A Time with Time Warner- Lorain City Council

March 26, 2013 at 12:39 pm 8 comments


The council chambers were hardly packed with irate citizens however, those that came clearly showed their frustration with their Time Warner issues.

TWC rep
Chris Thomas – Time Warner Cable
Photo credit – LISA MILLER

You can read the Chronicle coverage here :

Bad cable service may spur competition in Lorain by Evan Goodenow


Exorbitant rates, especially for “bundled” service in which customers receive cable, Internet and phone service from the company.
Pixilated or frozen images on some television channels.
An automated customer service center that makes reaching customer representatives difficult, and different customer representatives offering different solutions to complaints.
Frequent service disruptions due to antiquated equipment such as old cable boxes.

Morning Journal coverage here:

Lorain citizens voice complaints about Time Warner at public hearing by Jessica James


Ritchey explained to Thomas her experience with Time Warner customer service which resulted in a seven-hour long phone call about Internet problems.

NOTE That Woman- I DID NOT HAVE A 7 hour phone call – even I am not that tenacious to stay on the line that long. The “fix to my problem was supposed to happen after 7 hours- that didn’t happen! 🙂

“Since July 12, 2012, I have been blocked from my IP address intermittently,” she said. “Geek Squad recommended I call Time Warner and get the IP address changed. I called Time Warner and after seven hours on the phone 😦 (NOTE: once again this wasn’t accurate) my IP address did not change.”

But there is a truth in the Chronicle article that should be highlighted:
mayor groupTWC
Photo Credit – LISA MILLER

Lorain received nearly $658,000 in annual franchise fees last year from Time Warner which earned about $21.4 billion in revenue last year. With 5 percent of customer payments going to Lorain, Ritchey said city officials should help residents unsatisfied with Time Warner. “Your citizens leave Time Warner, you lose revenue,” she said.

I asked the City of Lorain, as per the previous article


to please , since they are receiving a substantial franchise fee to appoint an ombudsman or designate someone from the administration to be our representative -a person locally to turn to- when as according to the Morning Journal article

Ritenauer said roughly 9,125 households are Time Warner customers.

Mr. Chris Thomas , Time Warner assured those of us present Time Warner would look into everyone’s complaints.

As for me I will send out the link to this post later and see if my IP is still a no no. Actually I think there is a more subversive issue with another electronic entity “ecelerity” that is the key to my issues– we will see 🙂

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custoMEr or consuMEr = ME!!!- Time Warner and Lorain IT You have Cancer ! Paula’s journey shared –

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