section 8 has to have their home inspected at LEAST once a year.

    Based upon the “data”, Mr. Sutton could be making the 13 homes he has on 32nd Street available for inspection 49 times over three years. Add together the time that is paid to have someone available to show the house AND the $650.00 that was paid to the city, I am going to guess that Mr. Sutton pays over $1300.00 to have these homes inspected.

    Based upon the same calculations, if every home was required to pay the city $50 once every three years, the city would get almost $14,500.00 for just this one street.

    Who is the largest property owner on 32nd Street? It isn’t Mr. Sutton, but the school system with two school buildings and the city itself with 5.4 miles of uncared for alleys that are overgrown and at least three nonworking fire hydrants with one that is next to the schools that is perking water into the streets.

    The point of this comment isn’t that I am defending Mr. Sutton, but pointing out that hiring inspectors doesn’t fix a thing because the inspectors are going to walk blindly past the overgrown alleys and broken hydrants. I was somewhat surprised that the road condition of 32nd Street was better than most of our street until I tried to head north or south off of it with the exception of Pearl Avenue.

    The alleys ARE USED by the city because that is where the gas, water, and sewer lines are located on the south side of town. They are overgrown with not only tall grasses, but TREES, TRASH, VERMIN, BUILDING MATERIALS AND TIRES.

    I would ask that the mayor attempt to walk down one of these alleys and then explain who should be maintaing what.

  • 13. Loraine Ritchey  |  July 10, 2012 at 12:03 pm

    Brian thanks for the info- my point is that Sutton and mega landlords probably own a lot more than just 1 home in 20 on that street and others – “they are determining ” the conditions.and the calibre of who they rent to …… You are also correct as to the LCS in fact that point was raised at the committee meeting would city owned property and also the LCS properites also be inspected ( especially those that are vacant) that was brought up my Mr. Richardson and the answer was yes…….

    I am not sure about the south side but I know that we were told when we purchased this house back in the day the alley way ( because that is where our garages are situated and where our trash was picked up the city was responsible for grading and gravel but that we were supposed to maintain to the middle of the allyway and keep it clear……. .

  • 14. Loraine Ritchey  |  July 10, 2012 at 12:11 pm

    PS I think the rental inspection fees for ” business rentals” these mega landlords …. not the guy who has one or two…. but the mega rentals should be the equivalent of one months rent per YEAR…( inside and out) and whenever the property is vacant for over 6 months an occupancy

    Hey you are supposed to have a kennel license if you have over three dogs ( well that might have changed since I helped Parker write that ordinance back in the day ) but over a certain number of dogs in this city you were required to have a kennel license .so after a certain number of rentals then maybe a “rental business license”

    and a point of sale and a point of deed transfer inspection ( to stop the passing around of these properties) That isn’t going to go down too well – we tried that a few years ago and Foltin filled the audience with the realtors crying foul and council caved BUT had that been down we wouldn’t have had some of the issues we are dealing with now

  • […] So let us take a trip to their residences and see what is what 421 W. 15th Street This property ( which actually has been upgraded) by the owners another “property rental group” Davis Property Rentals – Gina and Jason Davis .. you will be happy to note Mr. Sutton and Mr. Schneider some of the “26 properties listed” ( under at least one of the searches for this “group”) are also you neighbors on other streets. You will be pleased to know you have help in determining the condition of the neighborhood…..… […]

  • 16. Brian  |  July 10, 2012 at 9:34 pm

    First I want to address something that was brought up that was mentioned.

    “Are all your properties certified as free from lead? ”

    EVERY PROPERTY is covered by this mandate. Owner occupieds rentals, and CONTRACTORS! It is part of the disclosure process when one is selling their home. No one CERTIFIES that their homes are lead free. The designation is that there are NO KNOWN lead based hazards, radon gasses, underground storage tanks, wood boring insects, and other KNOWN HAZZARDS.

    These things become known when a health department goes into a home, tests it, and if they find something, it becomes public record.


  • 17. Brian  |  July 10, 2012 at 9:46 pm

    Here is an interesting observation. If you were to drive down all 2.7 miles of 32nd Street, I don’t observe a single overgrown lawn, but the alleys have FIVE FOOT of weeds and garbage in them and the lawns of the THREE SCHOOLS LOOK LIKE SHIT.

    Most of 32nd Street looks pretty good. I noticed the pot hole crew on East 34th today throwing away hot patch half assed filling holes and making a mess and the fire hydrant across from Wittier was only leaking half as bad today.

    Oakwook Park, which is 60 some acres along 32nd Street has scattered piles of dirt littering the park that have been there for months, but it looks like they have at least finally gotten the grass cut.

  • 18. Loraine Ritchey  |  July 10, 2012 at 11:27 pm

    ah looks like the high grass inspections are at least working then – wonder why that is because maybe the cost of NOT cutting the grass is an expensive option???

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