Why Lorain- the Lilac City- the paper trail 2

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Part One

The one thing that was very important to communities ( world-wide) in decades past was the newspaper. I would imagine, for those early residents of “Black River”- then Charleston -then Lorain the importance of newspapers was it was one of the few sources of communication with the outside world. Now of course, we are in information overload with our internet scanning of websites of today with their ersatz sound bite news. cv 1807 LOGO

The newspaper back in the day , was just that, a paper full of news connecting people and communities. It was tangible, you could discuss the news of the day over breakfast or evening meal, decide how your day would be as far as business, or use it to put under carpets for padding or in drafty places to keep the house warm or light a fire, a source of bedding for animals , to clean boots and in England wrap your fish and chips. A newspaper, was indeed very important part of community. A strong newspaper helped to strengthen the community!
Lorain’s first newspaper was the Lorain Monitor and its editor, reporter, ad man, printer and distributor was a 16-year-old. This young entrepreneur went on to become one of Lorain’s finest citizens before the tragedy that wiped out 9 of Lorain’s then movers and shakers . You can read about Lawler and the Leo in the series here

Editors of newspapers held great power and sway -as some still do- it is their connection to the public , the ability to reach into the homes and minds of the general population. They have been courted by politicians, kings and queens, merchants and groups of all kinds just to get into print or in some cases “stay out of print” .
So is it any wonder when an editorial on August 22nd 1930 in the Lorain Journal called together the civic-minded groups of the day to embrace the idea of a city flower , especially when comparing Lorain to Washington DC and the cherry blossoms and by doing so was going to spread the word and market Lorain nationwide ( where have we heard that before 😉 ) a gathering of Lilacs commenced

Click on to enlarge !

Aug 22 1930 first ed

The power of print caused Lorain, as Dan Brady http://danielebrady.blogspot.com/(the researcher for these posts) observed to go Lilac -looney. But again, you have to hand it to those citizens when they got on board with something they went all the way – you see this was seen as a way for “Community Development “. Just one day later the Lorain Journal ran the story – you will see in the article familiar organizations of today.

Click on to enlarge
AUG 23 1930 Pt1AUG 23 1930 Pt2 and then just 2 days later we have , Law Williams” Lorain Industrial Commissioner stating:

“the commission expressed itself unanimously of the opinion that the adoption of a community flower will doubtless contribute to a more beautiful atmosphere to Lorain and play no small part in furthering the growth and development of the city , even so with regard to our industrial development

AUG 25 1930

Whew! a lot riding on the backs of those Lilacs…. more to come ! OH has anyone found the missing “red lantern on Reid” 😉 To be continued ……….

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Why Lorain- the Lilac City- the “paper” trail Why Lorain- the Lilac City- the paper trail 3

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  • 1. momisbroke  |  November 22, 2013 at 5:09 pm

    Oh, I am so loving this history lesson! The simple act of beautifying the city with lilacs, the healing power of the act in restoring life and abundancy in the wake of tragedy, what a simple, yet brilliant thought. The promise of a yearly yielding of natural boon and ornament must have been a sight to see!

  • 2. Renee Dore  |  November 22, 2013 at 6:31 pm

    Some of those plants are still around-I think an area just to the west side of original Lakeview Park had quite a few near the sidewalk. Those who participated in the project left quite a footprint here for everyone to enjoy years later.

  • 3. Rich  |  November 22, 2013 at 6:42 pm

    Awesome …there is one on the side of my driveway …in Sugerik’s. Deep purple. Keep trying to get another started :-). Love the smell of lilacs when on my front porch.cant wait to. Read more.

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