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October 3rd- holding one’s breath/ wishing – Christopher Ritchey

It seems I have been holding my breath forever. I miss you so much- I watch Gavin as goes through the trials and tribulations of being 3 and 1/2. Poor little mite his life is changing so fast since he was three.

First his mummy leaves and comes home with “a ” Braedyn- Oh! not so bad at first doesn’t do much but sleep- but then this bundle of love wants more and more – going from being an only child to being two is hard just as going from being two and now being an only child is so hard.

Now preschool – and this has been particularly stressful on the little chap – and then the start of soccer.

Soccer – It was so much of your life – carried you to England and around these United States- you based your BFA on soccer and the advertising of the game.

As I watch the three-year olds and up dribble , kick and go through their paces – I think of you as I sit on the side lines once more. I remember the days of you sitting in the goal picking dandelions- of the day you realized you could get a ball down the field and score.

I remember your senior year at Lorain Catholic High School – Your game was scheduled for my birthday – you asked:

What do you want for your birthday?

you had a game against Avon as I recall-

I said a goal and smiled-

The last minutes of the game- instead of a throw in you took the chance and lopped the ball over the head of the goalie. I can see Coach Thomas, as clear as anything, hands to his head in frustration and angry as you didn’t pass and took the chance – you scored and you were benched – but you looked back up into the bleachers and gave me wink and mouthed

“Happy Birthday” !

As I watch the coaching of the little ones on a Saturday mornings I remember another coach and little ones

I look at Gavin’s face , he really doesn’t have a clue as to what this is all about, his mum and dad ( who also are struggling with soccer- one a dancer -the other into “football” – trying to explain to this little chap why he is doing what and the inevitable comment –

I wish Chris was here……………….. it would be so different

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