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Gabriel Miller – a child of light- remembering the smile

gabeHis announced coming was met with joy, love and so much happiness – his diagnosis of Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome was met with resolve to fight- to take and do whatever was necessary for this child of joy to continue to smile upon the world and warm the surrounding coldness of worry . A smile of innocence to help alleviate the fear of darkness that forms in every mother’s and father’s heart when told their child is ill.

Gabriel’s smile was bestowed for a just a briefness of time , but it remains in the hearts of his mummy and daddy . They, in turn, share with us a small smile sparkling in the darkness, given to those that pass a certain spot where a tiny tree brings light for just a little …… remembering the child of light ………… Gabes Tree 122412 Photo Lisa Miller GABRIEL’S GIFT

Gabriel Miller August 17th-2009- December 31st 2009

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The Continuing Time Warner Cable (Guys)


The follow on :

So all was well Thursday until Friday night at 7:38 when the pixelating once again started to show up. Friday night the wind was blowing and a lot was happening- I thought maybe the outage may have been a general outage.
Saturday was no better so I called the number I was given incase I had problems again. Within the hour the “cable guys” arrived saw the the pixelating for themselves .

Now here is where it gets interesting – I have had internet since 1995 BUT I have had cable TV since the mid 1980″s – during that time the television set have been moved from one side of the house to the middle to other side. After much up and downing in that “horrendous basement domain”( belonging to my husband) it seems at one point older cable was spliced into newer cable. However we had then had a furnace put in and the cable was on top of the ductwork with a “splitter”.

This apparently was the spot where the trouble was happening. Without taking down the ductwork they couldn’t be sure so they ran a new inside cable to the television and so far so good it has been nearly a week and I haven’t had any issues.
So that is me sorted I hope but as one commentator wrote

what about US

. As I know there are more of you out there and quite frankly if it is not a “general outage” then each household in Lorain will have to be dealt with on an individual basis .

How do we go about that when the call centers etc. are not local.I have a few thoughts but would welcome suggestions as to how to make the technicians aware of our problems without having to send letters to the FCC and CEO of Time Warner ?

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…….”And do their mothers mortal hurt”…….

chris cuddle

Even after these many months, I continue to walk in my parallel universe:

I have found there is a parallel universe- and those that walk in my universe see the twinkling holiday lights and decoration- they are peripheral to our sight and touch – they, along with the new fallen snow- bring no joy as we continue on our journey. We walk unseen through throngs of people smiling with packages, parties and laughter- they are seen but not recognized.

We, of the parallel universe, move through the same time and space not taking up space in that universe – a presence barely felt by those of the world of colour, noise and happiness.

These days of celebration, so looked forward to for so many years, are now “to be got through”.

xmas past

I am not alone in this parallel universe, there are other mothers , even those of us with other children and therefore as – “society” reasons – to be joyful we still can not walk hand in hand with the “hope of days”…….. hope was denied us.

We are changed- there is no word to describe a mother who has lost a son or a daughter , we, as a group, are “outwith” even the English language , we are all-knowing, we know the depths, we are impatient with celebration, we try, we honestly do, to ,if not exactly join in, to not spoil the celebrations.

But I must admit there are days of dour when I understand too well- Old Scrooge
departed col

“said Scrooge indignantly, “Every idiot who goes about with ‘Merry Christmas’ on his lips, should be boiled with his own pudding, and buried with a stake of holly through his heart.

I can understand the Grinch whose heart was two sizes too small wanting to stop this season:

“Every Who
Down in Who-ville
Liked Christmas a lot…

But the Grinch,
Who lived just North of Who-ville,
Did NOT!

The Grinch hated Christmas! The whole Christmas season!
Now, please don’t ask why. No one quite knows the reason.
It could be that his head wasn’t screwed on quite right.
It could be, perhaps, that his shoes were too tight.
But I think that the most likely reason of all
May have been that his heart was two sizes too small

Heart of Thorns- artwork Chris Ritchey

Heart of Thorns- artwork Chris Ritchey

But you see I know the reason my heart is too small and for my BAH! Humbug

It is a time in our lives – and I say “our” because we are many who walk among you- not for parties and celebration but of just trying to get through these days .

We are the mothers, who watched the child of their soul perish, lose their grip on life day after day , week after week, we who could do nothing. Our sons and daughters did not die for a greater good or cause but were lost to the obscenity of cancer and disease . We hoped , we made the deals , we watched life drain as disease and the cures took away our joy, giving us no peace on earth and goodwill toward men.

We struggle every day and every night – we are of different faiths , different cultures even different languages but we know each other , WE KNOW.

As the television spews out the “holiday cheer” of shop til you drop, the canned music playing 24 hours a day, the celebrations of different religious persuasions I once again turn to the Military Channel and World at War ( WW 2) (as I know at least how that turns out ).
Ghost of ww 2
Source: Ghosts of War -Jo Teeuwisse, Amsterdam

I watched, one soldier remembering his time of hell

When I came back from war- I could no longer “communicate” with the world around me – I didn’t care about what was so important to other in my community- I had lost that innocent part of my life- situations and things that were so important to others who had remained in their lives were no longer important to me- I lost the will and ability to communicate with life around me

The narrator then talked about the millions lost and quoted from a poet who died in 1944 on the battle field – I only heard part of the quote as the words cut me to the quick-

the (ones) who died and

“do their mothers mortal hurt”

mothersof hurt


For Scrooge, the Grinch and all the myriad of “hope stories” that abound this time of year there are the happy endings- that is not the case for the “mothers of mortal hurt”.

We get through- we are not “mentally ill” we are NOT an illness to be cured by pills , remonstrated with, suck it up for the sake of society, good will, the books of religious testaments and rules – are found wanting – as is a man in a red suit and white beard.

We take our respite where and how we can – we try to get through – do not try to manage us– you of the “others” have no idea of our path – we have seen the worst a mother can see! Our world no longer holds the bountiful, brilliant colours of celebration our colours are faded. It is not wrong it just IS………….

DO NOT judge us or label us the just be glad you aren’t one of us ……………………..

Grief is not disease

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Time Warner Cable – guys they came – they saw- they ……..


So the trucks arrived – the techs arrived and it looks like at the moment (although at the moment the television is telling me it is downloading software and at 10 percent done ) the pixelating and issues are a thing of my past.

This is what they did

They changed the drop line from an RG 59 to an RG 6 cable –
they changed out two F connectors- and changed the “box” from a “digital box” to the new High Defintion box

I will say they were very nice and polite and never made mention as to the dust and state of the basement ( where they amplifier they put in last time resides) – I am NOT responsible for the state of the basement that is “Sir’s” domain- I will hold my hand up as to the dust though!

They also suggested people call with their problems errrrrrrrrr yeah I think from the comments on the Chronicle article of today and the comments from the blog post- people have been doing that– But hey call again folks maybe this time around they might hear you 🙂 and you might check and see if you have a digital box or a high-definition box 😉 just sayin’

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Time Warner Cable- The Twaddle /Spiel – Can you hear me NOW!!!

not commin
This morning, finds the letters I wrote to Mr. Glenn Britt CEO of Time Warner Cable and to the FCC on the Chronicle Telegram Website in an article on “OUR” TIME WARNER CABLE “ISSUES” BY LINE Evan Goddenow

Reynolds on Tuesday said he was unaware of any recent widespread area problems.

“That would lead me to believe that this is kind of a couple of instances at various houses,”

Image Source

And to that I say Mr. Reynolds in the terms of this ‘Brit” Absolute Rubbish – pure and unadulterated twaddle, waffle and poppycock-”

You , Mr. Reynolds of Time Warner of the Akron??? office obviously aren’t reading or listening or having any follow through ( once again may I add) with your customers! I expect more- Mr. Reynolds- after all you are in the “communications industry!

Let me remind you this is the same spiel you gave me and others in June 2011

During the course of the two weeks ( this happened twice I finally got to speak to a supervisor who said
“this is the first I am hearing of this problem”

EXCUSE ME!!! I have been tenacious to the point of annoying I have emailed, phoned written and chatted and apparently it is not getting back to the people in the organization who are actually concerned with fixing the problem. If this is the first they are hearing of this locally it isn’t because I didn’t try!

Here are the letters:To Glenn Britt CEO Time Warner and the FCC


Time Warner Cable
Corporate Office
60 Columbus Circle
New York, New York 10023 December 17th, 2012


Dear Mr. Britt,

Re: Time Warner Cable – Lorain, Ohio and surrounding area

As you may recall, I wrote to you and your corporate offices in June of 2011. I had an issue with your poor service and the lack of follow through on the freezing/pixelating issues faced by those residents in this area who had the “digital box”. I wrote a post on my “thatwoman” blog at that time . The temporary fix whilst waiting for apparently the emergency maintenance of switches in the area, as told to me by your technicians, has apparently been unsuccessful. I would conclude 18 months of waiting is more than enough time to fix an emergency.

I have, for those 18 months put up with freezing and pixelating on most of the lower number channels, but your company is well aware of the problems so I will not regurgitate the complaints. I have enclosed my latest blog post.
You are losing customers ( see attached blog post), maybe this is of no concern but I for one am dismayed and angered that I am paying you faithfully since 1995 for a service that is only partially what I am supposed to be receiving. This is not acceptable, in my opinion; one of us is not living up to our contractual agreement – payment for services rendered.

I would hope, Time Warner Cable, will look closely at the issues in Lorain, Ohio and surrounding area and as a provider of a service , which is by no means inexpensive, address your technical problems and lack of customer service. I look forward to an early reply as to how you and Time Warner Cable are going to do to remedy this situation. I remain:

Yours sincerely

Loraine Ritchey – loyal customer and “that woman blog”

CC. Mayor C. Ritenauer- City of Lorain
P Riley- City of Lorain Law Director
J. Cordes – Lorain County Administrator
Federal Communications Commission -ENC

To The Federal Communications Commission

Attn. Complaints Cable Television Complaint

Federal Communications Commission
445 12th Street SW
Washington, DC 20554 December 17th2012

Dear Sir/ Madam,

RE: Complaints of longstanding Time Warner Cable Company- Lorain Ohio and vicinity

Please find enclosed my letter to CEO- Glenn Britt of Time Warner Cable Corporate Offices and a hard copy of my blog post on the subject. Please note there is the original post of June 2011 linked in the post enclosed with this letter.

Residents of the City of Lorain and surrounding areas have been putting up with partial (pixelating /freezing) service on their high definition boxes. We have been informed Time Warner Cable is fully aware of the problems but are ignoring the upgrades purposely. I would like to think this is not the case however, you can see by my personal experience I am still having the same difficulties with quality of service for nearly two years. I, unlike many, have decided to try and fix this issue and to hold Time Warner Cable accountable in upholding their end of our monthly agreement and contract to receive a quality service for a substantial fee.

I note on my bill ( see enclosures) the FCC also receives a monthly Regulatory Fee as part of my bill and also there is a matter of a Franchise Fee. Therefore; I would like your assistance to determine whether or not Time Warner Cable will be upgrading their service to this area, stopping the freezing and pixelating issues or stop charging for a service that is not satisfactory.

The City of Lorain and vicinity is not alone with these issues, I have searches on my blog every day from all over the United States with the same complaint. Obviously there is a huge problem that is effecting more than I and I would assume, they too, pay for the FCC Regulatory Fee on their bills. On behalf of all those frustrated and angry customers who are still with Time Warner Cable, I ask your assistance in rectifying this lack of service. I remain:

Yours sincerely
Loraine Ritchey
CC. Mayor Ritenauer- City of Lorain -J Cordes County Administrator- P Riley Law Director Lorain

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Time Warner -Pixelating/ Freezing- Glen Britt? Leaving in droves


Glenn Britt (2)

I have been patient- I really have – probably because I spend half my time in the life I have at the moment “pixelated and in another existence”
IT TAKES A LOT to get me in to the real world anymore BUT TIME WARNER YOU HAVE MANAGED!!!!

This is not the first time I have written to Mr. Glen Britt Sigh!!!! ( I WROTE TO HIM 18 MONTHS AGO on this same matter) and to think he has at least a Brit in his name ( I would have expected more)

Mr. Britt has guided the growth and increased penetration of Time Warner Cable’s residential high-speed data product and has overseen the efforts of Road Runner Business Class, the company’s commercial broadband service. He has also championed the launch and growth of Time Warner Cable Digital Phone and development of new wireless products such as Road Runner Mobile.


18 MONTHS AGO I wrote of the problems experienced with my cable box – you know the one you PAY EXTRA FOR so I can get more channels and a better picture. This is how the post ended 18 months ago

I am pleased to say they have temporarily fixed my issue ( not altogether) whilst they are doing an emergency maintenance on “switches” for the area……. fingers crossed BUT Time Warner if you are listening

You need to better chain of command communication within your company and follow through……….
you see not everyone is as tenacious as I am they would just “leave”

SO WHAT you say –

I suggest you check the Google search for Time Warner Pixelating – you will find this little old blog is ranked No 5 in the search engine page

Do you know why?

Because dozens of your customers all over the country hit this blog everyday to see what they can do for their freezing and pixelating problems!

My patience has worn thin with the temporary fix that STILL “pixelates and freezes’ And it seems from the email I received, so have others. In fact Time Warner I would say of the over hundred responses I got from your customers in this area – 90 percent of them are no longer your customers – read a sampling for yourself!


usually it was short but sometimes it would pixilate and freeze for almost two minutes at a time. I had the repair men out to the house THREE times. I was getting no satisfaction from anyone at T/W cable…
At first they made me feel like it was somehow my fault or that I was making it up. I tape recorded several programs with 3-4 examples of pixilation per half hour.
On the last of those occasions, the poor repair man – as frustrated as I was – admitted that the “higher ups” know about this problem but they aren’t doing anything about it. At that point I gave up. I told T/W to cancel my digital service

just got rid of them finally and I hope for good. I am now happily plugged in to a DSL and can live with the difference, the much lower price, and the better operation

My problem with Time Warner was that my DVR boxes wouldn’t work! I’d tape shows, the red light would be on that they are taping, but the POOF, nothing in the queue! You look at the history and it was always the same story, “set top could not save your recording”. Really? Nothing else was on there! If I was lucky, I would get one out of 10 shows to actually record. After NUMEROUS visits from technicians, and changing boxes SIX times, I finally fixed it! I fired Time Warner and now have Direct TV! For less than half of the cost and it hasn’t missed a recording yet! There are alternatives to Time Warner

Join the club. I just left them

womtearing hari out

I’m experiencing frequent problems with pixilation, even more than the freezing. The internet is also unreliable. It cuts out, then back on, out then back on. It wreaks having a wireless router. I’ll notice slowness on my laptop and then realize my internet had cut out again and my wireless on the computer had automatically dipped into my neighbor’s unsecured network. Then I have to reenter my password to get back into mine again. It’s annoying and I’m spending over $180/month for the phone, cable and internet. I’m actively pricing other options to dump TWC completely. I’m looking at CenturyTel combined with HULU+. It cannot continue.

I am so tired of receiving “dial-up” characteristics (freezing, delays, etc.)on my pc using this sub-standard internet service while paying cable-internet prices!

We wanted Time Warner to come into our building to supply cable TV for our tenants and us. Well, we spent 6 months trying to get that accomplished and never was successful. We kept getting run around. I even was so frustrated that I got ahold of corporate but was unsuccessful there too.They just referred me to the local office which was not helping us at all.
We finally gave up and went to direct TV. We didn’t want to, but Time Warner gave us no choice.
I think Time Warner has given up on Charleston Village area, seriously I really think they have. They are not upgrading anything and they are only fixing what they really have to.


We had repeated problems with the tv images breaking up-it was not on every channel-but many-like channel 4,19, 10 ,and so on. It seemed to be getting worse. I went to the office and they gave us a new box. They said it was pixaling (?). They said it was either outside or inside problems. The box really didn’t help. Some days it would be worse than others. Then this summer it began to be horrible-the images would just freeze and break up. But what never would freeze was their charges for Time Warner. And never was there an offer for credit for not getting what we were paying for. Finally we got a dish this week. Not only is the reception great the price dropped per month by almost 70 dollars. From over 100 dollars for lousy reception to about 40 dollars for better reception. We had just had it.

What really did it was Thanksgiving Day-we had company over for dinner and the football game on channel 4. We could not watch it-it just kept freezing. It was a huge disappointment. Also the call waiting times when there was a problem was long. Who has time to hold for 10 minutes on the phone. In this day of hi speed super technology this should just not happen. Thanks for writing about this. We just don’t like getting lousy service at a high cost. I feel we still should get a credit for partial service-only half the channels should cost half of the money or fix the problem.

Ok Time Warner this is just a sample of the frustration your lack of service is causing to those in Lorain Ohio and surrounding area .

As you can see you are losing customers and this little blog ( which is fairly well read) has today become a “marketing” piece for your competitors all through your own fault. LACK OF SERVICE BOTH CUSTOMER AND IN TECHNOLOGY.

For 18 months I have been paying for partial service and being frustrated and angered by you- I wonder what would happen if I tried paying my bill with only a “partial payment” – Well we know – YOU WOULD NOT ACCEPT THAT – SO WHY SHOULD WE !

Let us look at my bill- ( I did order Cinderella for my grandchildren – only it froze up so much I had to wait to see it with them at their house on the “DISH”.

City  of Lorain

Is the Franchise Fee of $5.50 per month paid to the City of Lorain ? Because apparently they can do nothing to make sure you are supplying their citizens with “good” service. Is this one area where their hands are tied? Or can local government intercede with the other government agencies- is there no one who assures us we get the service for which we contract?

Seemingly , Time Warner obviously doesn’t care to oversee themselves to give their PAYING CUSTOMERS 100 PERCENT SERVICE FOR THE FEES THEY PAY. AND DOESN’T CONTRACTUAL OBLIGATION WORK BOTH WAYS- I HAVE A CONTRACT WITH YOU – don’t I? It seems to me I am living up to my end of the contract but you Time Warner are falling short on your end month after month.

Who can one turn to?

Well I am also paying a fee to the FCC-

so I will send them a copy of this post and a letter because I am told

Contact the FCC online, by mail, fax or phone, if the cable company is unable or unwilling to resolve your complaint. The FCC will contact the cable company on your behalf and require a response within 30 days

How about I file a complaint with


File a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.
This non-profit organization will help investigate your problem, and your complaint will stay on record as a warning to others considering using the cable company

and finally that fee- Franchise Fee is that anything to do with the Local Franchise Authority because I sure am going to complain to them especially if they are getting $5.50 cents a month from me!

Yes! I am going to do that – and more – I have a lot of time on my hands because I can’t watch television………….

Pixelating Glenn

All you had to do , Time Warner and Mr. Glenn Britt, is provide the service promised for which I am paying you monthly in good faith . However we have been told YOU KNOW ALL ABOUT THE PROBLEMS AND YOU DON’T GIVE A DAMN! THAT TRUE?

You haven’t proved to me that you give a damn!- YOU ARE LOSING CUSTOMERS AND CREDIBILITY THROUGH YOUR OWN LACK OF SERVICE! And remember Mr. Britt the best advertising is “word of mouth” but it can also cause the opposite effect!

You need to step up and give those loyal customers ( 1995) the service for which they are paying you or stop charging us …. I will be only too happy to post your thoughts on this blog.

I too, could leave but where is the fun in that someone has to try and hold you accountable!
timw me

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Lorain Dude(s) – Santa Brunch- Lakeview Park 2012 and more

Lorain Dudes sant12

We went to Lakeview Park this morning- had a great brunch- although Braedyn slept through it. Santa and Mrs Claus were there, there was lots to eat. We could have shown you all the fun and festivities but Nag Nog was in charge of the camera.

Note to Poo Bah- next time you have to come because Nag Nog didn’t turn the camera on before she “snapped”. In her defense you just said

“all she had to do was point and click- it was ready to go!


Luckily Mummy managed to get some shots to record the event – and Poo Bah it wasn’t nice to look at the horses and say they remind you of Nog 😦

horses  patoot
horses mouth
The horses were very patient and took us all on a sleigh ride in the park. There were crafts and pictures with Santagood job Nog wasn’t taking those ! She wouldn’t want Santa getting angry , although she said she really would like a lot of coal for her stocking

You will just have to take our word for it – well mine- because Braedyn never woke up and missed Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus and all the goodies. See you all next year and I will bring a better photographer hope Nog doesn’t decide to go into “PHOTO- journalism”.

You can still see all the decorations and lights this year.

There is still lots to do before Santa takes HIS sleigh out! You can go to Downtown Lorain ( the Waterfront District) and see all the twinkling lights – pop up shops- Mrs. Clause’s kitchen, more sleigh rides ( free coupon and listing of all things delicious.
and New Years Eve ( past my bedtime) but I heard the Lorain Palace Theatre
is having something really special!!!!

Nog managed to take one picture after mummy showed her how-

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to do something about the freezing pixelating that we are experiencing in Lorain and surrounding area – I am working on a post for Monday … so if you, here or outside of the area, are having this frustrating issue then email me – with your frustration because this one is going straight to the top….. Time to see if there is power / accountablity for US Loraine

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” The Shadow – Knows”-

shadow collage

She has come , this “Shadow” of fun , life and puppy- ness into a home that is for the most part devoid of laughter and fun although she has found plenty of love and attention. She actually demands love and attention! Although her “of her kind compatriot” -Tetley – is still not accepting her presence and has removed himself to the realm of upstairs- Spending time in front of the fireplace only coming down to eat and do “business” , Tetley is becoming “fat” – his daily exercise with Misty just a memory.

Shadow seems to understand our needs as we enter into this ” season” – can it be as she patiently lays her head on my lap that she understands the need for warmth and comfort.
The Vykas The Lombardis with Angela (Lombardi) Ritchey DO (CC)

The nightmare shadows of our remembering one of the cruelest weekends of our lives –

I watched through my own pain the pain, the desolation caused by Angela and her collective cohorts – what this did to the rest of my family. And I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt Chris would NOT have wanted this emotional torture visited upon us.

On the 14th we were told Chris had been cremated- As I got off the phone that morning my mother was coming down the stairs- she looked at me- her lovely little gentle face afraid , eyes full of tears and said

“Oh no! what has happened now has she changed her mind? They aren’t going to bury him after all are they – Loraine you can’t let that happen- why are they doing this

I said

No! Chris has been cremated

and a 91-year-old sank to her knees on my living room floor in relief , sobs wracking her little body- this same little wonderful Nana Chris had so loved – hurt in such a way – No! this is not what Chris would have wanted and Angela (Lombardi) Ritchey DO

certainly did not honour him by causing his much-loved Nana such torment.

I cannot adequately describe those 72 hours, words fail me.

How Angela could have a few days earlier received a hug from that Nana who thanked her for her decisions for cremation and sharing the ashes, allowing closure in our way too? How Angela could then dismiss that face and that love from her mind as she wrote those words ( delivered the funeral home – didn’t even have the courage of her convictions to face us)

that would just add to the pain and suffering of his Nana is beyond my comprehension?

So on the 11th Day came the beginning of the beginning as I started to take back ownership of my grief and who my son was and the consequences of what happens when a mother and family are denied closure – then closure does not happen and a wound festers and bleeds still…………………“first do no harm”- the harm has been done


There was not a shred goodwill or compassion for this family that December 11th 12th 13th – and the week that followed . The taking of “kindness and compassion” at the worst time of someones life by the “cretins of control”- The upstanding members of their parishes became our personal pariah

Yes! the anger is still there as strong as our grief– it cannot dissipate until there is closure and thanks to them they have taken what little closure we had… they are intertwined – these emotions— and the question WHY???? still rings through the air – as with the church bells heralding ” Good will ” as those same “cretins of control” bend their knees in prayer and sing of “love of fellow-man” –

And yes! a small fluffy pup , new to this life and world is wiser and understands the need for love and compassion as she tries to do her best to bring back the sounds of laughter to a home that has very little left to them .

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…AND LORAIN SAID- “NO” !!!!!…… Admiral King – Lorain Ohio


As readers interested in Lorain’s Admiral Ernest J King will recall I have covered some of the highlights of his career. Charleston Village and Black River Historical Society and the City of Lorain paid him homage in 2011.

I must admit, I had to wonder when researching this man of importance, why it had taken so very long for his birthplace to recognize him as they were even doing away with the high school named after him? I suppose, coming from a country and culture which holds history and heroes of ” cherished importance”, it was a bit of a culture shock arriving in Lorain and seeing the throwaway society of history at its finest.

Even the new builds are only built with a life expectancy of 40 to 50 years. Thank heavens that wasn’t the case when they built my old house.

We are only all too aware of government not listening to citizens – until it is too late- but government not listening to their own experts such as Admiral King and the warning of Pearl Harbor – well what can one say?
But Admiral Ernest J King did not forget his birthplace and sent the signal mast of the USS Arizona home to Lorain.

The battleship USS Arizona (BB 39) was sunk at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. The superstructure above the waterline was removed soon after the attack. Admiral Earnest H. King, Chief of Naval operations, sent the signal mast to his hometown of Lorain, Ohio. Commander Edwin C. Keyes, a close friend of Adm. King commanded that naval armory in Lorain. He had the mast modified and erected at the armory to be used for training purposes. The Navy added the yards (cross pieces). Allen Permach of Lorain Steel Fabricators, made the other modifications including the 36 ft. length added to the bottom of the Arizona’s original 26 ft. mast. The vertical shaft represents the 1177 crewmen who gave their lives on the “Day of Infamy.” The yard stands for all those who served aboard.

So what happened ? Where is the mast ? Was it used as part of the Admiral King Tribute space- this piece of United States history? This remaining part of what is probably the world’s most iconic war memorial the USS Arizona?

NO! you see LORAIN REFUSED THE OFFER – so it was stored for 10 years

The Arizona’s modified signamast mast was used until the armory was razed in 1980. It was offered to the city of Lorain, but was refused. In order to save the mast from destruction, Cdr. Keyes obtained authorization from the Navy for Brenne H. Donofrio, a naval engineer to take possession of it. Nick A. Donofrio, the father of Brenne H. Donofrio was a close friend of Adm. King and Cdr. Keyes, and had been honored by the Secretary of State and the Secretary of the Navy for having donated several important inventions to the Navy during World War II. The mast
was moved to Brenne H. Donofrio’s property where it was stored for 10 years

Then what ? Even though there are a plethora of Veterans Groups who cherish the memories and valor of their compatriots with ceremonies and memorials this” icon of a day of infamy ” – how did this special symbol of bravery leave this place called Lorain this symbol of “remembrance and reverence” – It seems others recognized its worth but not Lorain.


Robert Manzetti, a retired railroad engineer from Ohio, learned of the mast while visiting his daughter who lived near Lorain. Mr. Manzetti and Dr. Earl L. Field, a professor at Arizona College of the Bible and both residents of Glendale, Arizona formed the U.S.S. Arizona Signal Mast Committee. The Committee purchased the mast, transported it to Arizona and erected it here in Wesley Bolin Plaza. It was dedicated and donated to the State of Arizona on December 7, 1990. All funds and work on the mast came from private donations.

AHHHHHHHHHH Lorain words fail me – vision does not mean ‘HINDSIGHT”!!!
City  of Lorain
There were two Mayors in the time frame of 1980 –

January, 1972 -January 1980 -Joseph J. Zahorec
January, 1980 -January 1984 -William Parker

and in 1990 when the mast left Lorain

January, 1985-January 1996- Alex M. Olejko

And one has to wonder where was Lorain’s favourite Veteran – Jack LaVriha- what were they thinking?

LaVriha had been president of the Lorain Memorial Association for over 5o years, sponsoring annual Lorain Memorial Day parades, annual Community Memorial Services at the Lorain Palace Civic Center, memorial outdoor services at four area cemeteries and the placing of American flags on the graves of veterans. He was past president of the Lorain Veteran�s Council, serving as its secretary for 22 years. He spearheaded the placing of granite monuments at Veterans Memorial Park and area cemeteries in memory of all Lorain men and women who died in all American wars.

You can find the information of the USS Arizona’s Mast here:

Thanks to Lisa Miller – Lorain 365 for the link and initial information

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