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The DNA – The normalcy of those that have lost- A study in “kind” –

Artwork Source- Chris Ritchey BFA

It has been one of those weeks- the more that normal life situations have been part of my day – the worse my grief. I know that will only make sense to some who walk my path.

Losing Chris , the trauma of day after day of watching him have his world crushed and the riding the wave of hope, the days and nights of watching him fade and fight and standing by helpless are burned into my brain and my heart.

I am inadequate to deal with “normal” – I long to escape the pain, the images that swirl in my brain waking and sleeping , the cruelty of cancer

and the cruelty of people

have taken such a toll. I don’t know who I am anymore so as once again I pace the house and watch the sunrise on another day of “trying to cope” – the normal……..

There was a study sent to me by one who walks my way- click on the jpg to enlarge and you can find the full PDF file here Article from Psych Medicine


And this morning another study along the lines of one that had also been sent to me a few weeks ago:

Why having a son puts a woman in a new frame of mind: DNA can pass into body from foetus before reaching brain
Cells pass into mother’s body before making it to brain
Male DNA may linger there for decades, scientists say
Study in journal by cancer research centre in Seattle


Hard- Graphics Design – Chris Ritchey

You see we try, those that have lost , those that have endured the daily torture of watching our children and their life slowly leaving them.

We try, we look for reasons why we aren’t

” moving on- getting on with life “

We try to find reasons why we see the sunrise and our children don’t.

We try not to make others uncomfortable in our presence.

We try to “be”- and we reach out to one another to find the kinship of those that understand, those that know the language of grief of losing your child minute by excruciating minute for weeks on end.

And as much as we try – we still walk the nights, dread the days and TRY our damnedest make it through another day. That is our “normal” AND IT IS SO BLOODY HARD

From the Center for Loss and Trauma
Dr. Joanne Cacciatore

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The Family Dollar- Design by Design – not Desperation -Lorain

In 1985 (revised in 1989) Preservation in Lorain Design Guidelines were introduced and amended in 2012 See PDF file here
Preservation in Lorain (Guidelines)

In 1987 the codefied ordinance see PDF file here
Chapter 1185 Codified was established the Design review Board> its purpose:

1185.02 PURPOSE.
Council, being mindful of the proud history of this community, the importance of beauty in the everyday lives of our citizens and the need to further efforts to provide for sound community and economic development, hereby declare as a matter of public policy that the preservation, restoration, rehabilitation and overall aesthetic improvements of our community are matters of public necessity involving the health, safety, prosperity and welfare of the people. The purpose of this chapter is to:
(a) Contribute to the economic, recreational, cultural and educational development of the City by:
(1) Stabilizing and improving property values;
(2) Stimulating business and attracting industry by providing a sound economic climate;
(3) Protecting and enhancing attractions to residents, tourists and visitors;
(4) Improving the quality of life by enhancing the visual and aesthetic character,diversity and interest of the City;

(5) Fostering civic pride in the beauty and notable accomplishments of the past; and
(6) Promoting the use and preservation of prehistoric and historic locations, architecturally significant structures and other notable objects, archaeological and historic sites for the education, enrichment and general welfare of the people of the City of Lorain, County of Lorain, and the State of Ohio.
(b) Provide for the establishment of procedures whereby certain areas, structures, objects and works of art of prehistoric, historic, architectural or cultural importance to the community shall be safeguarded and allowed that measure of protection afforded by a thorough study of alternatives to incompatible alternatives or demolition before such acts
are performed.
(c) Maintain and enhance the distinctive character of preservation districts by safeguarding the architectural integrity of the various period structures within them, and to prevent intrusions and alterations within the districts that would be incompatible with the established character.
(Ord. 34-87. Passed 3-2-87.

Yesterday I was fortunate to see the process in action .
Morning Journal report: Rick Payerchin

Family dollar had come before the Design Review Board with a building design, which in and of itself had it “stood alone” was a very nice rectangular block structure as rectangular flat-roofed block structures go.

Note: this was the previous design , it had been “tweaked with some false windows etc. for yesterday’s meeting

However we, in Lorain, need to stop piece mealing our construction and rehabilitation. In my opinion, we need to adhere to the purpose set out a quarter of a century ago by the city and personally, I believe, the need of comprehensive design needs to be city-wide. .

Charleston Village Society ( of which I am co -chair) Black River Historical Society, Lorain Growth Corporation , the City, the Downtown Consortium – the Port Authority, The Palace, merchants and residents in and around this Lorain’s oldest and historic neighborhood are trying and have been trying to “have an identity” -a place of destination where the ambiance is other than rectangular brick blocks; whose designs are designated by “business structural plans and needs” first and foremost and dressing up the outside to fit the inside .

As I stood before the microphone yesterday, as I have many times over the years, trying to impart the history of Lorain, her founders and how significant it is to this area and could be with the right marketing – I hoped they could see what I see beneath the years of neglect.

Lorain’s oldest continuous green space , deeded to the city in 1812 as a park has on all sides bar one – (the one area the Family Dollar Company wished to build )- buildings of national, state and county historical importance .

Lorain’s now named Veterans Park has to the south a building on the National Historic Register Lorain No 1 Fire Station

an absolutely beautiful church that any founding father would point to with pride ,

Photo source Renee Dore

to the west, also a National Historic Register property The Antlers ,

Photo source Dan Brady

and the Masonic Temple .

to the North , what is now the Frey Funeral Home- the home of George Wickens – whose historical worthiness is well-known to Lorain and Lorain County.

And whose name is in tribute to the street Wickens Place along whose curb side Family Dollar wishes to build.

These properties have over the years been the subject of art classes ( as evidenced here,

subjects of pride, photos and post cards. Alongside of these buildings as they look onto what is probably the oldest continuous green space in the county are other landmark status homes and buildings.

After the meeting I corralled ( no other word for it) one of the gentleman from the Family Dollar group attending the meeting. We walked across the road into Veterans Park . The gentleman had asked me

“well what kind of a building do you want”

– I stated

one that in 50 years time could also be a candidate for the National Historical Register.

As I walked through the park ( a note to city and to self we need to do some maintenance once again) and the gentleman video taped the south view, the north, and the west – I saw some respect for those views and I got the impression no one had really “walked the area” to SEE . Yes, Famly Dollar folks had tried to fit into a footprint and a business design plan, to make their building acceptable but they really didn’t, I believe, look across the space to SEE how they would impact the rest of the square just how could they fit in on that particular piece of property. And that is the problem “tunnel vision” – and that problem with vision has plagued Lorain over the last few decades.

Too many times in the past, desperate as we are for employment ( note the gentleman mentioned the design for the building is to accommodate 2.8 employees ) desperate for taxes and people- desperation should not be part of design. I am glad , in this instance, and I hope in future instances , especially in the oldest and historic part of Lorain a comprehensive “design plan’ based upon

“Improving the quality of life by enhancing the visual and aesthetic character,diversity and interest of the City”

and not desperation! as THE deciding factor.

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The People Principle ( or lack thereof-) Following the Procrustean Law ?

Source :

Just what exactly defines one’s “principles” or moral code by which we live ? I have written about situations and people who I feel “lack principles”. In fact on my About Me page I state”
“it is the principle of the thing”- BUT do I even know what I talking about- “principle of the thing” !!!!

prin·ci·ple (prns-pl)
1. A basic truth, law, or assumption: the principles of democracy.
a. A rule or standard, especially of good behavior: a man of principle.
b. The collectivity of moral or ethical standards or judgments: a decision based on principle rather than expediency.
A fixed or predetermined policy or mode of action.
A basic or essential quality or element determining intrinsic nature or characteristic behavior: the principle of self-preservation.

Who or what defines “principle” ?

I asked my mother, this morning,

if I were to say to you “he is a man of principles what comes to your mind”?

she answered with her 93 years of life-

a man who follows the rules and the law

Whose rules – whose laws ? Would a man following Hitler’s rules/laws in Nazi Germany be a man of principle

I asked

No ! of course not, it would be the man who went against those rules

she replied –

he would be a “just man”


just 1. guided by truth, reason, justice, and fairness: We hope to be just in our understanding of such difficult situations.
2. done or made according to principle; equitable; proper: a just reply.
3. based on right; rightful; lawful: a just claim.
4. in keeping with truth or fact; true; correct: a just analysis.
5. given or awarded rightly; deserved, as a sentence, punishment, or reward: a just penalty.

The discussion with mum ended as she stated she was

I am too old to worry about it this morning and you just “know” if a man or woman has principles

I went in search of “principles” on the internet-
and a synonym for principle brought me to Procrustean Law

(Producing or designed to produce strict conformity by ruthless or arbitrary means.) –

Oh dear!!!! – not quite the definition I was looking for to produce conformity by ruthless or arbitrary meansthat would go against my principles but then again it may be how certain principles are determined in some societies!

In the Greek myth, Procrustes was a son of Poseidon with a stronghold on Mount Korydallos at Erineus, on the sacred way between Athens and Eleusis.[1] There he had an iron bed, in which he invited every passer-by to spend the night, and where he set to work on them with his smith’s hammer, to stretch them to fit. In later tellings, if the guest proved too tall, Procrustes would amputate the excess length; nobody ever fit the bed exactly, because secretly Procrustes had two beds. Procrustes continued his reign of terror until he was captured by Theseus, travelling to Athens along the sacred way, who “fitted” Procrustes to his own bed:
He killed Damastes, surnamed Procrustes, by compelling him to make his own body fit his bed, as he had been wont to do with those of strangers. And he did this in imitation of Heracles. For that hero punished those who offered him violence in the manner in which they had plotted to serve him.

This post has been swirling around in my head for some time- as I explored various subject matter not understanding the thinking of some the subjects and people I have covered. Friday found my mother and I giving an interview – the subject matter – “Communication of Culture”. How our culture( English) ( not born in this country) has translated into the “American culture”.

Of course I segued into questioning mode instead of answering mode- go figure 🙂

Exactly what was meant by the American culture?

I asked – Native American’s not withstanding-

it seemed to me to be a generalization, seeing as most US citizens hyphenated themselves eg. Polish- American, Irish- American, Italian – American, Afro- American , Chinese American, American- Slovak etc. etc

well you get my point .

How do you define American Culture? What are the principles of “American” culture ? Are those principles determined by the strongest hyphenated group of a community by time and population? What is acceptable to one cultural group may not be acceptable to another- who sets the bar?

Each non- native to these shores culture has brought their own values, history religions upon which they, presumably, base their lifestyles, lives and principles.

I have been banging on about lack of principles on this blog for years narcissistically believing that my set of “principles” which come, not from any religious persuasion but possibly a cultural heritage, are the norm. I have my doubts about that now as I walk through the situations I find myself and others having to deal with. I am surprised as to how naive I was. I thought I was main stream- I don’t believe I am anymore. I am out there somewhere on the peripheral.

There is the stock answer –

I can look at myself in the mirror every morning

but what if that mirror only reflects what YOU wish it to reflect? Then anyone, including the despots of history, can presumably look at themselves in the mirror and smile.

Are one’s principles determined by a culture from whence we came- is it history-is it predominately religion, can it be based on the amount of education one receives, knowledge of he world ? I have come across those of a “heavy religious” persuasion in my journey that are not of my particular code of ethics and yet their lack of principled behaviour- as I see it – seems perfectly acceptable to others of their ilk, cultures that clash , people who claim to be healers who can also be destroyers of healing – those that “use” and abuse people and children and property and those that turn a blind eye . Are principles weighed against based on monetary gain, power, the clique, a quiet life???

BUT maybe we are all following the Procrustean Law after all – if the bed of our journey in this life is too long or too short do we too, tend to stretch or amputate our principles to fit?

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If you want to fix and cover up something – then you “own it”- John Sinclair and Anglemoss


It is with great pleasure that i inform you all that Today the 2nd of October 2012 that a press release was given out by Pannone Solicitors.

This press release refers to the action to be taken against Derek Sawyer former Labour leader of the Islington Borough Council, and the former Chairman of the London Regional Courts Boards as well as chairman for Catch 22 and other organisations.
Derek Sawyer is being held accountable for his knowledge and cover up of the abuse of children in India.

We as former Victims of Derek Slade whom Sawyer assisted through the years to abuse children here in the UK and abroad and also helped cover up the Islington Child Abuse cases within Islingtons council run childrens homes are pleased that this vile man is finally being held accountable for his knowledge of the crimes that Derek Slade did.

Finborough School- the marketing movie:

But the continuation of the denials, perpetually ignoring the pupils and what your school and its staff (either past or present) did to us shows you don’t adhere to the words of the school’s principles and shows a complete and utter lack of integrity. You can put a new name one it (like lipstick on a pig), sure call it Finborough School as you have for so very long. But until its past is owned, you’ll never truly move forward.

Workhouse Children- Dickens

Charles Dickens wrote”

“how I could have been so easily cast away at such an age”

The most famous social critic of his time pointed out the plight of the child in that age – the child who was without benefit of societal protection. How many of us have been touched by the urchin faces of Dickens’ illustrations over the centuries?

The infamous villains whose names alone conjured up evil and greed
Sikes, Quilp, Creakle, Scrooge and Squeers– but were Dickens alive today how he would have told the tale of SLADE and portrayed the children not of the 1800’s but of the 1980″ and beyond – children whose lives were forever changed

Their innocence torn from them , their expectations crippled because of perversion , cruelty, greed and enabling of acts so outrageous upon a child it sickens one and yet it took 30 years for the children to finally be heard.

Derek Slade was finally brought to court for his vile nature two years ago this month his case made national headlines in the UK :

Pervert boarding school headmaster jailed for 21 years for abusing pupils

Slade’s victims had ‘lost days of childhood innocence’, been left with feelings of inadequacy, blame and worthlessness and become men whose ‘lives were seriously damaged’.
A jury found Slade, of Staffordshire, guilty of sexually assaulting and beating 12 boys aged between eight and 13 between 1978 and 1983 following a four-week trial at Ipswich Crown Court.

Jurors heard that Slade, who has no teaching qualifications, ran St George’s private school,
but what of the others who were part of St. George’s School – justice???

Some of the teachers have left the country, others committed suicide. Two are serving prison sentences ……..

One name seems to be in the forefront in all the documentation at the time :

John Sinclair-

His name appears on the letterhead along with the “Slade”

he appears in the newspaper article ( from which the photos were cropped of the children in 1978) ”

and the financial backing of Mr. John Sinclair

( noted as the ADMISSIONS OFFICER)

Mr. Sinclair seems to have had a “hands on approach”

and has run foul of the law for having a hands on-

A SUFFOLK public school principal found guilty of beating a dog walker with his hiking stick is unlikely to lose his job, it emerged today.

John Sinclair, owner and principal of the independent Finborough School, was ordered yesterday to pay a fine, compensation and prosecution costs totalling £900.

Sinclair, 55, of The Coach House, Great Finborough near Stowmarket,

The Coach House- home of John Sinclair until 2003

had denied, but was found guilty of assault by beating on September 24 last year after hitting a fellow dog walker after their dogs clashed.
Mr. Sinclair and his family are still heavily involved in the NOW Finborough School- Note the name change from St. George’s Finborough to THE Finborough School

St George’s School 1980

BUT the building where so much childhood terror and perversion took place is still welcoming pupils. One has to wonder does not Mr. Sinclair ever hear the cries of the children as abuse was heaped upon their little bodies echoing through the rooms that held such torment for those young boys. A building that was once a workhouse in its past now also holds the history of depravity.

Finborough Now

His own children are part of the NOW “Finsborough family”
Sweeping green lawns , photos in local papers and the net proclaiming its worthiness to educate the young – the whole building is “dressed “ the school marketed professionally- but there is a disease of perversion that perfumes the atmosphere of those not so hallowed halls that needs to be eradicated – its history will continue to haunt – no matter how they dress it up –

The new heraldry cannot “shield” the past – the schools and the people are linked no matter what Wikipedia etc state- as evidenced here

You can read the account of one of the school’s children here

Another pupil of the “Children of Slade”, himself one of England’s warriors stated:

If you want to fix and cover up something – then you OWN IT”

You can read about the ongoing fight for justice and recognition of their past here:
Who Could Be Worse Than The Roman Catholic Church? A Company called Anglemoss Ltd!!-Finborough School-a Company called Anglemoss Ltd.
There is also a face book page set up

Free Speech artwork – Christopher Ritchey

TW NOTE: So why does a woman in Ohio care? Apart from the obvious disgust that this happened and the pain caused to children- my mother and her family are from Ipswich- I have happy memories of Suffolk, picnics laughter cousins , aunts and uncles – wonderful memories unlike the children of Slade .

My immediate family is still part of the Suffolk community, they do business, document daily lives for readers, document our own history, their children and grandchildren are part of the fabric that is England. The names of the places , the buildings all too familiar… this disgrace is part of that fabic.

The parents of children now attending this school should be asking the hard questions and demanding the children of St George’s be recognised – A St George’s School by any other name( The Finborough School) is still St. Georges The children who lost themselves at the hands of abuse, who toiled, wept , who received no recognition of their pain in those very rooms of the now Finborough School where their children walk – are still waiting

As readers of this blog know “it is all about “accountability” All too often scum rises to the top of the pond in this world – it is time for the voices of those children reaching out across the miles, and years to now be heard! You see I believe if you “IGNORE the abuse of children – you OWN it too!”

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George Schneider- the legal arguments-give it some ” english”

To give something the “english” (“to change the path of something.”)

We have recently been exploring one conglomerate landlord – George Schneider

( so far- more to come ) as an example of what is happening in this city as to who determines the “health of our neighborhoods”.

So far we have found that foreclosures, dumping by banks, sheriff’s sales, auditors auctions and various partnerships are part of the business of “property” buying cheap ( very cheap is the order of the day) and “recycling”.

We have learned the courts ( see above link) don’t seem to have teeth or even put them in when it comes to property code maintenance! And we have learned that with at least two of the “featured players” in this start of the series they have the same attorney of record.

Brent L. English
Law Offices Brent L English
M.X Ferguson Place
1550 W 3rd Cleveland Ohio 44113

Mr. English recently caught my attention from an article in the Chronicle Telegram.

It seems the neighbors, the City of Elyria etc. all find this house 352 S. Maple – Elyria a nuisance, eyesore and want something done. However Mr. George Schneider wants more time so his attorney

“Mr. English wrote a 7 page letter addressing the 44 violations found- ( emphasis mine)
In a response filed by Schneider’s attorney Brent English that aimed to address the 44 violations the city Building Department put forth as proof the building needed to be condemned, English said Schneider “would not to just sit by and let his house go.”

TW NOTE:HMMMMMM if you ask me( from this lay person’s perspective ) from the state of some of Mr. George’s properties “letting his properties go” is par for his course” 😉

“We are determined to ensure this will not happen,” he wrote in the seven-page letter to city officials, which was dated June 27.

English said in the letter that many of the things the city has done to move the condemnation forward were not the result of bona fide complaints from someone like Fitzpatrick or Brown. Rather, they were “a contrivance of the Building Department.”
English said a reasonable time of six months should be given to bring the property into compliance.

Serazin said those same sentiments were reiterated by English and Schneider on July 19 when a hearing was held in front of the Board of Building Standards in regards to the appeal.

That hearing resulted in the board upholding the city’s condemnation order, although Serazin said he expects Schneider to appeal the ruling.

Oh we have mentioned Mr. English before – he of the rezoning letter for Red’s All American Recycling Company. who also, as we discovered has properties in partnership with Mr. Schneider including the house on Maple Street. He did make the foreboding statement to Lorain City Council that Red’s might look elsewhere if denied his zoning-

“If the change [zoning} is not approved, then regrettably he will find other property outside the City of Lorain to carrying on this business. I trust that the Lorain City Council will not force that result

TW NOTE: HMMMMMM I wonder would that be such a bad thing? I hear Avon and Amherst are looking for businesses- wonder what their reaction would be?

We also have Mr. Brent English making the papers again with the now deceased Bill Desvari- remember him Lorain’s notorious Chief Building Inspector under Mayor Foltin. Desvari of the suspect on-line “degree” – the hiring of RSO’s not to mention bribery charges and taking that social security money after his relative died for all those years. Seems Mr English also represented Desvari by Brad Dicken

ELYRIA — The most recent criminal charges against Bill Desvari, Lorain’s former chief building official, center on his dealings with a Cleveland attorney and Lorain businessman Jon Veard, Desvari’s attorney said Friday.

Brent English said he believes prosecutors are trying to tie bribery charges to his client through a $5,000 loan Veard made to Desvari in 2005. In return for the loan, English said prosecutors suspect that Desvari allowed Veard to remove a fire escape from the Antlers Apartments on Washington Avenue.
The missing fire escape would later trap six people on the roof when the building caught fire in December 2007. Firefighters managed to get the residents off the roof, but the missing fire escape touched off an investigation into why the fire escape wasn’t there.

AND Mr. English has sure been looking out for his client George , as any good attorney should , even as far as going to the Ohio Supreme Court- yes no dollar left unturned:

The Tale of a Twist – 822 Broadway Joshe’s Place .

In 2005 Mr. Perez rented building from the owner Mr.Thomas Patrick with the intention of opening up a Bar and Grille. Perez and his father spent 10 months refurbishing the place, adding the necessary equipment for a restaurant etc. and opened his Bar and Grille – Joshe’s Place in 2006

Mr. Patrick lost the building to a tax foreclosure auction in September 2007. He testified that, in 2006, he told Mr. Perez that he had a tax problem but had avoided foreclosure by entering into a payment plan with the City. Later, when he fell behind on those payments, he did not tell Mr. Perez. Although Mr. Patrick knew the building was scheduled to be sold at a sheriff’s sale in early September 2007, he again failed to tell Mr. Perez. Mr. Schneider bought the building at the sheriff’s sale on September 5, 2007.

Mr. Schneider changed the locks and Mr. Perez was left out in the cold so to speak- However he did take Mr. Schneider to court and Mr. Schneider was told to pay Mr. Perez $9,333.00 for the disputed equipment belonging to Mr. Perez.

AH! George and his appealing attorney Brent English then took the case to the Ohio Supreme Court –

TW NOTE:REALLY one would think the cost of doing that would outweigh the judgement…
but he did and his reasoning???? Note the sentences in bold!

The first contested item is the handmade wooden bar and backbar,

which Mr. Perez described as being over 30 feet long. He testified that each section of the bar is merely screwed into the floor and removal would not cause damage to the flooring. Mr. Schneider testified that removal of the bar would cause damage because each section of the bar is “spiked” into the floor. He also testified that the back bar could not be removed without damaging the wall. The trial court disagreed.

No 2- The hood –
The second contested item is the hood section of the ventilation system over the stove. Mr. Schneider testified that removal of the hood would require removal of bolts that would cause damage to both the wall and the ceiling

The awning

The seventh contested item is the large awning that says “Joshe’s Place,” located over the front door. Mr. Perez testified that the awning is twenty-four feet by six feet and is screwed into the outside wall above the entrance. He also testified that the lettering is in the form of a sticker that can be easily replaced. Both Mr. Perez and Mr. Patrick testified that removal of the awning would require removal of the concrete screws holding it in place. Mr.

Schneider testified that would cause damage to the face of the building

Now the testimony goes on and on and in each case Mr. Schneider pleads damage to his building for the removal of such items.

REALLY GEORGE!!! I guess since the awning is still there your building was undamaged eh? And now let us look- 5 years later and we have :

Plywood Window??? ( I suppose we are lucky – it is somewhat secured ) – you think they could at least paint it black as well to match to go with the black spray painted door etc. You think it is for “security??” after all there seems to be a lot of gravelly rocks and broken glass to hand inside the unbroken window. How did that damage happen I wonder? .

Now it seems that the Ohio Supreme Court did side with George on the air-conditioning unit – but hey! George why did you bother??? after all you have “natural air-conditioning” and I hear the birds are loving it!

Attorney English seemingly enjoys appealing such as his own contempt of court case

Throughout the course of the proceedings involving the Jury Trial of the City of Brooklyn v. Matthew T. Frank (Case No. 07 TRC 1304), the Court has been forced to repeatedly discourage Attorney Brent English from engaging in pointing, shouting, jumping,
stomping his feet and otherwise disrespectful conduct.

” THE COURT: I didn’t say that and I’ve warned you before
about disrespecting this Court. I’m not warning you anymore. I
didn’t say those things. This is recorded. I’ve had it with your
disrespect. I’ve had it with your misrepresentations and your flat
out lies to this Court. I will not take it any more. I am finding you
in contempt of Court and I’m fining you $250.00 for the way you
addressed this Court, the way you mischaracterize everything I’ve
said and done and the way you behave. That childish, boorish
behavior will not be tolerated. You are in direct contempt of court
and I’m fining you $250.00.”

PDF file of Judgement here

Mr. Brent English of 3360-Ingleside Road, Shaker Heights, Ohio 44122

a quick search of the public records shows Mr. Brent L English he has had his own property troubles of late because in June he had his own foreclosure announced in the Daily Legal News


(Cause No. 726727)

The State of Ohio, Cuyahoga County, ss. Pursuant to the command of and order of sale issued from the Court of Common Pleas of said county, and to me directed, in the action of

Dollar Bank Federal Savings Bank, plaintiff vs. Brent English, et al., defendants,

The Sheriff of Cuyahoga County shall offer for sale at public auction, in the Justice Center, in the City of Cleveland, County of Cuyahoga and State of Ohio, on

Monday, the 11th day of June</

but I am glad to say he didn’t lose his house in foreclosure Cuyahoga County Court records CV-10-726727

Yes! Brent English, according to the Cuyahoga County Recorders Office on August 2nd 2012 managed to pay off his mortgage to Dollar Bank

WHEW!!!! squeaked by on that one Brent – because you never know who is looking to buy these foreclosed properties … 😉

and as for those back taxes building up since 2008 as listed on the Cuyahoga County Auditors site in the amount of TAX BALANCE SUMMARY: 19,927.54

I am sure he will be taking care of those too – if he hasn’t already.

So for those folks who evaluated Attorney English and the complaints and the fact “he doesn’t return phone calls” – well he is busy being “appealing” 🙄


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George Schneider (Appeal)ing Properties- or where’s the judgement?


The Goldberg Property Kansas and East Erie

This blog and others have been looking at the not so appealing situation Lorain finds herself that of the conglomerate landlords and the impact upon this community when they are determining the “health and conditions” of those neighborhoods by their sheer weight of numbers.

To the average person driving by these eyesores you don’t need a degree to tell you they are inhabitable or not meeting a basic standard. So why hasn’t our “Building Dept “ done more to make sure basic building codes are followed?

Time for a judgement ! In the previous post with regard to George Schneider
The Morning Journal reported at the time October 2nd 2008:

George Schneider, owner of the former Jay Metals building, 1965 E. 28th St., was supposed to be sentenced yesterday for a property maintenance code violation and to monitor the progress of repairs, according to Lorain Municipal Court records. His case was continued to Oct. 31, said Judge Mark Mihok.

Schneider pleaded no contest in August to the violation and was sentenced to the maximum penalty of a $1,000 fine and 180 days in jail.

BUT according to the judge- Mark Mihok

“The building department representative indicated that demolition has begun, but there is some asbestos that was found,” Mihok said yesterday. The state now has to determine if they’re going to do an asbestos study, he added.

“We should have a final disposition from the state and hopefully some more progress on the demolition,” he said.

AHHHHHH so what happened?

The only PROGRESS in demolition , I could see, as a lay person, on Sunday September 9th-2012 since this “structure” was cited on December 8th 2007 ( five years previously) by the City of Lorain and when the CASE WAS CLOSED on June 25th 2009 has been the slow demolition by Mother Nature.

Mother Nature is trying hard to cover the eyesore. As we stood there on Sunday last taking the photos from across the street, the sounds of blowing corrugated tin siding screeching and banging in the lake breezes heralded the death knell of yet another piece of the building falling to the earth.

Here is what happened to that 180 days and 1,000 dollar fine

Complainant – City of Lorain
Defendant – George H Schneider – Attorney Brent English

That 180 days – and $1000 dollar fine was SUSPENDED and Mr. George Schneider on June 25th 2009 had to pay $614.00 initialed by MM

So why one wonders wasn’t the original judgement carried out?

Did things change, what”justifyable reasons” were given to the court to allow this lovely view to continue in one of our entranceways to Lorain


Was an eyesore demolished ? I couldn’t see any evidence of things looking better in the past 4 years ?

Was asbestos found? What happened -was it abated and did work stop? ? Or is it blowing in the wind along with the corrugated siding?

Does the good judge ever drive past 1965 E 28th Street and wonder if the Building Dept and the City of Lorain will come before his court again with 1965 E 28th Street ?


To be continued _ the Ohio Supreme Court on Broadway 😉

1965 E 28th Street photos Lisa Miller

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September the 11th- a reprise

TW NOTE: I wrote this for the 10th anniversary of 911- I have decided to reprise this year-

design by Chris Ritchey

10 years it is unbelievable to me a decade has passed – the sights and sounds of that day so vivid still- an act which will send the perpetrators to perdition.

Normally I would write an updated remembrance but I am in my own kind of man-made purgatory at the moment so I choose to remember as I did last year (below) . I also remember 9-11-09 …. the day of hope as Chris took his first infusion of SGN 35…… that September 11th dawning with hope just as years before a glorious September morn saw hope crashing to the earth…… the outcome was the same “grief and loss”………..a time to remember those that continue to give their lives ………………………….

Loose Change Poster – design by Chris Ritchey

‘Kind” -having or showing a tender and considerate and helpful nature

There was no “kindness” in the nature of that September day as terror flew into the everyday working lives of those who experienced the dreadful destruction of September 11th 2001

They say you remember where you were and what you were doing until you die certain events-

September 3rd- 1939

Dec. 7th – 1941

November 22-1963

And September 11th 2001.

ED NOTE:The linked video is from ordinary citizens with a view of the destruction- released 5 years after that September 11th day

I was sitting on the couch that morning, having my first cup of tea- my son- in -law to be called

“We are being attacked”

Knowing his penchant for practical jokes and phone calls I said

yeah yeah right- tell me more”

Just then my daughter came down the stairs with the phone in her hand , hair dripping wet –

Mum he is right a plane just flew into a building in New York – turn on the television.

Another call beeped in it was my mum

“Oh there has been a terrible accident a plane has flown into a skyscraper”

Just as she said that Tony ( my cousin who was over for a trip ) is heard in the back ground

“Bloody Hell there is another one.”

We all went silent, incredulous watching as devastation rained down from the sky on a beautiful September morning.

I called my son- he told me that they were being evacuated from the college and told to return home- there was something going on in Cleveland , as he was heading to his campus apartment there were agents and militia armed with weapons in and around the streets- it was very tense. They were told to stay inside.

That day had a profound effect on this nation – I remember for the next two mornings- as I watered the garden not a sound from the sky , no roaring of the high-speed boats out on the lake- traffic was almost non existent- the sound of a siren sent chills- flags appeared outside the houses and on the streets – as if a patriotic garden bloomed from the carnage.

We did not move from the television- we watched as if from another planet the “human” story unfold that day. We hardly knew how to express our thoughts -the ugliness of hatred brought home -engulfing and billowing out as the towers and civilization fell in the name of “Jihad”.

As for those that carried out these attacks there are no adequate words of condemnation. Their barbarism will stand as their shame for all eternity.
–British Prime Minister Tony Blair

My son used his talents , he did a series of posters – that I have yet to find since his passing. It was after that day my son wore his patriotism proudly – always one to fly the flag ( more on that at the closure of this blog) he defended her the way he knew best through his work.

Yes , I am remembering Septembers and they are tinged with pride , lack of understanding , helplessness and prejudice against those that cause pain to the human heart and condition ………

and all who weep including the willow WE REMEMBER SEPT 11TH IN OUR OWN WAY!
Source needed

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George Schneider -4 Years and still timely- Fame It and Shame IT

TW NOTE: 4 years ago Lorain County Photographers blog was in the middle of a Fame It and Shame It series-(you can find the series here

and the man in the lens at that time George Schneider and his properties – sound familiar

FISI Special Oct 06-2008


George Schneider recently made the MJ for the condition of the former Jay Metals building.

Then Morning Journal:
A Lorain property owner will have some more time to work on a dilapidated building on East 28th Street.

George Schneider, owner of the former Jay Metals building, 1965 E. 28th St., was supposed to be sentenced yesterday for a property maintenance code violation and to monitor the progress of repairs, according to Lorain Municipal Court records. His case was continued to Oct. 31, said Judge Mark Mihok……….

The former Jay Metals building is on the list of 12 properties that Mayor Anthony Krasienko wants demolished as soon as possible.

TW- NOTE: Apparently Mr. George Schneider also does business under G and S PROPERTY SERVICES


9/9/12 Photos Lisa Miller

Mr. Schneider has made news here a few times (here and here ) in the past for some of his residential properties. Considering his rep with those in the know and those that have seen some of his properties, I decided to randomly pull some addresses from his long list of real estate holdings, and see what I get. So, let’s get at it!

Porch, porch roof, siding, lawn, paint job on the porch. This is 206 W. 17th. Bought at the end of March 2007. Not a good start, huh?


Not much has changed- slap some paint over the falling down porch- a couple of pieces of siding at the top and a new porch roof on the rotting porch- probably because George hasn’t replaced the gutter to nowhere (except to the porch floor) the same buckling siding on the side .

Now here comes the interesting house – you see at the time in the comments section Mark was taken to task by BigRed calling him a fool and ranted – you can find the comments here – in part Big Red said about the house 511 W 18th Street– in caps as well- guess he was shouting 🙂 !


511 W. 18th St.

Garage, siding, porch roof and gutter, and porch. It’s not getting better, is it? This was taken a month after he bought it, but the ‘For Sale’ sign is still on the porch?

Here we go BIG RED- 4 years on – plenty of time you would think for George Schneider to make those changes to upgrade what the crack heads had done- and whilst we are on the subject just who is renting to these dealers of drugs – take a look here
511 West 18th Street

but it seems he couldn’t even take the For Sale sign down.He did manage to close the garage door – but then again it probably just fell in upon itself by the look of it and what is it with George and unattached gutters?

Mr. Big Red who is the fool? – well we are the taxpayers of Lorain who have put up with this nonsense for far too long!

October 2006 Lorain County Photographers Blog

735 W. 14th
I was rather impressed, if you will, with this one. Couldn’t get a good look at the siding for the bushes, but the house looks to be in pretty good shape. Except for the yard needing a little picking up, which isn’t his fault, this one passes muster.

4 Years Later TA DA! we have a winner !!! finally this little house looked very nice from the outside all pale blue siding- since there was someone on the porch enjoying a Sunday morning we forwent the taking of a photo but this house does indeed look very nice. Score one for George!

October 2008 Lorain County Photographers Blog

911 W. 22nd St. Porch is boarded up, window boarded, hole in upstairs window, railing on stairs is broken, gutter needs help, doorway looks like it took a beating and the basement window looks like it’s open/broken. George has had this one since June of 1993.

So what has changed 4 years on with 911 W 22nd Street- This is one George has owned for 19 years apparently

Not much has changed – it is still boarded up- although someone has a play set, the broken gutter has been straightened and lovely flowers are growing from the top guttering, note that improvement seems to have been negated by the loss of the porch railing and fascia and the loss of the ( albeit used to be wobbly crooked)hand rail for those very expensive looking front steps!

Now Back to October 2008 and Mark’s Lorain County Photographers Blog

Mr. Schneider owns, as of this morning, according to the Auditor’s website, 37 properties, all of which appear to be in Lorain. I have another picture that I’m 99% sure is correct, but it does not jive with the picture on the Auditor’s site, so I held it back.

So, in today’s FISI, Mr. Schneider is batting .250. In baseball, that’s not exactly great. In real estate, considering that there are neighbors all around, that’s poor. He’s not just hurting himself, he’s hurting the resale value of those homeowners around him. And it hurts the City

TW-NOTE: Under the name George Schneider alone we now have listed 169 properties— up from those 37 listed just 4 years ago. I couldn’t begin to count or who even knows under other LLC or partnerships such as Red’s mentioned here

Now Big Red in the comments section finally ended his diatribe against Mark’s post with


I agree Big Red – how did that opinion on the 511 W 18th Street work out for you… Or maybe George just needs TIME! 😉

To be continued……………………

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Lorain’s First Nuisance House Coming Down- Monday

Nuisance Demolition – 476 6th Street, Lorain

LORAIN, Ohio (September 8, 2012) – The City of Lorain, Ohio will officially tear down the first blighted property as a result of the revamped Nuisance Task Force program. The City of Lorain – under Mayor Chase Ritenauer – developed a task force, banding together its municipal court, prosecutor’s office, legal department, building department, health department, fire department, and community development department to aggressively tackle a long-standing problem.

The task force legally allows the city to issue search warrants on properties that are deemed a hazard, when the homeowner can’t be located. Owners of blighted properties are referred to a Housing Board of Appeals hearing. Once properties are declared a public nuisance by the board the property owners are afforded five days to contact the City of Lorain in order to abate the nuisance. Failure to contact the City of Lorain within the appropriate time-frame will result in demolition of the property.

476 6th Street was declared a public nuisance by the Housing Board of Appeals on August 22, 2012.

What: Nuisance Demolition

When: Monday, September 10, 2012

Where: 476 6th Street

Lorain, Ohio

Time: 11:00 a.m.

For more information, please contact:

Rey Carrion, Director

Community Development

City of Lorain

(440) 204-2020 Office

(440) 670-4981 Mobile

Please click on link below to see story on Channel 5

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Who holds the key?- George Schneider, David Carter, Gustav Krause ???


Multi Property Owners – Lorain and “elsewhere ” as well

George Schneider , property mogul extraordinaire according to the Lorain County Auditors site owns 169 ( under his name) properties most of which seem to be in Lorain , although his fame as a property owner caused front page recently in Elyria as well.

An article in the Chronicle Telegram shows the knock-on “effect” of his ownership in that community.

Photo Source Chronicle Telegram

Dilapidated house disgusts, frustrates neighbors by Lisa Roberson August 26th, 2012

ELYRIA — The list of people who want to see a wrecking ball slam into 352 S. Maple St. is long…….

……..City officials often use the house as an example of how difficult it is to bring down any home — and the city has dozens in similar states.

“It’s just one of many houses that need to come down in the city,” Law Director Scott Serazin said. “But this one — there is no way to put anyone in there or to sell it.”

Fitzpatrick’s frustration shows on his face as he starts to talk about the neighboring home that — although being condemned by the city on May 12 — is not slated for demolition as the owner, George Schneider, fights the city to reverse the condemnation order.
Schneider, public records say, wants the city to give him more time to make repairs.

Schneider’s first step in making the request came in the form of an appeal to the Board of Building Standards within weeks of city officials tacking a condemnation notice on the front door.

In a response filed by Schneider’s attorney Brent English that aimed to address the 44 violations the city Building Department put forth as proof the building needed to be condemned, English said Schneider “would not to just sit by and let his house go.”
“We are determined to ensure this will not happen,” he wrote in the seven-page letter to city officials, which was dated June 27.

Now Mr. Schneider is not alone in owning this property according to the Lorain County Auditor’s site (Emphasis mine )-

Tax Bill Mailed to: SCHNEIDER GEORGE
1214 W 26TH STREET LORAIN, OH 44052

(ED NOTE remember George”s ownership mailing address )

So who is Red’s All American Recycling Company Ltd. another quick search of the auditor’s site brings up apparently George and Reds own another 5 properties together apart from the aforementioned Maple St. Property

Red’s All American Recycling Company also has another 30 properties listed on the Auditors site. Red’s All American Recycling Company and George Schneider seem to have a lot in common; for one thing a quick glance at the transfers shows ( and I have exampled “just” three) there may be more some buying and selling for example or can one dare say “RECYCLING” going on?

1. 1435 W. 17th Street Lorain George purchased the property- from a bank in 2008 for $7,920 only to sell it on to RED’S in 2011
for $7,920-Tax Bill Red’s 3883 Dayton Ave Lorain

2. 1180 8th Street George 2009 purchased from the government for $12,000 and in 2012 sold it to Red’s for $12,000 Tax Bill sent to 3883 Dayton Ave

3.616 E 33rd George purchased from another bank in 2008 for $17,000 and in 2009 sold it to Red’s for $17,000 however the Tax Bill on this one goes to Red’s but at George’s address

1214 W 26TH ST LORAIN, OH 44052
Tax Bill Mailed to:
1214 W 26TH ST LORAIN, OH 44052

Now let us look at 1688 E 33rd another George/ Red’s relationship – purchased from a bank by George in 2008 for $6,900 and sold to Red’s in 2009 for $6,900 -the tax bill goes to David Carter of 3883 Dayton Ave.
1214 West 26th Street

The relationship is seemingly strengthened by

Parcel number 0624006000060
Skyline Drive – ELYRIA
1214 WEST 26TH ST LORAIN, OH 44052 **** there is that address againTax Bill Mailed to: REDS ALL AMERICAN RECYCLING CO LTD

RED’S ALL AMERICAN RECYCLING CO., LTD. was formed on 2005-03-28 in Ohio by David W. Carter
3883 Dayton Ave., Lorain Ohio 44052

**** Digging a little bit deeper we find Lorain City Council approving re zoning for Parcel nos. 0300057-110-039/040/041 June 18th 2012- it seems Mr. Red’s All American Recycling aka David Carter wants to build something automotive. There was some discussion when it came about previously- council and administration had concerns BUT LO and Behold a lovely lawyers letter set them straight- Yes it was Atty. Brent English ( name familiar – yup that is right the same attorney that wrote the 7 page letter to the City of Elyria on behalf of his client George Schneider.
June 18th -2012 pages 83 and 84Mr. Gates supported by Mr. Howard OK’d the rezoning with all council people voting AYE- except Mr. Given who was absent.

Now David W Carter in that name also owns 12 parcels of vacant land according to the Lorain County Auditors site one being

Parcel Number:0300055117003
Owner Name Address:CARTER DAVID W
P O BOX 395 LORAIN, OH 440520395

So if I am reading this correctly the owner of this parcel is David W Carter once again but his tax bill is mailed to FGSK properties???? P>O> BOX 395

Now, it seems to me , we have another player- Because a quick search of FGSK Properties mentioned in the above parcel listing ownership by David W Carter brings up 17 more properties and the company information is as follows:

Universal ID OH-1558677
Registration Number1558677
Type Domestic Limited Liabilit
Status Active
Formation Date 2005-07-25
Address 1621 East 36th Street, Lorain Ohio 44055

which comes up as belonging to Anna Krause who owns 6 parcels ( vacant land included)

1621 E. 36th Street-

Gustav Krause looks to own 12 parcels and the tax bills are sent to a PO Box number 395 as well- along with property owners of David W Carter/ Red’s All American Recycling fame.

It seems to me looking at the information they must share the key to PO Box 395 if the Auditor’s site information is correct.

What started out as a simple post about our very own George Schneider has led to RED’s All American Recycling Company, to David W Carter- to their recycling? relationship and then to Gustav and Anna Krause and a post office box that ultimately holds the key!

All information is public record and available on the Lorain County Auditor’s Site and City of Lorain Council Agendas/ Minutes

Part two of George and ” we write “English: letters will follow-

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