Lilacs of Lorain and now Roses- Part 6

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Photo  Lorain 365 Blog

Photo Lorain 365 Blog

ED NOTE: I would be remiss if I didn’t give credit where credit is definitely due to the research by Dan Brady of Dan Brady’s Blog for all his work in tracking down the newspaper articles used in this series- He WAS the “paper trail”! Also to Dennis Lamont of Lorain Street Railway for many of the photos used and his wealth of information and Mark Teleha of Lorain County Photographers Blog for his beautiful photo of the Lilacs of Settlers’ Watch and now the roses as well as his research and documentation on the THE Fountain !Marks Rose

Marks lilacs

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five
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Marks Rose
We go back to the time of the 1924 Tornado according to information and photos courtesy of Dennis Lamont


The 1924 aerial shows the same area as it looked in Sept after the tornado. The photos were made by a local photographer “Somogy” flying out of Lorain Airport


Whilst the above photo does not have a date a similar photo tracked down by Dan Brady had a handwritten notation “prior to 1924” written on the back

original bathhouse and gardens

It looks like the Rose Garden and “Rotary” Wheel was wiped out
Marks Rose

.(ED NOTE: this is up in the air literally- anyone have any information of the shape etc of gardens at Lakeview prior to 1924- the photo from BRHS with the handwritten prior to 1924 may not be correct)

***** After much discussion and enhancing of photos it is the consensus of opinion, Dan, Dennis, Bryan and myself the photo with the hand written “prior to 1924” has the incorrect information .. it is possibly mid 1930’s It was not the original bathhouse pictured from the Metro Parks website


I have enhanced and cropped the aerial shot from Sept 1924 after the Tornado that is dated correctly- we cannot see any of the “rose garden wheel” in the photo and I believe some of the hardscape should have remained since it was very intricate.

cropped and enhances after tornado

The rose garden owes its being to the Lilacs it seems 🙂 Marks lilacs

And now we are back to the Lilacs- The first Lilac Festival May 21st, 1931 the Garden Club announced the plans for Lakeview with the “plan” :
cropped enh Lakeview

The following is the newspaper account for that plan
courtesy of Dan Brady:


Reading the article one realizes the “fountain ” was part of the plan and further reading of articles found it was dedicated to the Veterans of World War One – after World War Two it was dedicated to “All Veterans”
Mark Teleha of Lorain County Photographers Blog ( whose daughter, friends now appear in the Metro Parks Lakeview commercial for the park- There Is a Park for That

has award-winning photos of THE Fountain today and yesterday .

Lakeview Fountain Mark Teleha

Lakeview Fountain Mark Teleha

Mark’s blog has the full history of how and when the fountain was built and it can be found here:

old fountain

On July 15th, 1935, monies were allotted from the War Chest Fund for the construction of a lighted fountain at Lakeview Park. Work began by the Works Progress Administration (WPA) on September 16th of that same year, at a cost of $12, 450. The following February, on the 14th, found the War Chest Committee denying funding for the fountain. Superintendent of Parks George Crehore obtained permission to purchase scrap stone from the Quarries in Amherst.

at night

May31 1932The celebrations and dedications continued at Lakeview:
Rose Garden 1932


We are here that our soldier dead should be honored and it is to this end and in honor of the living that I now preset , in behalf of the city this memorial garden to you “

MAY 31 1932 Pt 1

MAY 31 1932 Pt 2
Marks lilacs

The Lilacs eventually gave way to the Rose Festival and Queen- Marks Rose

June 1 1938 Part1 roseJune 1 1938 Part2
June 2 1938
June 3 1938 Part1
June 3 1938 Part2

As we saw in Part 5 the Lilacs made somewhat of a comeback in 1939 – but time , wars and history moved on, things , people places and visions became blurred and Lorain lost her title of the City of Lilacs – but there are remnants left and

Program   back and front  Chris Ritchey

Program back and front
Chris Ritchey

In August of 2007 Settlers’ Watch was dedicated

and the garden holds some special Lilacs

lilacs lorain
Photo Lisa Miller
one of which was planted by Bryan Goldthorpe – the Manager of Lorain County Metro Parks Lakeview Park ( caretaker extraordinaire of the very fountain and gardens ( and Lilacs???) the great-grandson of Mayor Paul Goldthorpe of the Lilac City who along with Bryan’s grandfather met the Lilac Train……….
Marks lilacs

The End of the Lilacs?????? up to you – Lorain 🙂 You can see the Trains and Trees display and the Charleston Village “Lilac” Tree here

International trees

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Why Lorain- the Lilac City- the paper trail 5 December 3rd- Memorial- Chris Ritchey

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