Trash to the “treasure(y)”- “Time to Pay for your Garbage”

December 8, 2012 at 1:49 pm 7 comments

Another Update just from this morning _ although one of these sites was reported to the Health Dept three weeks ago- and those who are having a problem with 100 percent trash pick-up need to live next door to these homes of Lorain

more dumping

more garbage

trash dump



Back in the day- 2001-02 – one of the main problems that was identified in the Welcome to OZ visioning, held at the Palace theatre by the then “Mainstreet Lorain ” – now Lorain Growth Corp., was the need for 100 percent trash pickup by the City of Lorain.

” Oh! but we have 100 percent trash pick up !

you cry-

Yes! BUT only if someone acts responsibly, either the property owner or the tenant of a property, and PAYS THE BILL.

Census stats=
Houses/ dwellings = 26,126
Owner occupied = 14,973
Renter occupied = 11,153


trash lorain (2)

The garbage pictured in front of 1763 Oakdale ( that had been there for weeks according to the 2nd Ward Councilman Flores) belongs to ( according to the Lorain County Auditor’s site Jerrod M Biebrick– Also according to the Auditor’s site- Mr. Biebrick under that name owns a further 30 properties.

and since 2001 02 when the newly formed citizens group ” Lorain Litter Council” talked to the City of Lorain with the Craig Foltin Administration and in particular Safety/ Service Director Craig Miller a “plan” was devised in order to implement 100 percent trash pick up compliance.

Months of hard work, researching , gathering a committee ( including one of Lorain’s “most influential landlords” Kent Sutton, ( he was one of the naysayers I seem to remember 🙂

The citizens committee spent weeks crossing t’s and dotting i’s . The City Administration was on board ( or so we were told 😉 , City Council was on board , BFI was on board, the Utilities Dept ( through whom it was decided all billing should come) were ready to implement “true” 100 percent pick-up


What happened that it took a further 10 years? I can tell you, in my experience of the matter and in my considered opinion , landlords became vocal in their objections. You see, the rental business is one of the largest “businesses in Lorain” ( the average rent being around 600 dollars according to the stats). The landlords apparently called Foltin , who was going to be running for re-election, on the carpet and IT QUIETLY DIED A DEATH!

Now some of those landlords have an even bigger stake – the infamous ( in my humble opinion) George Schneider and Co have more than quadrupled their property portfolio in those ensuing years:

Under the name George Schneider alone we now have listed 169 properties— up from those 37 listed just 4 years ago. I couldn’t begin to count or who even knows under other LLC or partnerships such as Red’s mentioned here


You can read part one of the series on Mega Landlords of Lorain here
Do you think those conglomerate property owners will be pleased that the “garbage will now be billed to the property owner”? …… I think “some” will be squealing like a stuck pig!!!

Do you think the landlord that drives his truck to his rentals in Lorain picking up the garbage and then “dumping it” in the woods is going to be happy? I think not!

In fact if you read some of the comments calling this current administration anything from inept to communists under the Morning Journal article on Friday December 7th
Trash Bills to Change by Rick Payerchin

I think some are already squealing 🙂

For those of us that pay our garbage bill , hopefully we will no longer have the issue of renters who don’t pay theirs and whose landlords don’t pay either. Can it be we will no longer having to put up with them piling it into the outbuildings and garages till the stench in the summer drives you indoors and closed windows or having them “sneak their trash in amongst yours on collection day! Oh yes! that happens. Ironically one of our industrious neighbors took their garbage down to Kent Sutton’s apartments and used his dumpster for weeks.

paid in full


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Admiral Ernest J King- Pearl Harbor – December 7th- The warning! …AND LORAIN SAID- “NO” !!!!!…… Admiral King – Lorain Ohio

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  • 1. ladalang  |  December 8, 2012 at 1:58 pm

    I don’t want to pay the city another dime. I don’t care what it’s for I don’t trust them. And I like the quarterly bill, fits perfectly in my budget. This is just a money grab for the city pure and simple. The city could contract Allied Waste to do pick ups and charge the homeowner today. Nothing is stopping them from doing it. This is just them getting in the middle of something they don’t belong in.

  • 2. Loraine Ritchey  |  December 8, 2012 at 2:27 pm

    Joyce on this you and I will have to disagree- this was a “citizens committee in the first place” with some very good people involved with no agendas on that committee

    . Back in the long ago 🙂 the city itself used to pick up our garbage apparently it became cost prohibitive- maybe someone can remember if that was billed separately but those who remember say no it was part of our city services … . anyway they stopped but they then contracted with the private haulage firms.

    The problem is that we went from 100 percent pickup under the city ( so I am told) to 100 percent for those that pay their bills

    When the committee talked to the garbage haulers back in 2002 “THEY ” were the ones who did not want the responsibilty of “billing property owners – and setting up a data base etc. especially with the changing of hands of propeties) they were the ones that said NO! The city already has that data base in place with the water dept. Now for clarification I was not involved in any discussions this time around but I would hazard a guess that was still the case………

    We in this old neighborhood and in others where there are apparently a plethora of people who feel paying for garbage is not their responsibilty have suffered rats, vermin dumping in our alleyways, even in our own trash bags as they sit out for collection. .

    Paying the bill through the city ‘s already in place “billing” was even 10 years ago deemed the only cost effective way. I am sorry that the inconvenience of monthly is an issue but quite honestly I would put up with that inconvenience in a heart beat rather than the rats and stench we had to put up with last year due to irresponsible tenants and landlords in this area. I guess it is all relative if a neighborhood doesn’t experience the problem then it is an inconvenience but to we who have to live with the problem well I for one am pleased – yin and yang 🙂

  • 3. ladalang  |  December 8, 2012 at 2:37 pm

    But the city can have Republic pick up 100% of the trash today and bill the homeowner without doing this. This is a money grab and it’s going to end up a nightmare for the citizens.

  • 4. Loraine Ritchey  |  December 8, 2012 at 2:46 pm

    Well Republic ( BFI- Allied) did not want to do it – that was the issue- there was a lot of discussion on this point as I said this was during the committees time- they said no…….they billed to the address not the property owner…. they didn’t want to do it soooooooooo

    I will check and see if that was still the case – Maybe one of the committe members has a better memory. but that is what I remember … ( I was in on the meetings as I was the acting (unpaid) Mainstreet Lorain Director then 🙂

  • 5. geepa  |  December 11, 2012 at 12:02 am

    There is a cost to billing, and Allied Waste does not want to bill and track the paying customer and the non-payee. We will not see a reduction in our bills due to the cost savings for Allied Waste, and those that do not pay will not lose any interruption in water service if they pay the water portion of the bill. So how will the city recoup the money from those who do not pay? That was the problem once the city charged for garbage pickup. People did not pay the pickup charge on the water bill. This is not the solution to the problem. Our garbage will be picked up throughout the city, but unless it is an assessment fee on the property tax (where there are households not paying tax also) where the money is collected, it will cost the taxpayer more who is paying his garbage bill timely for those non payees.

  • 6. geepa  |  December 11, 2012 at 12:13 am

    I should have stated that I am in favor of 100% pickup. I also am in favor of putting out the garbage in a container that is NOT overflowing and not in plastic trash bags that allows animals to rip open or winds blow throughout the neighborhoods. And if Allied Waste is being paid to pick up trash, then pick up all the trash and not what happens to land inside their truck. Too many times they toss garbage all over the street and just toss the containers on the yards with garbage still inside.

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