Rape of Lorain- literally- determining the health of my neighborhood

August 15, 2012 at 10:51 am 7 comments

Remember the 1st Methodist Parsonage ? One of Lorain’s history mysteries and oldest homes from the Ohio Historic Inventory


Our first parsonage is pictured for you right along side of the little brick church. It was built when the church was built and cost $1,000. It stood on the northwest corner of Washington and W. Main St ( W. Erie) on lot no 110 of the original town plat ……..

The parsonage was a good house for those days but when Rev. J.P. Mills came in 1883 we find in records “The Parsonage underwent repairs, an addition was built, the grounds graded ….. The manse[cleric’s house] was sold when the old church was torn down. A Mr. Robinson , a young real estate dealer of the day, bought the property for $1,650.00 ……….

For many years a Miss Kate Baumgart owned the corner property but quite a few feet of land were taken off when W. Erie was widened. One of the oil companies bought the corner when it became eligible for business and the house was moved north on Washington and west on Fox St. ( 2nd St). If you go down that way you will see it about half way down the block on the north side. ………

Well it seems that historic old Parsonage has sold and GUESS WHO purchased it for $11,000 on July 30th 2012. quite the deal as it sold for $75,000 in 2006None other than our previously documented landlord Deborah Akin – documented because but she has been busy now 32 properties listed to her since that post on the 18th of June 2012


how about Deborah Akin and a quick search of the auditors site in her name only 29 properties and remember the those murderous gang lords the police have been tracking down well close to home here at 1026 Brownell –

Randy Glover pleaded guilty-

Glover, along with 21 other suspected gang members of Member of Blood or Money or Bitches gang…..He also pleaded guilty to earlier charges of two counts of felonious assault, having a weapon under disability, obstructing official business and two different counts of burglary……….Police believe the gang is responsible for nine of the last 12 murders in the city in the past four years and other violent crimes including home invasions, shootings, intimidation and drug trafficking.

How did that background check work out for you Deborah? I know how it worked out for my neighborhood.


So here we go again Deborah hasn’t obviously been checking or -in my opinion and perspective – gives a damn about the tenants- because I didn’t have to look up her latest tenant in the old parsonage……….. HE CAME TO ME- THROUGH THE SHERIFFS DEPT.

1543956 Henry Cardona 1018 2nd St Lorain OH 44052 View Record
his credentials include the fact that he is a ‘HABITUAL SEX OFFENDER” with rape under his belt, possession of drugs etc. two minutes to get his “history” and resume on Lorain Municipal Courts dockets.

Thanks Deborah – you sure know how to give this old neighborhood “HISTORY”

and the children play unaware in their innocence ……………….

to be continued

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