The Cardinal “letter”- H for Hypocrisy- pappish style

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VaticanLong time readers of this blog will remember I have a real issue with the Roman Catholic Church – so I have researched the inconsistencies with what the hierarchy preach and what they have done – for example lets talk castration and that cover-up ( under 6 Popes)-

The “MEN of God forcibly castrating young men to cure them of homosexuality and covering up the wide-spread sex abuse amongst the men of FAITH????????? and then enabling the cover-up of such disgrace even NOW!- I AM SICKENED!!!.

Now the issue of homosexuality is coming full circle considering these same pillars of the Roman Catholic church are now facing the scandal of their own homosexual behaviours- a scandal that has seen the current infallible Pope apparently having to leave office–Pope-REALLY-quit.html

A potentially explosive report has linked the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI to the discovery of a network of gay prelates in the Vatican, some of whom – the report said – were being blackmailed by outsiders.

I have written extensively about the hypocrisy of those that have power in the “organized church” and members of their flock ( locally) .

I have no issue with people having beliefs or being of a faith as long as they don’t interfere or NEGATE my beliefs. AND this is what the priest Father Divas and his parishioners did in my opinion to my family.

It is something I will not forget or forgive whilst my son’s remains are in a place I find abhorrent .

catholic hypocrisy
Angela (Lombardi) Ritchey DO- Susan Lombardi- Tim Lombardi Bishop Lennon- Father Divas

Somehow in this community of Mary, Mother of God Parish, Lorain , Father Divas, Tim and Sue Lombardi and their family Gonzales, Zaworski, Gott and the Vikas believe their right of faith superceded my own and that of my son’s .

They deemed it acceptable to gossip about the mother of a dead son at his ” viewing” .

They deemed it their right to bury a son’s remains without letting his family know.

They deemed it acceptable for write horrid letters questioning a mothers love of her son just a few weeks after his death.

They put their rubber stamp on his last earthly remains, they broke his family’s hearts, they ( his bride) went back on their agreement as to the agreement for our closure .

It is all documented

And of course the Roman Catholic Church, under the auspices of Father Daniel Divas, Bishop Lennon, as is their want “locally” ignored my letters , my questions and our pain.

I lost what respect I had for the for the Roman Catholic Church . This community of religion and the Vatican, too long, have covered up or ignored for the sake of “princes of this church”.

The aftermath of the death of my son found me sickened, incredulous and confused by the actions of supposedly “christian like” people and their “leaders of their church”. The pain caused to a family who lost their only son – the needs of this family discounted and ignored WHY? Is that christian-like behaviour or the teaching of the code unto which these Roman Catholics adhere? Painting-of-St-Peter-s-Basilica-roman-catholic-church-29888275-781-550

We take care of our own- thinking – well I guess it probably is – although my experience with the “power and flock of the local church” Mary Mother of God parish and Calvary Cemetery is of only importance to me and mine. However, it is, in my opinion, the high-minded disgraceful behaviour and the who is who – the decisions, ignoring the wrongs and posturing that is causing the institution and business of the Roman Catholic Church its current PR and participation problems.

Cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church will being electing a new pope on 12 March. The new pontiff will have a host of issues to deal with, among them the decline in active worship right on his doorstep – in Europe’s Catholic countries……
In 1966, 80% of the French declared themselves Catholic. By last year, 35% of the overall population and 63% of 18-24-year-olds said they were “of no religion”.

In my opinion, Father Divas, and Bishop Lennon enabled such hurt to be done to us and enabled the compounding of a mother and fathers grief.

They enabled disgrace, they enabled dishonesty of the cruelest kind.

I wonder if any Hail Mary’s were given to Angela Lombardi Ritchey DO for her acts- the breaking of ones word ( in front of witnesses) the hurt caused by burying a son without his family in a cemetery not of his faith in a “family plot” that was not of his family and the tackiness that followed. How many Hail Mary’s does that get – I am assuming none because Father Divas of the confessional would have had to admit his part in this cruelty.


I wrote to the Vatican and to Cardinal Foley – who has since passed away- December 2011- he did respond to a grieving mother and that is the only comfort and succour received by the Roman Catholic ) CHRISTIAN Church this family received.

Why am I not surprised then at the whitewashing of the “sins” as the hierarchy and flock of the Roman Catholic Church deem them to be? The church is awash with disgraceful acts and cover-ups subjecting them to blackmail and perversion of justice.

fred lombardi
Ironically the new spokesman for the latest round of problems and scandals has the name of Lombardi
oh dear hopefully he is more honorable that the ones with which I have had to deal.

Oh! I am just a little tiny piece of the equation, insignificant among all the other “ignor stances” of the Vatican, the Popes – the cardinals, the archbishops, those who are the hierarchy of this church of shame and their underlings.

And still the community of Roman Catholics flock to their church, tears in their eyes – I know those tears – Why do these members of a world-wide congregation still follow these “icons” of the church for leadership?

These are men – with weaknesses and desires ( some so obscene by anyones standards- who go unscathed – protected into pulpits all over the world ) Is your kindly priest who forgives you your sins – one who blesses you after his own night of drunken debauchery, or crushing the innocence of a child brought to the church to be saved?

They sicken me with their hypocrisy just as I am sickened by those that pray on their knees and profess to be pillars of a community locally who follow the same hypocritical behaviour .
cardinal Obrien

Do the people believe these men have the ear to a God , they who have the power to save them to admit them have a key to enable them into some sort of eternal life ? Did these same men who wear the robes of archbishops who for years have trodden the paths of sinners have the power to forgive their congregations their wrongs. Yes! it is hypocrisy! On that an archbishop and I totally agree!

In a sermon in Glasgow, Archbishop Philip Tartaglia, now the de facto leader of Scotland’s 760,000 Catholics, said it was obvious why O’Brien’s resignation and admissions of sexual misconduct left the church open to the “most stinging charge” of hypocrisy.

Ironically Cardinal Foley passed away from blood cancer two years to the month after my son- I hope his family has a peace denied to us by the members of his religion.


vatican 001

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