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Life Lessons and Mother May I? One year on-

It has been one year since another I want”- ME! ME! ME! and bugger how it affects anyone else came slithering in on the slimy secrets of self.

You do not deliver a lifestyle change to a 92-year-old woman without preparing her, which would have been up to me. That was taken completely out of our hands- he is just fortunate she didn’t have a heart attack.

Mum has to move. The story is long and complicated ( aren’t they always) but the bottom line is another “Because they can cretin“ . And absolutely no thought to the consequences as to HOW news like this would affect a 92 years old, delivered out of the blue. Why ? – because the path these “narcissistic non- thinkers” choose has no other travellers but themselves.

This meant 27 years of memories and “precious things” she had saved and brought over with her from England when she retired – the giving up of one’s independence , watching the things people had given her through the years go into the trash – things she had lovingly saved and kept close to her in her lifetime journey of 92 years has to go .

There has been an adjustment in the family and this house 🙂 obviously! With my mum , what furniture we could save, and a dividing of space within this old house, because I learned long ago everyone needs a space that is just for them where they can retreat to their own thoughts, there is an adjustment of change by just living with other people, their ways and needs. I have to say, from my perspective, for the most part our lives have slotted in very well.

Along with furniture and memories came Tetley. Now Tetley is a very opinionated dog , he also doesn’t listen well but loudly proclaims to anyone daring to walk down the road his presence.( as the poor neighbors will attest) I believe Tetley sees himself as “bull mastiff” rather than a a fluffly blonde bundle of fur on 4 little legs.

His life has changed too- no more cut up and spoon fed cooked chicken breast for him, who nightly had to be coaxed to eat. Tetley now waits eagerly for his morning and evening meal of “regular dog food”! Gone are his finicky bathroom habits ( walk me twice a day before I will “go”)- Tetley has learned there is an area in the back yard for his “jobs” and now takes great pride in making his needs known.

Of course he will not go outside in the morning until Misty stirs for her morning to begin, Tetley waits patiently and then follows her out with glee, tail held high and a spring in his step. You see Tetley has to wait – Misty too needs her space and alone time so the “master” bedroom is off limits to Tetley!

Ah! Misty,( she of the I KNOW THERE IS A FROG IN THAT POND- HUNTER OF FISH ) her life has changed too, she now has this annoying little “friend” who has invaded her space and home. Misty, is truly the most patient of dogs( JUST ASK THE FROGS) and has taken it in stride, that is of course unless my husband pays too much attention to Tetley that is definitely a No! No ! then Misty makes full use of her size to muscle Tetley elsewhere.

And speaking of husbands, he now has two women in the house to contend with, although not in the kitchen; this woman is more than happy to give that space over to Mum as she is the much better cook! The apples on the tree no longer go to waste, there are pies, apple crisp, jars of apple sauce, apple chutney and now baked apples.

The kitchen sink never has dishes in it anymore and the dishwasher is emptied every morning (how about that????),steps are swept, brass shines and things are put away. Sometimes it isn’t safe to put down your glass of lemonade and leave the room as you will come back to find it gone and the glass in the dishwasher, but considering mum is also the maker of the homemade lemonade, I can’t complain!

I hesitate to ask Mum too much about how she has felt having to move here , especially since Chris died, there is more to deal with emotionally in this house as the Gorilla of Grief
also hangs out here . I am afraid she might tell me! I was worried initially because over this whole situation she lost 24 lbs , aged and was confused as to the situation, her loss of independence and the trauma of packing up her home once again has taken a toll on her physically and definitely emotionally. My mother is a kind and gently giving person and could not understand what happened .

Me, I enjoy her company , I enjoy having my mum and I realized at the beginning of this latest “change” I would have to remember I am once again the daughter and mother knows best 😉

Last week, on my birthday, I sat on the beach at Catawba with my daughter, my mother(Nana) and two little boys. I watched Gavin seriously busy explaining what he wanted Nana to do ( the 90 years that separate them not an issue) she held Braedyn and the sound of Nikki’s laughter at the “yum yum pigs bum you can’t have none “ dialogue ( sorry pre school teacher my grandson’s exposure to poetry ( cough) it is all the fault of a 93 year old! brought me to realize how lucky we are to have her still in our little family – that has very few left ( one who was wrenched from us and others who chose “self” above all no longer worthy of apple pie, special poetry and undying love. and I hope we have my mum (Nana) for a long time yet!

Welcome Home Mum!

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Gridlocked and the writing stop sign!

It isn’t as if I have writers’ block , maybe it is grief gridlock or that I am a becoming a marshmallowy pillow of a vehicle . I keep absorbing the information, the stories, tucking away the posts in a part of my mind but although I am taking on board the fuel I just can’t get to the gas pedal. I could write about so many things – most of them already started:

The continuing journey of in search of my son but the stop sign on that particular street is the cost to continue – it takes a great toll on me physically and emotionally- I have to move forward slowly – there is no E-Z pass available .

Healthcare and the Drs. – that has been started with so much to cover but I know eventually I will have to pull out the terrible memories at the Cleveland Clinic and relive those days of horror in order to explain the treatment courses for “refractory Hodgkin’s Lymphoma”.

This particular stop sign finds me with “guilt gridlock” as I know I can help those that come to my blog every day with the search term “is Hodgkin’s curable”. I know, just like I did, they need and want answers in lay terms and I could help with the potholes and speed bumps and no exits on that journey. The engine of bravery is barely ticking over.

The Rape of Lorain by conglomerate Landlords and Banks

The research needed and time to discover the who is who- there is an apathy that has controlled me these past weeks and I can’t get out of 1st gear on this one. So the information sits and idles on my desk top!

Religion- Heaven and Hell -The organisation of the masses

It is all there waiting – the caution lights blinking – because the road to be followed is not on the map and the responsibility of the driver’s seat has left me stalled. The openness of the road is daunting.

City of Lorain – history, politics, crime, people – the good and bad, schools

That vehicle is so full it cannot get past the weight scales to get back on the road. There are just so many passengers it is a quandary as to who should get off the bus first. There are 65 categories on this blog and I have a tale to tell for each and everyone of them .

Freedom – the price of freedom – and the perception of freedom- is freedom relative?
Exploring this road finds me in need of a licence to continue?


This vehicle has an empty seat and its fuel gauge is hovering around low so short trips are the outcome . There seems to be “missing” stops signs along the way.

So here I am in the lay by of life at the moment assessing thedamage of continuous fender benders waiting for the gridlock to break and finding the energy needed to start the engine and continue.

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Citizens Media – Info bloggers need to know ! 9,390,206 -Truth

When you publish a blog or run an “informative” website there are many pitfalls. Those of us who administrate a blog have a responsibility that no matter how controversial our thoughts, opinions and writing of situations to try to be fair, document and try and do due diligence BUT to write the TRUTH .

However life isn’t fair ( for some of us) and our anger, angst and need to reach out with our various “passions” we want to get “our story” or platform out for whatever reason. We are usually not opening up the law books, calling media attorneys as we sit typing in our pajamas 🙂 or wondering can I take a photo of a person inside a room and publish as opposed to outside 😉

Yes, poor partying Prince Harry– and the displaying of the family jewels and now the muzzling of the UK media to stop them printing the photos ( as they were taken inside rather than out) –
a bit ridiculous in this day and age for the Palace to muzzle or even try in the UK – It is no longer the 1930’s when Harry’s bottom ( which is rather a nice bottom(imho) is already click away all over the world in various publications and websites. Horse and barn and all that rot eh what?

Ironically enough, I would lay crumpets to crowns that those in the British Isles, who are banned from seeing Harry in the buff on the front pages of the UK press , would not have any outrage at Harry but will smile knowingly at a young man’s antics and see it as just a bit of a lark! Their outrage would probably be directed at the muzzling of the press in the UK. At least that is my opinion “Marm”

Those past readers of WoM will remember the Perez Hilton episode when he and his blog followers went after a woman in Ohio for her comments – she was outed by the blog and Perez Hilton as to her real name . Unfortunately , a woman in Lorain bore the same name, and had been part of an event posted about Lorain on the now defunct WoM blog.

The internet search of the name led the ” hue and cry of rabid commenters” to a perfectly innocent individual who had never heard of Perez Hilton. It was a very nasty experience for the Lorain woman. It took a great deal of work and contacting the site to stop the harassment.

Most bloggers are not “professional” ( at least to start with) we have sound bites of “legality ” –

freedom of speech- nothing is sacred on the internet

and we,as bloggers, can get caught up in that perceived ” blanket protection.”

Some readers when against your writings will throw out terms like slander/ defamation or even will use the threat in comments section when as the nom de plume “old ironknickers” will threaten “upyournose” with a lawsuit – good luck with that 🙂 .

I believe the anger when people are banging away at each other with

you’re stupid, you’re a dumbass , idiot

and such comes from the fact they have a limited command of the english language – a thesaurus might come in handy on the desk 🙂

The fact that a Lorain blog is at the center of a controversary has highlighted the pros and cons, the responsibility of being a blogger.

This situation has caused a bit of a worrying side (locally) to the story, at least from my perspective, fear of the published content. I have had phone calls etc from other amateur local bloggers worried about what they can or can’t do – I am not an expert and I too am finding my way through the “internet”. . Has the ripple effect of this Lorain happening caused ( at least locally) the self- imposed muzzling of freedom of speech.

However bloggers , there is an excellent resource available to guide you through.
The Citizens Media Law Project
There are many resources and explanations on this site
for instance Ohio Law on defamation

You can also find out more about libel and slander in Ohio here
“Understanding the difference between libel and slander”

Defamation Law: The Basics

This blog is ranked on the global scale, behind google and face book etc, at 9,390,206 in the global community ( have a way to go before I am considered for fame and fortune) but my point is there are millions and millions of us typing away but TRUTH is still the best defence.

2739.02 Defenses in actions for libel or slander.

In an action for a libel or a slander, the defendant may allege and prove the truth of the matter charged as defamatory. Proof of the truth thereof shall be a complete defense. In all such actions any mitigating circumstances may be proved to reduce damages.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953

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Birthday- Chris Ritchey- and the Chris -Miss present

In Search of my Son Part 18


Once again a week in August – a time past of celebration – the happiness of a wedding anniversary , your birthday and then mine used to cause your father such consternation ( a lot of money outgoing all in one week :).) As you grew, we started to combine the celebrations , after all, we “shared your birth” – you , I and your dad as had watched as his son was brought into the world that August day.

But that next day , whilst your Nana was being picked up from the airport and everyone was busy preparing for our homecoming, Nikki wanting to meet her little brother was all excitement – you and I had a quiet time in the hospital room – a time to bond.

I held you , propped up on my knees, looking at your little face, all red and blotchy, little finger nails so perfect and I made the promises mothers make- I talked to you of life , your big sister and how I would never let you down , I would do everything I could to keep you safe and give you happiness. I was so grateful for the gift of your life. I can remember every word I spoke to you that morning and then Dr. Shotz telling me as long as my mother would be at home with me we could leave and start our lives as mother and son and take home MY birthday gift – YOU!

Your last birthday on this planet – saw my failure – I did try but I couldn’t keep my promises made on your “birth – day.

I sat in the Cleveland Clinic waiting room, which reminded me of an airport waiting area – the big electronic sign boards telling of the status of patients and their respective surgeries – holding patterns – landed – in flight or in this case – recovery – in operating room etc. It made me feel quite ill at the cold technology announcing “status” of those under the knife in the same way planes landed at Hopkins Airport.

I sat trapped having to listening to what I considered inane comments , stupidity and selfishness of thinking by your bride’s vacuous grandmother and her brood who had decided to “surprise us” ( although I know your “bride” wasn’t surprised )

My whole being was fraught with worry that morning , my insides were shaking and sick with fear, what would they find? My son going under a surgeon’s knife – cutting into your neck to see if the obscenity of the curable cancer had once again beaten the ” treatment”.. I just wanted to go somewhere quiet away from chatter with my thoughts. I didn’t want to be polite. I just wanted peace.

They coffee clutched the time away with their frivolous discussions of fashions, cake , birthdays and celebrations seemingly without thought of how this would affect those that did truly love you ). If there ever was a time where I heard my own grandmother’s voice it was then ” Remember Loraine, breeding will out”

I wanted to scream and shake them as the grandmother decided it would be a good time for a betting game- we were all supposed to pick a time from the time your name came on the big board informing us you were now in the operating room as to how long it would take for you to be under the knife and the time of the surgery .

“Angela it isn’t fair though you can’t be part of this as being a doctor you would know the answer – giggle, giggle, giggle” Lisa what do you say? Frank? 45 minutes, 55? an hour?

and so it went.

Nikki had excused herself and I was left alone with them. I ignored the game as best I could and tried to ignore them, all the while wishing they were somewhere else – anywhere but there, but the puerile woman would not shut up –

Clowns – artwork Chris Ritchey

Come on Loraine you must have a guess, join in – otherwise you won’t win! Angela , do we have time to go to the cafeteria – Loraine isn’t it your birthday too in a couple of days – it is Chris’ today isn’t it – will you have a party, what kind of cake, will your mother be baking one or two?

I wanted to reach across the arm of the chair , as she prattled, joined by her granddaughters, and throttle her. I wanted to scream at them

Shut Up! are you all so damned insensitive you can’t see your imbecilic diatribe is ripping me apart, I don’t care about your nonsensical games , I am in torment that my son will die- can’t you see our pain you stupid,selfish people?

I kept quiet for my son’s sake. I felt like I was being swept away and immersed into a mindless black comedy. Shades of things to come, as your next birthday they placed cake and balloons on your grave.

I could stand it no longer and went outside where I vomited the choking bile into a gutter, floods of tears, held back for hours , exploded from me. Nikki came to find me and we sat away from the “prattlers” until the announcement to meet with the Dr.

As much as I try I cannot get your last birthday out of my head as the surgeon confirmed that the cancer was back- a gift of death on your birthday I had Nikki take me home – I knew that if you saw my face as you came round in the recovery room- you would know things were bad and I couldn’t bring you that pain on your birthday and I knew I couldn’t hide the horror from you ! Guilt swept over me as I also knew that by me not being there when you woke up would also cause you concern- I only hoped the excuse Nikki had to get back to feed Gavin would be plausible.I just couldn’t let you see what I know was written on my face.

I have, since you died, tried other ways to remember the day of your birth and to give Gavin, and now Braedyn, a present – a Chris – miss present so once again there will be joy, laughter and good memories associated with your special day. I try temper the memory of your last birthday and those uninvited purveyors of self with the happy laughter and giggles of your nephews.

This year, “Transformers” is the toy of the moment” Oh! how you loved that show and the robots when you were little – drove us crazy with them- and now Gavin has discovered “Transformers” and his mum will be plagued with Optimus Prime .

But it is the packing box that has been transformed – It is now Gavin’s Boat , painted, named and launched with great happiness and pride as Braedyn looks on not quite sure of what is happening!

Nikki, will send another donation to your scholarship fund at LCCC to continue the remembering of you and your life – and I will try to make it through another
birth– day and try my very best to replace the awful memories of memories of that last birthday.


Debra L. Richter
Alumni and Scholarship Coordinator
Lorain County Community College Foundation
1005 N. Abbe Road
Elyria, OH 44035
440.366.7758 – Office
440.366.4078 – Fax

The Journey- In search of My son continues

Part One In search of my son- In search of me
Part TwoTourjours Moi-Always Me
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Disclaimer : These events are as I perceived them to be and are witnesssed and documented .

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The Progress?- Then and Now- “Veterans Park” – Lorain Ohio

Official Logo BRB- design Christopher Ritchey 2007

A celebration took place on the 200th anniversary of the “first business” in this area ( the Nathan Perry Trading Post) August 2007- celebrating the settlement that became Lorain.
You can find the photos of that day here:

The White Dove Crow -2007 Veteran’s Park – 1807- 2012

A photographic history of that little green space from whence this city was born! A time caught in the lens of a camera of oh so long ago

Dan Brady has archived some of that history and in particular the War Memorial

JUNE 2011 found me once again writing about this park

“The homeless men ( one of whom apparently was groping himself – through his clothes as a female resident was walking through the park on a summer evening)settling down early in the evening so as to get the best bench- first come first served- ( what happened to the spacers so a bench could be made for sitting and not sleeping??)”

my conclusion at the end of that post 14 months ago



Fast Forward to this week and another wonderful photo that of a collage of the park

The full story can be found in the two Morning Journal articles of this week.”

But it is going to take more than foot patrols – it is going to take the City of Lorain to “clean up its property as well” including the missing lampposts, taking down the old hanging broken Christmas lights and removing graffiti and please put spacers in those benches.

The city needs to follow its own edicts what is good for the citizens with the Nuisance Sweep has to find the city not living in its own glass house
14 months of complaining falling on collective deaf ears……

Which picture do you prefer of this historic park ?
THIS ???

photo Morning Journal -NATE PARSONS


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It starts with a “birth- day” – August 17th –

Gabriel’s Touch- Photo Lisa Miller

Birth– day
A day usually which comes with pain as your child starts the journey toward a first breath. If ever a pain can be described as exquisite it is the pain of bringing a life into the world. They say a mother forgets the pain, I am not sure that is true , the pain is tempered and put to the back of your memory replaced by your incredible feelings of love and joy of the child once held safely beneath your heart, the child of your heart, held at last in your arms.

There is no pain when the cord is cut from your body, a body which fed , protected, shared life and essence with your child for those months when you were one .

Your eyes see for the first time tiny hands reaching for a touch, those tiny feet and legs that kept you awake at night as they kicked and turned and moved getting ready for the journey of life. A little nose, mouth and eyes swollen , not quite seeing the world about them, the wrench of coming from warmth and safety into “life” and then the sound of a familiar heartbeat reaches little ears and warmth and comfort once again – a familiar place at his mother’s breast brings ease to your child. A birth -day

But when life is reversed and your child is wrenched from life , the memories of joy overpowered by the indescribable pain of loss – it bites, rips and tears at your insides, your heart contracts as death enters your world, your arms are empty – the pain is not exquisite and this time when the cord of life is cut a mother screams ………………and the fearful tormenting, slow torturing pain begins……..

I write this today as it would have been a celebration of a child who should be blowing out the candles on an all too sweet cake, exploring the world, laughing – a “birth” – day wish unfulfilled…………….. but a love that continues to grow, a child of the heart still fills his mother’s heart with love of him. I wish for the happy memories to blossom , to ease and temper pain of his mother and father and all who found such undying love on his “birth” day.

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Rape of Lorain- literally- determining the health of my neighborhood

Remember the 1st Methodist Parsonage ? One of Lorain’s history mysteries and oldest homes from the Ohio Historic Inventory

Our first parsonage is pictured for you right along side of the little brick church. It was built when the church was built and cost $1,000. It stood on the northwest corner of Washington and W. Main St ( W. Erie) on lot no 110 of the original town plat ……..

The parsonage was a good house for those days but when Rev. J.P. Mills came in 1883 we find in records “The Parsonage underwent repairs, an addition was built, the grounds graded ….. The manse[cleric’s house] was sold when the old church was torn down. A Mr. Robinson , a young real estate dealer of the day, bought the property for $1,650.00 ……….

For many years a Miss Kate Baumgart owned the corner property but quite a few feet of land were taken off when W. Erie was widened. One of the oil companies bought the corner when it became eligible for business and the house was moved north on Washington and west on Fox St. ( 2nd St). If you go down that way you will see it about half way down the block on the north side. ………

Well it seems that historic old Parsonage has sold and GUESS WHO purchased it for $11,000 on July 30th 2012. quite the deal as it sold for $75,000 in 2006None other than our previously documented landlord Deborah Akin – documented because but she has been busy now 32 properties listed to her since that post on the 18th of June 2012

how about Deborah Akin and a quick search of the auditors site in her name only 29 properties and remember the those murderous gang lords the police have been tracking down well close to home here at 1026 Brownell –

Randy Glover pleaded guilty-

Glover, along with 21 other suspected gang members of Member of Blood or Money or Bitches gang…..He also pleaded guilty to earlier charges of two counts of felonious assault, having a weapon under disability, obstructing official business and two different counts of burglary……….Police believe the gang is responsible for nine of the last 12 murders in the city in the past four years and other violent crimes including home invasions, shootings, intimidation and drug trafficking.

How did that background check work out for you Deborah? I know how it worked out for my neighborhood.


So here we go again Deborah hasn’t obviously been checking or -in my opinion and perspective – gives a damn about the tenants- because I didn’t have to look up her latest tenant in the old parsonage……….. HE CAME TO ME- THROUGH THE SHERIFFS DEPT.

1543956 Henry Cardona 1018 2nd St Lorain OH 44052 View Record
his credentials include the fact that he is a ‘HABITUAL SEX OFFENDER” with rape under his belt, possession of drugs etc. two minutes to get his “history” and resume on Lorain Municipal Courts dockets.

Thanks Deborah – you sure know how to give this old neighborhood “HISTORY”

and the children play unaware in their innocence ……………….

to be continued

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Debasing Debate – Romney- Obama – and Editoral’s comments

There are sometimes when I wake from a dream I wonder did that really happen- is it a memory or just another one of my poor brain’s attempts to make sense of my world and thoughts?

I had such a dream last night and yes this one was a dream and it made more sense to me , fractured and emotional as it was, than the situation and day happenings that caused the “filing away” of the day by my brain.

Yesterday I had a “sick ” headache – aka migraine – which was not helped at all by the continuous beep, beep, beep of the machines pointing the bricks at the old Irving School across the road. The machine starts at 7:30 and as it crawls along, sloth-like, it is accompanied by the most insidious beeping until 4:30 pm. This has been going on for a couple of weeks and my only salvation is that it will be over with , I hope, very soon.
Between that and the Romney / Obama ads ripping at each other every few minutes on every tv station- Yes guys I am fed up with the lot of you, all those ads have done to this Independent is turn her completely off the election …hmmmmmmmmmm political strategy ?????????????? Yesterday, I wasn’t sure what was causing more distress in my world.


Having only just retrieved my computer back again – Yes the Geek Squad and I are becoming fast friends) I was made aware of a “debate” ( and I use that word loosely) happening in the comments section of the Morning Journal and Tom Skoch’s editorial-

THE EDITOR’S COLUMN: Ryan right man to make election stakes clear

There are as of 7 this morning 266 comments – most are debasing, vitriolic and cowardly as they spew their “thoughts” through fake identities impervious to accountability such as this little gem (pulled at random)- and remember this is was supposed to be about a choice for Vice President

I’m a sick pig, while you’re so full of anger, you take glee in public displays of affection with someone of the same gender, telling yourself that you’re enlightening the world that my kind has messed up, knowing in your heart that you’ve not won the day until you can make some poor innocent bystander throw up on the sidewalk out of revulsion.

So on that wonderful “thinking(???) out -loud, worthy???? of publication comment – back to my dream that woke me up in the wee hours of the morning.

In my dream I had been asked to speak at a gathering, I informed the chairperson that I may not be a wise choice as I could be quite controversial-

Oh that is fine we like to hear the other side , we are open minded- we love a good debate etc


But as I began my speech ( tempered for my audience) even in my dreams I know that people don’t REALLY want the unvarnished truth- I was attacked verbally from the floor by someone ( who shall remain nameless in this dream of course) who can push my anger button and did so – I let fly with the “unvarnished truth” and what I really thought only to have the Chairman and panel chase me from the room – screaming like a mob of …

Oh! yes commenters – who, like anaerobic bacteria destroy and eat away at the dying /dead carcass of true civilized debate and causes a stench from the mouth.

When dreams are reality based???? This election is becoming as annoying as beep, beep, beep, beep and those that debase debate are becoming a force silencing those who would share an opinion attacking with caustic and blistering personal insults anyone who differs. Such is the case in my world this morning and my waking brain isn’t make much sense of it all.

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For the record the A-Z of multi – property owners Lorain- “A” (2)

Part one
From Ab…. to Ad… in the series of who owns what in Lorain.

Each group of owners is a little different, some have family members as the owners, some partnerships,some under LLP’s and some take more research than others.

Being human I may make a mistake in “attribution” with this confusing scenario of who is who . If I make such a mistake please advise me and I will correct the information immediately . However let us look at the “next on the list” OF GROUP PROPERTIES :

ADAMES- ( JUAN) there are 11 properties listed under ADAMES – all but two have the tax bill going to the same PO address- so I am led to the conclusion that the owners listed are all part and “parcel” ( pun intended) of the same ” group.

First property listed on the Lorain County Auditors site to Rafael Jr. and Juan Adames is
608 West 21st Street

( Note all photos taken from the Lorain County Auditors site- most recent photo- as always if the state of the property has changed – please let me know)

This house doesn’t seem to have a sale history past 1993 and at that time sold for $22,000

In fact it looks like this group of Adames purchased most of the properties in the 90’s last one 2003 1439 W. 22nd Street which sold for $25,000. at that time .

The most expensive property seems to be 1632 Meister Road- at $70,000.

The Adames’ on the whole paid an average of $22,000 for their properties -in the area of 18th street, 20th, 21st, 22nd, 29th 33rd – they at least have some longevity as owners 🙂

to be continued.

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For the record the A-Z of multi – property owners Lorain- “A”
We will now begin with the WHO IS WHO of Lorain’s multi property owners.

For the princely sum of $25.00 and a public records request to the Lorain County Auditor I received a “disc” with all the non commercial property owners in Lorain .

In coming weeks I will give my readers a listing of those who own the multi- properties. Those with 3 or 4 properties listed I skipped over – I want the people who are “determining” the conditions of Lorain’s neighborhood.

Starting with the A’s –

once I found a name listed more than three times I pulled ( where able) their mailing addresses/ home addresses then I scanned the photos of each of their properties from the Auditors website to see what their properties looked like. The first up was
Abouelhana – Magdis
Now under this name there are 9 properties and under the “one?” investment company
ASM Investments there are a further 69 properties including the one where the tax bills are mailed ( NOTE) this address is a Lorain address. In my opinion, A PLUS – at least they are living in Lorain – almost😉

Now interestingly enough the properties under this group etc. ( at least from the photos on the auditor’s site) aren’t in too bad of a condition. These properties seem to be on the whole in pretty good condition. Granted I didn’t look at every property. I just clicked on addresses where other homes in the neighborhood were “failing”. You too can look for yourself

NOTE: All photos are the most recent from the Lorain County Auditors site – I take no responsiblity for their accuracy today. If anyone sees they are in either worse or better condition please contact me

For instance this property 321 W 30th was sold August 24th 2010 to ASM for $8,000 from the Secretary of HUD.

And this home ( proximity to my neighborhood) 1307 W 5th Street
sold to ASM 1/26/2009 for $24,503
looks like a bank deal – Tribeca Lending Corp

Seemingly , the most money that ASM Investments paid for a property ( apart from a Block Buster property ) was approximately 28 thousand dollars –

as with this house on 2064 E 37th Street which was sold in 2004 for $83.500 and 6 years later was purchased by ASM Investments for $27,000. another bank deal “Federal Home Loan Mortgage”

The lowest price I see is $4,000 for 119 W 31st Street purchased off of Jason Davis ( you remember him)

and again

The average price paid ?
Answer: under 20 thousand ( apart from Block Buster) by ASM Investments
for the other 67 or so properties .

Abouelhana Magdi had a much higher end on the 9 properties listed to that name the lowest being $12,000 and the highest being $650,000.00

Next Up —— to be continued

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