George Schneider- the legal arguments-give it some ” english”

September 17, 2012 at 12:45 pm 7 comments

To give something the “english” (“to change the path of something.”)

We have recently been exploring one conglomerate landlord – George Schneider

( so far- more to come ) as an example of what is happening in this city as to who determines the “health of our neighborhoods”.

So far we have found that foreclosures, dumping by banks, sheriff’s sales, auditors auctions and various partnerships are part of the business of “property” buying cheap ( very cheap is the order of the day) and “recycling”.

We have learned the courts ( see above link) don’t seem to have teeth or even put them in when it comes to property code maintenance! And we have learned that with at least two of the “featured players” in this start of the series they have the same attorney of record.

Brent L. English
Law Offices Brent L English
M.X Ferguson Place
1550 W 3rd Cleveland Ohio 44113

Mr. English recently caught my attention from an article in the Chronicle Telegram.

It seems the neighbors, the City of Elyria etc. all find this house 352 S. Maple – Elyria a nuisance, eyesore and want something done. However Mr. George Schneider wants more time so his attorney

“Mr. English wrote a 7 page letter addressing the 44 violations found- ( emphasis mine)
In a response filed by Schneider’s attorney Brent English that aimed to address the 44 violations the city Building Department put forth as proof the building needed to be condemned, English said Schneider “would not to just sit by and let his house go.”

TW NOTE:HMMMMMM if you ask me( from this lay person’s perspective ) from the state of some of Mr. George’s properties “letting his properties go” is par for his course” 😉

“We are determined to ensure this will not happen,” he wrote in the seven-page letter to city officials, which was dated June 27.

English said in the letter that many of the things the city has done to move the condemnation forward were not the result of bona fide complaints from someone like Fitzpatrick or Brown. Rather, they were “a contrivance of the Building Department.”
English said a reasonable time of six months should be given to bring the property into compliance.

Serazin said those same sentiments were reiterated by English and Schneider on July 19 when a hearing was held in front of the Board of Building Standards in regards to the appeal.

That hearing resulted in the board upholding the city’s condemnation order, although Serazin said he expects Schneider to appeal the ruling.

Oh we have mentioned Mr. English before – he of the rezoning letter for Red’s All American Recycling Company. who also, as we discovered has properties in partnership with Mr. Schneider including the house on Maple Street. He did make the foreboding statement to Lorain City Council that Red’s might look elsewhere if denied his zoning-

“If the change [zoning} is not approved, then regrettably he will find other property outside the City of Lorain to carrying on this business. I trust that the Lorain City Council will not force that result

TW NOTE: HMMMMMM I wonder would that be such a bad thing? I hear Avon and Amherst are looking for businesses- wonder what their reaction would be?

We also have Mr. Brent English making the papers again with the now deceased Bill Desvari- remember him Lorain’s notorious Chief Building Inspector under Mayor Foltin. Desvari of the suspect on-line “degree” – the hiring of RSO’s not to mention bribery charges and taking that social security money after his relative died for all those years. Seems Mr English also represented Desvari by Brad Dicken

ELYRIA — The most recent criminal charges against Bill Desvari, Lorain’s former chief building official, center on his dealings with a Cleveland attorney and Lorain businessman Jon Veard, Desvari’s attorney said Friday.

Brent English said he believes prosecutors are trying to tie bribery charges to his client through a $5,000 loan Veard made to Desvari in 2005. In return for the loan, English said prosecutors suspect that Desvari allowed Veard to remove a fire escape from the Antlers Apartments on Washington Avenue.
The missing fire escape would later trap six people on the roof when the building caught fire in December 2007. Firefighters managed to get the residents off the roof, but the missing fire escape touched off an investigation into why the fire escape wasn’t there.

AND Mr. English has sure been looking out for his client George , as any good attorney should , even as far as going to the Ohio Supreme Court- yes no dollar left unturned:

The Tale of a Twist – 822 Broadway Joshe’s Place .

In 2005 Mr. Perez rented building from the owner Mr.Thomas Patrick with the intention of opening up a Bar and Grille. Perez and his father spent 10 months refurbishing the place, adding the necessary equipment for a restaurant etc. and opened his Bar and Grille – Joshe’s Place in 2006

Mr. Patrick lost the building to a tax foreclosure auction in September 2007. He testified that, in 2006, he told Mr. Perez that he had a tax problem but had avoided foreclosure by entering into a payment plan with the City. Later, when he fell behind on those payments, he did not tell Mr. Perez. Although Mr. Patrick knew the building was scheduled to be sold at a sheriff’s sale in early September 2007, he again failed to tell Mr. Perez. Mr. Schneider bought the building at the sheriff’s sale on September 5, 2007.

Mr. Schneider changed the locks and Mr. Perez was left out in the cold so to speak- However he did take Mr. Schneider to court and Mr. Schneider was told to pay Mr. Perez $9,333.00 for the disputed equipment belonging to Mr. Perez.

AH! George and his appealing attorney Brent English then took the case to the Ohio Supreme Court –

TW NOTE:REALLY one would think the cost of doing that would outweigh the judgement…
but he did and his reasoning???? Note the sentences in bold!

The first contested item is the handmade wooden bar and backbar,

which Mr. Perez described as being over 30 feet long. He testified that each section of the bar is merely screwed into the floor and removal would not cause damage to the flooring. Mr. Schneider testified that removal of the bar would cause damage because each section of the bar is “spiked” into the floor. He also testified that the back bar could not be removed without damaging the wall. The trial court disagreed.

No 2- The hood –
The second contested item is the hood section of the ventilation system over the stove. Mr. Schneider testified that removal of the hood would require removal of bolts that would cause damage to both the wall and the ceiling

The awning

The seventh contested item is the large awning that says “Joshe’s Place,” located over the front door. Mr. Perez testified that the awning is twenty-four feet by six feet and is screwed into the outside wall above the entrance. He also testified that the lettering is in the form of a sticker that can be easily replaced. Both Mr. Perez and Mr. Patrick testified that removal of the awning would require removal of the concrete screws holding it in place. Mr.

Schneider testified that would cause damage to the face of the building

Now the testimony goes on and on and in each case Mr. Schneider pleads damage to his building for the removal of such items.

REALLY GEORGE!!! I guess since the awning is still there your building was undamaged eh? And now let us look- 5 years later and we have :

Plywood Window??? ( I suppose we are lucky – it is somewhat secured ) – you think they could at least paint it black as well to match to go with the black spray painted door etc. You think it is for “security??” after all there seems to be a lot of gravelly rocks and broken glass to hand inside the unbroken window. How did that damage happen I wonder? .

Now it seems that the Ohio Supreme Court did side with George on the air-conditioning unit – but hey! George why did you bother??? after all you have “natural air-conditioning” and I hear the birds are loving it!

Attorney English seemingly enjoys appealing such as his own contempt of court case

Throughout the course of the proceedings involving the Jury Trial of the City of Brooklyn v. Matthew T. Frank (Case No. 07 TRC 1304), the Court has been forced to repeatedly discourage Attorney Brent English from engaging in pointing, shouting, jumping,
stomping his feet and otherwise disrespectful conduct.

” THE COURT: I didn’t say that and I’ve warned you before
about disrespecting this Court. I’m not warning you anymore. I
didn’t say those things. This is recorded. I’ve had it with your
disrespect. I’ve had it with your misrepresentations and your flat
out lies to this Court. I will not take it any more. I am finding you
in contempt of Court and I’m fining you $250.00 for the way you
addressed this Court, the way you mischaracterize everything I’ve
said and done and the way you behave. That childish, boorish
behavior will not be tolerated. You are in direct contempt of court
and I’m fining you $250.00.”

PDF file of Judgement here

Mr. Brent English of 3360-Ingleside Road, Shaker Heights, Ohio 44122

a quick search of the public records shows Mr. Brent L English he has had his own property troubles of late because in June he had his own foreclosure announced in the Daily Legal News


(Cause No. 726727)

The State of Ohio, Cuyahoga County, ss. Pursuant to the command of and order of sale issued from the Court of Common Pleas of said county, and to me directed, in the action of

Dollar Bank Federal Savings Bank, plaintiff vs. Brent English, et al., defendants,

The Sheriff of Cuyahoga County shall offer for sale at public auction, in the Justice Center, in the City of Cleveland, County of Cuyahoga and State of Ohio, on

Monday, the 11th day of June</

but I am glad to say he didn’t lose his house in foreclosure Cuyahoga County Court records CV-10-726727

Yes! Brent English, according to the Cuyahoga County Recorders Office on August 2nd 2012 managed to pay off his mortgage to Dollar Bank

WHEW!!!! squeaked by on that one Brent – because you never know who is looking to buy these foreclosed properties … 😉

and as for those back taxes building up since 2008 as listed on the Cuyahoga County Auditors site in the amount of TAX BALANCE SUMMARY: 19,927.54

I am sure he will be taking care of those too – if he hasn’t already.

So for those folks who evaluated Attorney English and the complaints and the fact “he doesn’t return phone calls” – well he is busy being “appealing” 🙄


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George Schneider (Appeal)ing Properties- or where’s the judgement? If you want to fix and cover up something – then you “own it”- John Sinclair and Anglemoss

7 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Brian  |  September 18, 2012 at 11:24 am

    Oh Loraine, you troublemaker.

    Can’t you see that the city has sent out possibly thousands of citations and as a whole, I would believe that most of the citations, more than half, have been addressed, corrected, or are in the process of being corrected.

    The city can now claim that it, not the actual property owners were the cause of the repairs that were made and that the residents of our city should be thrilled that the city caused all of these properties to get fixed even though it wasn’t their money that was used to fix them.

    Now as far as what you bring up about some of these “other properties”, I am sure that the city is going to comment that they are working on it. That probably means one of two things. The city is saying that they are going to write a new “happy law” that is going to magically make things better or “quit bugging us lady, you should be happy with what we have done”.

  • 2. aka/mozart  |  September 18, 2012 at 11:42 am

    maybe she’ll get a lettter from a certain atty…telling her to shut down or else. 🙂

  • 3. Loraine Ritchey  |  September 18, 2012 at 11:50 am

    Oh Denise 🙄 – I was very careful to use everything that was already published and public record 🙂 I just archived! 😉

    Brian I am sure some would like a happy law to make me go away but it is time for the back story to be archived….. as for the inspections I am pleased maybe my husband will stop Suduko and paint the garage now!!! …..

  • 4. Lisa  |  September 19, 2012 at 9:57 pm

    I always wondered what happened to Joshe’s Place. We went there a few times and even though it was mostly a younger crowd, they had decent food and a good vibe. What a shame that someone like George Schneider was allowed to kill another dream and let another property sit and rot. I don’t get it, George. Why? Why are you doing this to Lorain? What did Lorain do to you? What kind of twisted pleasure do you get from buying these properties and watching them go to waste?
    You know, way back in the day, the Lorain ‘powers that were’ ran a successful businessman with multiple thriving properties out of downtown simply because they could. You’d think the Lorain powers that be of today could find a way to do the same thing to all of these slumlords.

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