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marshalled 2

Further Updates: The Chronicle article of today:

Oh Oh George is “filing mad”

They had a contractor there despite the fact the house was scheduled for (demolition) Thursday,” English said. “We don’t know what happened, but the house is gone. Now we’ll be amending the suit to seek damages for wrongful destruction of my client’s property.”

English estimated he would seek damages in the $50,000 range for the value of the house.

“It appears they fast-tracked this to tear it down,” English said. “The same city that tore it down issued a permit to fix it,’’ English said. “Now they can just pay for it.”

The source was reliable – only I believed it was the Elyria house they were talking about as I understood the demo of the Lorain house was set for Thursday. George has too many of these homes 🙂 to keep up with. Anyway the Lorain home is “down”= the source was right- the Chronicle was right the house in Elyria still stands and I was wrong- wrong house that is – emailing at cross purposes 🙂

NOTE!!!!!I am sorry I had a ” usually ” very reliable source from Lorain County Government tell me the house in Elyria was taken down yesterday- according to Evan Goodenow the reporter from the Chronicle who went and checked the house still stands- so George is still UP one!

Remember Part Two of the series The Cowboys of Lorain- when I attended the Demolition Board of Appeals:
The Cowboys of Lorain- Part Two -The Demo Men!

Then this chap came up to the microphone,he rose with difficulty from his seat, he stumbled,limped his way across the floor , his face clouded with anxiety. He looked like he needed to be cared for and seemingly having the weight of the world on his shoulders – I actually felt sorry for this poor old geezer– er that is until I found out it was the infamous George Schneider – he of numerous blog posts and owner of hundreds of properties in this community.

I don’t know who I was more annoyed with – myself- for almost being taken in by his demeanor or the fact Georgie Porgy was asking for yet another of his properties to be given a 2nd chance. The appeals board denied his appeal but I bet you anything you like George’s attorney – Brett English will be back on the case “appealing” to a higher court.( Watch this space)


A Lorain landlord is seeking a restraining order against the city and the Lorain County land bank to stop demolition of a “dangerous property” house.

George H. Schneider filed the lawsuit Monday in Lorain County Common Pleas Court against Lorain, Chief Building Official Richard Klinar and the Lorain County Land Reutilization Corp.

500 25th
The house at 500 W. 25th St. is scheduled for demolition Thursday, according to a list supplied last week by the Lorain County land bank, which operates with staff of the Lorain County Port Authority, also named as a defendant in the lawsuit.

TA DA!!! and the attorney is … you got it right behind the eight ball- Brett English!!Of course Georgy has had dealings with the Lorain municipal Court before remember this one????


– 1965 E 28th Street
Complainant – City of Lorain
Defendant – George H Schneider – Attorney Brent English

That 180 days – and $1000 dollar fine was SUSPENDED and Mr. George Schneider on June 25th 2009 had to pay $614.00 initialed by MM

So why one wonders wasn’t the original judgement carried out?

Did things change, what”justifyable reasons” were given to the court to allow this lovely view to continue in one of our entranceway to Lorain


Was an eyesore demolished ? I couldn’t see any evidence of things looking better in the past 4 years ?
Was asbestos found? What happened -was it abated and did work stop? ? Or is it blowing in the wind along with the corrugated siding?Judge-Mihok

Does the good judge ever drive past 1965 E 28th Street and wonder if the Building Dept and the City of Lorain will come before his court again with 1965 E 28th Street ?

Do I have a crystal ball- that I can see the future of what would happen in two months – No it is looking at the past that tips you off- AND IF THE PAST IS ANYTHING TO GO BY – George will in all probability ( based on his past behaviour) – play this out in the courts will get his building permit – you know the one that will allow him to fix the foundation- ask for a couple of extensions- then pull another one on this property deemed unsafe because he can

cuffed n stuffed

If the permit is good for a specified period of time and I have been unable (for various reasons) to accomplish any of the proposed work on the property can I pull another permit after the aforesaid permit expires – how many times am I able to do this- Is there any documentation given to the city the property owner has the funds to complete the project?


The permit is valid for one year. However, you must start the work within 6 months of being issued the permit. An individual with a valid permit can request for an extension for up to 6 months. If after this extension, the individual must apply for a brand new permit. The Building Department does not require proof of funds for repair in order to receive a permit.

How many times can a property owner apply for the permit can he/she just keep applying for a new permit into infinity or is there a limit to the number of times a permit can be pulled for the same property and job of work?


I have attached “Permit Approval code section” for your review on permits. According to section 105.4, two extensions can be granted. After those extensions, the code does not restrict anyone from filing a brand new application for a permit.


Yes! Georgy knows the game he plays it time and time again- what is a few bucks fine and attorneys fees when the cost could be so much greater -he knows the process- it has worked for him before and he is using the same MO in Elyria
Dilapidated house disgusts, frustrates neighbors by Lisa Roberson
( owners)


It seems the neighbors, the City of Elyria etc. all find this house 352 S. Maple – Elyria a nuisance, eyesore and want something done. However Mr. George Schneider wants more time so his attorney

“Mr. English wrote a 7 page letter addressing the 44 violations found- ( emphasis mine)
In a response filed by Schneider’s attorney Brent English that aimed to address the 44 violations the city Building Department put forth as proof the building needed to be condemned, English said Schneider “would not to just sit by and let his house go

September 2012 That Woman
George Schneider- the legal arguments-give it some ” english”
1110 9ths
and George just keeps on adding to his “collection” – there are complaints this morning from neighbors about one of his latest acquisitions ($6,000) transferred in October 2012 1110- West 9th Street-

marshalled 2

at this rate we will need another employee to keep track of just George’s Building permits……….

to be continued …. what are the odds 🙂

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The Cardinal “letter”- H for Hypocrisy- pappish style custoMEr or consuMEr = ME!!!- Time Warner and Lorain IT

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