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Time Warner saga- another custoMEr- Ree’s Blog


That Woman NOTE:Yes my saga is still continuing I have had phone calls, emails galore and changes made and new equipment by the Time Warner techs-


the City of Lorain IT has been
SILENT!!! as to their end of the situation
HMMMMMMMMMM but as of yesterday I still can only send to the city intermittently –

I am a work in progress- AND am I am not alone 🙂

Just a “part” of Ree’s saga- please follow the link for the whole saga………

Time Warner Cable – Too Little, Too Late


Last Monday was the public meeting. Loraine knew I had issues with Time Warner Cable and asked me to come to the meeting to tell my story. I’m all about helping out a fellow blogger! So, Ron and I went. Representing Time Warner Cable was Chris Thomas, the Government Relations Director for Northeast Ohio. Chris sat there and listened to a handful of us speak about our dissatisfaction with Time Warner Cable and what we have done to try to get results on our own. Mr. Thomas gave the corporate lines, promised to look into everything and asked that we write our names, addresses and phone numbers on a sheet of paper so that he could escalate the matters.

Here is the article that was published in the Chronicle
about this public meeting and here is the article that was in the Morning Journal
(NOTE there are 36 comments on the MJ article that should be read)
if you’d like to read about what others had to say.

So, I said my peace and explained my issued and that while I fired Time Warner for their cable services, until I find a better replacement, I am still stuck with their faulty internet service. Mr. Thomas assured me he would get someone one it. I didn’t believe him, but whatever.TWC rep

Lo and behold, I had a couple of phone calls on Thursday from one supervisor wanting to make an appointment to get in and look at our internet problem! That was three days after the public meeting! One point for Mr. Thomas!

The follow through??? and how did it or will it “end????” for Ree

I’ll tell you how that went. Sunday evening I was online playing Pogo and guess what! The internet went down! Wow! Can you imagine? So, another supervisor was scheduled to call Ron today to check up on our progress. Ron let him know that the internet went down last night and Ron was having glitches today. His IP phone was kinda wonky off and on. The internet didn’t go off totally but it was wonky enough to interfere with his IP phone. So, another technician is being sent tomorrow to check up on this.

Again, WHY couldn’t ANY of this be done for the last two years that I’ve been calling on this? Is it fixed yet? No. Do I have any hopes that it will be? To be honest, no.


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