PC- Beware that woman- PC s in Peril

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e machine

No ! not political correctness- although??? :)I am absolutely destructive when it comes to my desk top computers. My husband won’t let me near his lap top- says I am a hazard…………..

Illustration by Christoph Niemann

Illustration by Christoph Niemann

In the past five years I have gone through 4 different computers. I started off with a Dell– actually it was my son’s – he let me at least read emails on it for a couple of years. Then when he transferred to Cleveland Institute of Art he took it with him initially and I didn’t do too much computer wise – just my column for Dancer Magazine . However Chris needed to upgrade to a Mac G4. – big bucks- thousands of dollars loaded with design software, printers of professional capacity and scanners – there went the credit card !

mac g4

and I got his old Dell.
old dell
I like the old Dell with Windows 95- but then the monitor went “phut”. A new monitor was purchased and I was upgraded to windows 98 and all was right with the world. Eventually the old Dell- died it sort of “wore out” in 2007- not so bad it had been through a lot.

The Geek Squad, at the time, downloaded what I had on the Dell to a disc and I started over with what was called an E Machine– of course that had another Windows version -XP I believe – but I managed for a couple of years when it kept doing strange things – cutting out AHH!!!! a another dreaded virus thought I – I did tend to attract them – No it was a leaky capacitor ( probably the cost of 30 cents to replace it if I was able but had it compromised the rest of the electronics?

Since I no longer trusted the E machine and the printer was “phut” as well, I purchased another desk top ( tower) (HP) the Geek Squad once again transferred everything over to and put all my files on the new machine.

I downloaded my “important” files to discs but you never know what is going to end up being important so I purchased an external hard drive that supposedly backed up my information automatically. You see files and documentation are very important to me – I like to keep my history and for the next 18 months I was quite happy with my Windows 7. I was comforted, lulled into false security thinking my files were being backed up incase something happened.

I did get a virus and quite a bad one due to opening a link sent by a friend OUCH!!! so I took the tower back in for cleaning etc. about 11 months ago and to have it checked out. It was cleaned and sliced and diced and all was well. That is until the printer went phut- again ( it was cheap) and I purchased a new HP printer.

Then horrors, after 18 months of the new computer it blew a motherboard. Well another computer was purchased and transfers of all files . Ah!!!! but this time things had changed I had to purchase more software in order to transfer over “Outlook” and the dreaded Windows 8– which I find annoying by the way… I think it is set up for touch screens .

Windows 8

Then I find out that the files, so carefully collected on the external hard drive, hadn’t for the last 10 months . Oh dear ! apparently when the computer was cleaned etc the instructions to copy to the external hardrive were negated. Who knew? Not me – the little red light was flashing that it was working. I no longer trust those little blinking lights 🙂

Luckily the old hard drive wasn’t compromised so Geek Squad were able to download everything. NOW IF ONLY I COULD FIND EVERYTHING WITH THIS DAMNED WINDOWS 8 .

A new external hardrive with “mega capacity” was purchased but I don’t trust computers (obviously) so I decided to go with ‘Carbonite” as a back up just in case.

One word of warning the initial downloading of your files can take 10 days to 2 weeks – mine was about 12 days and you have to leave your computer on.

Finally I received word my files were backed up somewhere and each new file would be automatically backed up- I can tell because a little green dot on each file tells me it has been backed up and it looks like the external hard drive is working??? Finally all was done and then the old new monitor blew- dragcomputer
The point of this post – just before my latest issues with “puters” I purchased Dragon, the software that will let me talk as the computer types. I was about to install when my latest crashes occurred.

I am hoping the Dragon software will allow me to “write” the three books I have in mind but with my “luck” I may blow a father and mother board and all their software offspring . So the next post of the Lorain Dudes – Boys of Summer will be up in a couple of days and I will be trying to “play the dragon” 😉

BUT just incase all goes PHUT and the screen doesn’t change for a while you will know why …..

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