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Update: Looks like after a quick search of the auditors site First Federal Saving Association of Lorain has at least 78 other properties – most in Lorain – dumping could cause more than an issue for my property value- I wonder how many they have already sold “short??? Maybe you might want to check your bank or mortgage company out of interest ( pun intended) see what they are doing?

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Well this blog has been very quiet for a couple of reasons – I am fed up, cheesed off, the negatives are far outweighing any positives and in to the mix came a virus SIGH of course if it is there to get I get the one that they haven’t seen before go figure.

Now normally, not being connected via computer, would have driven me to distraction but not this time. You see I was already shutting down because of being overwhelmed by the “saturated solution of “shite” that has become my world thanks to basically people and their “culture of crap”

So the fact my computer was on vacation for 5 days didn’t bother me at all BUT it is back and running ( for the moment)

I left off the discussion on this blog by linking to Buster’s House and the problems faced in Lorain.

I have new neighbors , who purchased the blue house for 10 thousand dollars (DUMPED( in my opinion) BY FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS OF LORAIN ) who insist that the front lawn next door to me (the little brown house waiting demolition) IS THEIR OWN PRIVATE PARKING PLACE – even when it is pointed out to them they do not own that property you are met with _

we brought the house next door …

. ERRRRR yeah well- that is the thinking of the new owners I guess – purchasing one old house gives them free reign to use the rest of the neighborhood anyway they wish. Thank You First Federal for dumping because that is what they and banks like them are doing
This morning’s Chronicle Telegram – this article should be read in its entirety

“Alexander said it’s no coincidence that banks have been shedding inventory in response to stricter code enforcement and registries. He said this year banks have done more short sales — sales for less than what is owed on the mortgage — than they have in the last five years. “

AHHHHHHH once again Thank You First Federal of Lorain your poor business decisions are effecting my quality of life –

Can I sue for inflicting emotional distress and loss of monetary value on my own propety perhaps? hmmmmmmmmmmmm

Now the other link here to an email I received this afternoon from Rana Koury

Rana B. Khoury is a writer and researcher whose interests and education span the Middle East and the Midwest. She received her BA in Political Science from American University and her MA in Arab Studies from Georgetown University. She has spent one-year stints living and working in Syria and Singapore. Returning home to Northeast Ohio after spending the better part of the last decade in Washington, DC, she is eager to tell the narratives our bickering politicians fail to hear.

her blog :
Rana writes:

Dear Ms. Ritchey,

I hope this email reaches you well. My name is Rana and I am from Northeast Ohio, around Chagrin Falls area. I’ve been following your interesting blog, especially the discussions about housing in Lorain. I appreciate that you bring these subjects into a public forum – you are certainly doing your community a service.

I am working on a project to document the stories of middle class Ohioans and how their lives have been affected by the economic downturn of the past few years. I am an independent writer and researcher with no agenda except to record narratives that demonstrate how Americans make do. You can read a little more on my blog, although I am still at the very beginning of this undertaking.

I would love the opportunity to speak with you or perhaps your neighbors or friend in the community. I am aware that I am asking a lot – time and personal stories – and I would be extremely appreciative of whatever you or others are willing to give (no obligations). It would be great if we could discuss further. For instance, if you are willing to connect me with others, perhaps we can meet and hang out in a group setting (not with the intention to intrude but rather to be part of your normal activities), then I could conduct more extensive interviews later. But I can also meet with, and hopefully interview, you first.

I have in mind some time after August 6th, as I am traveling before then. I am very much looking forward to hearing back from you! I appreciate your insights on your blog very much, and would love to learn more.




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Linking Landlords- bloggers- and picture this- Lorain A Tor – a burrow- hill- an Olympic image- all magic?

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