Time Warner Cable- The Twaddle /Spiel – Can you hear me NOW!!!

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This morning, finds the letters I wrote to Mr. Glenn Britt CEO of Time Warner Cable and to the FCC on the Chronicle Telegram Website in an article on “OUR” TIME WARNER CABLE “ISSUES” BY LINE Evan Goddenow


Reynolds on Tuesday said he was unaware of any recent widespread area problems.

“That would lead me to believe that this is kind of a couple of instances at various houses,”

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And to that I say Mr. Reynolds in the terms of this ‘Brit” Absolute Rubbish – pure and unadulterated twaddle, waffle and poppycock-”

You , Mr. Reynolds of Time Warner of the Akron??? office obviously aren’t reading or listening or having any follow through ( once again may I add) with your customers! I expect more- Mr. Reynolds- after all you are in the “communications industry!

Let me remind you this is the same spiel you gave me and others in June 2011

During the course of the two weeks ( this happened twice I finally got to speak to a supervisor who said
“this is the first I am hearing of this problem”

EXCUSE ME!!! I have been tenacious to the point of annoying I have emailed, phoned written and chatted and apparently it is not getting back to the people in the organization who are actually concerned with fixing the problem. If this is the first they are hearing of this locally it isn’t because I didn’t try!

Here are the letters:To Glenn Britt CEO Time Warner and the FCC


Time Warner Cable
Corporate Office
60 Columbus Circle
New York, New York 10023 December 17th, 2012


Dear Mr. Britt,

Re: Time Warner Cable – Lorain, Ohio and surrounding area

As you may recall, I wrote to you and your corporate offices in June of 2011. I had an issue with your poor service and the lack of follow through on the freezing/pixelating issues faced by those residents in this area who had the “digital box”. I wrote a post on my “thatwoman” blog at that time https://thatwoman.wordpress.com/2011/06/12/time-warner-cable-tv-oh-it/ . The temporary fix whilst waiting for apparently the emergency maintenance of switches in the area, as told to me by your technicians, has apparently been unsuccessful. I would conclude 18 months of waiting is more than enough time to fix an emergency.

I have, for those 18 months put up with freezing and pixelating on most of the lower number channels, but your company is well aware of the problems so I will not regurgitate the complaints. I have enclosed my latest blog post.
You are losing customers ( see attached blog post), maybe this is of no concern but I for one am dismayed and angered that I am paying you faithfully since 1995 for a service that is only partially what I am supposed to be receiving. This is not acceptable, in my opinion; one of us is not living up to our contractual agreement – payment for services rendered.

I would hope, Time Warner Cable, will look closely at the issues in Lorain, Ohio and surrounding area and as a provider of a service , which is by no means inexpensive, address your technical problems and lack of customer service. I look forward to an early reply as to how you and Time Warner Cable are going to do to remedy this situation. I remain:

Yours sincerely

Loraine Ritchey – loyal customer and “that woman blog”

CC. Mayor C. Ritenauer- City of Lorain
P Riley- City of Lorain Law Director
J. Cordes – Lorain County Administrator
Federal Communications Commission -ENC

To The Federal Communications Commission

Attn. Complaints Cable Television Complaint

Federal Communications Commission
445 12th Street SW
Washington, DC 20554 December 17th2012

Dear Sir/ Madam,

RE: Complaints of longstanding Time Warner Cable Company- Lorain Ohio and vicinity

Please find enclosed my letter to CEO- Glenn Britt of Time Warner Cable Corporate Offices and a hard copy of my blog post on the subject.https://thatwoman.wordpress.com/2012/12/16/time-warner-pixelating-freezing-glen-britt-leaving-in-droves/. Please note there is the original post of June 2011 linked in the post enclosed with this letter. https://thatwoman.wordpress.com/2011/06/12/time-warner-cable-tv-oh-it/

Residents of the City of Lorain and surrounding areas have been putting up with partial (pixelating /freezing) service on their high definition boxes. We have been informed Time Warner Cable is fully aware of the problems but are ignoring the upgrades purposely. I would like to think this is not the case however, you can see by my personal experience I am still having the same difficulties with quality of service for nearly two years. I, unlike many, have decided to try and fix this issue and to hold Time Warner Cable accountable in upholding their end of our monthly agreement and contract to receive a quality service for a substantial fee.

I note on my bill ( see enclosures) the FCC also receives a monthly Regulatory Fee as part of my bill and also there is a matter of a Franchise Fee. Therefore; I would like your assistance to determine whether or not Time Warner Cable will be upgrading their service to this area, stopping the freezing and pixelating issues or stop charging for a service that is not satisfactory.

The City of Lorain and vicinity is not alone with these issues, I have searches on my blog every day from all over the United States with the same complaint. Obviously there is a huge problem that is effecting more than I and I would assume, they too, pay for the FCC Regulatory Fee on their bills. On behalf of all those frustrated and angry customers who are still with Time Warner Cable, I ask your assistance in rectifying this lack of service. I remain:

Yours sincerely
Loraine Ritchey
CC. Mayor Ritenauer- City of Lorain -J Cordes County Administrator- P Riley Law Director Lorain


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