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Why Lorain- the Lilac City- the paper trail 5

Marks lilacs

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

The train was met and November 13, 1930 found the Lilac Big Dig commence:
plant lilacsNOv 13 1930text

And so it started – the next May 1931 -found the City of Lorain proclaimed City of Lilacs, contests were held for artwork, songs, competitions for the best lilacs , Queen of the Lilacs – both floral and in human kind, Lilac courts . In fact the Lorain Journal now ran the fact Lorain was the City of Lilacs across the front page of its paperapril 29, 1931 part 1
april 29, 1931 part 2

Eleanor Hill( 17) Lorain High School -1310 9th  Street-winner

Eleanor Hill( 17) Lorain High School -1310 9th Street-winner

Marks lilacs
It was certainly Lilac Time in Lorain-as Mayor Paul Goldthorpe so proclaimed
Lilac Proclamation
That first year Mrs. C.E Kent of 1601 9th Street and her lilacs were proclaimed the finest in LorainUnfortunately I can no longer find the address 1601 9th street or for that matter 1310 the winner of the poster gone with the way of the Lilacs one would presume.
You see , what was at first the saving of Lorain by Lilacs, pronounced international and national recognition due to Lilacs, faded like the Lilacs of July.

What started with so much anticipation slowly died a death- by 1935 no longer was the Lorain Journal proclaiming Lorain the Lilac City on its banner, the event came to be “Bi-annual” – In 1939 The Pittsburgh Press announced :mail

and indeed there were some celebrations in the year of 1939
may 19 1939 part 1

may 19 1939 part 2

Possiby the winds of war or at least Lilac apathy may have paid a part in the loss of the Lilacs- at least the festival, if held, no longer made the Lorain Journal with the vim and vigour of past festivals . At one time roses substituted for the event. Once again Lorain reinvented herself or tried to. About the same time a town LOMBARD , ILLINOIS also decided upon the Lilacs as a theme

Since 1930, Lombard has hosted an annual Lilac Festival and parade in May. “Lilac Time in Lombard,” is a 16-day festival ending in mid-May. It starts with the Lilac Queen coronation and her court. Many lilac themed events take place, including concerts, a Mothers’ Day Brunch, an arts and crafts fair, and tours of the park. The grand finale is Lombard’s Lilac Festival Parade

Lombard succeeded where Lorain failed and crowned their queen for the 83rd year in 2013

However, due to the Lilacs, parks were “planned” and a parks department commissioned, renovations of Lake View Park were announced at the first Festival of the Lilacs ….. To be continued………
Marks lilacs

NOTE: I could only find the name of the 1993 Lilac Queen
Jean E. Wilms

NOTE Update:: I received the following jpgs from a reader

Lilac Queen 1933

Lilac Queen 1933

returns as the Sesquicentennial Lilac Queen
lilac queen


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