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Richard the 3rd– his remains have been found beneath the parking lot in Leicester. He did apparently have scoliosis but not the withered arm and hunchback as portrayed by so many Shaksperian actors through the centuries. Poor old – well young Richard really- ( he was only 32) he was much maligned by the most famous playwriter of all William Shakespeare- who promoted for the Tudors :).

Why was that?- was poor Richard the Plantagenet a victim of 16th century swift boating

( Since the political smear campaign conducted by the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth against John Kerry, the term “swift boating” has come into common use to refer to a harsh attack by a political opponent that is dishonest, personal and unfair.

It seems the Tudors didn’t like the popular Plantagenets and so since, in the long ago ,having deformities of the body was equated with evil deeds and beings ; poor Richard was given a withered arm and devil’s hunchback by William Shakespeare

( And all you directors and actors -will you now be changing the portrayal” of Richard the Third- or will we, because it is Shakespeare , continue to perpetuate the myth?)

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Craig Foltin when he was Mayor of the City of Lorain was accused (by me) on the old WoM Blog of revisionist ( writing) found here –

You can read more from the Wom on the subject

To me, this revisionist writing showed a character flaw. However, even the disappearance of the articles on the WoM has caused history revised by omission , as unless archived by me , the events as originally written have disappeared as though they never happened.. Ironic????

So to MY dilemma:

Angela , Sue and Tim Lombardi

Angela , Sue and Tim Lombardi

As my son lay dying and after my son’s death my loved ones experienced NOT the sympathy , love and caring when your son, brother, grandson dies but outrage , disbelief of the selfishness, callousness and imho greed perpetrated upon this family by the “in-laws” Tim and Sue Lombardi and their daughter Angela and immediate family. ) These people caused us such unspeakable pain on top of our already overwhelming grief.

I was accused, within weeks of my son’s death, when our world was in turmoil, of not knowing my son by Angela ( Lombardi) ritchey ( Angela Ritchey DO. )

So I went on a journey in search of my son

through his art work– all that was left of him to speak and speak it has!

During the course of that journey I touched upon where he may have, in the family gene pool, been given some talent. This led to posts on family members long gone.


In the months that ensued, I found a few cousins who had been searching the internet great- granddaughters, grandsons etc. coming to my blog. Families tend to drift apart through the generations; they had information I never heard and I had information about our respective shared ancestral grandfathers. It was very confusing there were a lot of John Henry’s and Jacks and Millicents etc. in the family tree.

To put faces to names, I spent a few days drawing up notes and family photos to go with each family story or event in order to clarify the who is who!.

I, of course, came to my part of the family tree- It was so hard to put my son down as deceased I found I couldn’t write the word for hours- I kept coming back to it and its finality!

Then we came to the “married” part. I truly agonized, I hesitated………….

Chris was married for just over a year( about as long as he experienced the chemo and non cure!) – and it is a day I wish NOW never happened June 7th – it is very painful in light of what transpired – as it was the day vipers came into control of our lives .

But my dilemma, if I left the space blank– as the
“tree” would go down through family members to come there would be an omission.
I would be guilty, by that omission revising an albeit insignificant historical fact( since there were no children) but I would be revising our history by ommission .

BUT as a mother, having watched and lived through the pain caused by Angela Marie Lombardi ( ritchey)DO I no more wanted her name associated in anyway in any part of our family – for perpetuity -she does not have a place in Chris’ “family” . I wish I could expunge the memory of them all!

We have a lot of scandals in our family but they for the most part show character and can bring a smile. So I pondered and pondered :

Do I become one of the guilty of “revisionist writings/history” for my own painful reasons or do I add the event that my son married and died and left a widow ?

This may not seem such a dilemma to you, as readers, but my being as honest as I can be and damn the consequences- got in the way of my need to expunge the events of my son’s death and the people who caused such pain out of my life was overshadowed by “truth”. .
So I finished my part of the notes for the family tree with the following –


Christopher David Ritchey

born – August 21st 1980 died of cancer December 3rd 2009 -no children

Note : ( although he was married for a few months we don’t consider ” her” as part of this family in any way). My particular scandal can be found here – for those family members interested in knowing more .

Chris had a BFA from the Cleveland Institute of Art and was an art director for Wyse advertising
He has a category on my blog – found here

with regard to his story and his life

As for the rest of the family scandals – they are much more interesting and a couple are the stuff of novels 🙂 and I am content that I have been as true to history as I can be

June 7th my day of infamy!

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