Disconnected thoughts- COMMUNITY??? Which Community???

January 10, 2013 at 3:33 pm 2 comments


I am in disconnect mode – thoughts pop in and out but I have little inclination to follow through- Maybe it is the pre school “plague”- Yes! since Gavin started preschool we have all suffered. Since October 2nd we have sniffled sneezed and coughed with at least 4 different viruses. We, like typhoid Mary, continue to infect each other. Oh! you can wash your hands all you want but when the baby is using your neck to wipe his nose as the poor little stuffed up mite tries to get some sleep- forget the hand washing! As for that flu shot (Sigh) Please people keep your sick kids home- we old ones have enough problems with the “rusty” years.

Thought Two: Mayor Ritenauer wants the community to band together
Mayor Chase Ritenauer says community must stand against ‘unacceptable’ mayhem by Rick Payerchin: Morning Journal

My thoughts are good! about time – the community should band together – however what about that “OTHER MEMBERS of community” – you know such as the BUREAU OF COMMUNITY SANCTIONS

The Bureau includes staff members located throughout the state working with halfway house vendors, independent housing vendors, non-residential community corrections act grant programs, and community-based correctional facility grant programs. The Bureaus halfway house beds to house felony offenders and provided subsidized funding to divert offenders from prison and local jails throughout Ohio. The Bureau also oversees the transitional control program and an electronic monitoring program for offenders who violate their terms of supervision.

The Bureau of Community Sanctions, in partnership with state, local and private/non-profit agencies, develops and enhances community corrections programs utilized by local courts and the Department of Rehabilitation and Correction for sanctioning and treating offenders in the community

THE multi million dollar granting facility from the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation that helps the offenders… the same “Community” that helped the now defunct Compass House to help populate this area with more RSO’s than we knew or know what to do with (261 in Lorain- as per the data from the Sheriffs Dept.

How about those halfway houses for the adult parolees???? not that we don’t have parolees in our neighborhoods and community already Looks like there were 287 parolees in Lorain as per the Dept of Corrections website – And these are just the members of our “COMMUNITY” that can be tracked .

AND how about the lucrative Non Profit SOCIAL SERVICE AGENCIES- you know that part of our “business” COMMUNITY whose clients are part of our community

elephantin the room

I have said it before

and will say it again

THESE CLIENTS are in my neighborhood, they are walking my neighborhood streets they are sitting in my park and getting coffee and donuts from those that care. I have a right to complain because I LIVE here I spend 24 hours a day with the CLIENTS!

THEY too are being “serviced” by the number of social service agencies and their millions in funding .

You can talk about poor “old Joe” who isn’t all there but harmless as he wanders around the park where I LIVE and urinates in the fountain as he says good day to another neighbor whose claim to fame is
“burglary, GSI, Attempted rape, conspiracy AGG Robbery, weapons and unlawful dangerous ordinance”.


You have to wonder if this “Community ” was one of the reasons that Anthony Calabrese and Co thought it profitable for those “half way houses” business You know the now infamous “Alternatives Agency”

Could the money that could be garnered from such a “community” have led to more “inmates in the correctional facilities”?

One is a scheme to bankroll and plunder the Alternatives Agency, a nonprofit halfway house on East 55th Street represented by Calabrese.

The agency was in danger of losing its county funding when it hired Calabrese. According to the indictment, Calabrese had the agency pay $201,000 in phony consulting fees to his longtime friend, J. Kevin Kelley, who in turn bribed Dimora and Russo with trips, including a Las Vegas gambling junket, expensive meals and unspecified personal services.

Can it be???? Is it such a stretch? ( pun intended!)
YES! WE NEED ALL THE COMMUNITY TO COME TOGETHER not just those of us that live here !

To be continued………………


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SCAM ALERT- MICROSOFT IT IS NOT!!!!!t You be the Judge???? Welcome to Lorain Judge Mihok and George Schneider

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  • 1. Brian  |  January 13, 2013 at 3:45 pm

    I can understand why you have reservations about many of these social service agencies. To this day, no one from the government has said publicly what favors Mr. Prudoff gave that landed him in jail. All we know is that he filed false tax returns and and improperly received monies from others.

    Hardly a showing of responsibility and accountability.

  • 2. Loraine Ritchey  |  January 13, 2013 at 3:53 pm

    frustration abounds watch this space in the next couple of days 🙂 re the socaila service agencies ..etc. the poster child has arrived.and later today You be the Judge 😉

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