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ED Note: As I wrote this report I realized it was truly down to the “people” who volunteer, take ownership in this community and the in kind donations which help us to continue to do what we do. There has been very little “cash” donated this year but still thanks to all the people who help this neighborhood with their expertise, talent and hardwork- it was a very successful year.

Village sketch 1891

Charleston Village Society Inc. Annual report for 2013
Submitted January 15th 2014

The in-kind donations continue to help us thrive and survive with all the projects we have taken on in this Lorain’s oldest neighborhood. For every dollar in cash we receive three times the donations with in-kind support of materials labor and equipment. We could not attempt these projects or their upkeep without the partnerships and in kind donations.

We filed our IRS form for our non-profit for the year 2013 on January 14th 2014 and once again I am pleased to report we were accepted January 14th 2014

You can find a record of our projects and events here: as well as on our website, which continues to be hosted thanks to Emerge here:
As in previous years 100% of all money collected goes toward the project for which it is designated.

The majority of our projects are on city owned property or involve the City of Lorain and it is thanks to the partnership and involvement of the City of Lorain- the Administration, Lorain City Council members, heads of various departments such as the Utilities Dept., Property Maintenance, Lorain Police Dept. and Lorain Fire Dept. and Economic and Community Development Dept. we are able to have continued success.Cemetery  county  collage

Charleston Pioneer Cemetery:
Many thanks has to go to the continued efforts of our Chairperson Diane Medina for continuing to take care of the historical and physical wellbeing of the city owned oldest Lorain cemetery on 6th Street. Without Diane’s volunteers and her passion, this oldest cemetery would be non-existent. She has been the driving force once more re planting, clean-up and preserving the history and the headstones

Settlers’ Watch:
We continued with Pride Day and many volunteers raked, mulched, planted, weeded and prepared the site for the summer. Lorain County Recycling and the Lorain County Commissioners delivered the matching bench for the area by the Children’s Garden. Since First Energy took down the rest of the power plant and the electrical towers the area has some beautiful views. I am pleased to say everyone has been very respectful of the carvings and the area. There are a great many visitors every day in the summer and fall enjoying the ambiance. With the addition of the recycled bench from Lorain County Recycling I am pleased to say everything at the SW site is NOW 100% from recycled items from mulch to hardscape!

However, we have had an issue with the Ship’s Captain. He attracts more than tourists. Unfortunately, he has become a stopping place for the seagulls and what they leave behind caused the sealant to be eaten away. He also was attacked by wood wasps and within a couple of months was being eaten from the inside out.

After much research we found a product that hopefully kills the fungus and the bacteria stabilizes and solidifies the decayed wood. Holes had to be drilled and the product poured into the Captain. The holes were then filled with corks. We are hoping that by the spring we will have a better idea if this has worked. The product has caused a reaction with the stain etc. used earlier and the Captain is now a dark mahogany. The product was very expensive but cheap at half the price if it works. We have been in contact with Bud Emerson, the artist and hopefully the Captain will be saved. Thanks has to go to Sherwin Williams who are donating the marine varnish for the spring sealing of the carvings.
The carvings, as we always knew would be the case, located on the tree lawn were carved from living trees but after 5 years the roots will rot. We have been lucky that we are now entering the 7th year. That being said this spring we will have to take the tree lawn carvings and put them on concrete and move them into designated places in Settlers Watch and through the Eric Barnes Heroes Walkway. As each carving is taken down it will be taken indoors, sanded, have any issues fixed and then sealed before being taken to its new designated position.

This will take some funding therefore we will have to start a donation campaign to cover expenses.

AK 2 without tower

The Admiral King Tribute Site

Pride Day found the Admiral walk to the flag pole decorated with marigolds and two more rose bushes were planted by Ariel Vazquez and his crew from the Lorain Utilities Dept. Lorain County recycling supplied us with a metal waste paper basket. New flags were purchased and batteries for the solar lights as well as min solar lights. The solar lights are not working as well as we would have hoped however, we do not have any electricity at the site, so they are our only option.

This is also a shame as we have had a donation from Councilman Dan Given of 6 decorative iron bollards with lighting capability which is going to add so much to the area. Our wish list- watering capability at the Admiral King Tribute Site and electricity.
The City of Lorain will be using the photo taken by Lisa Miller for the City of Lorain App

Eric Barnes Heroes Walk:
The 2nd phase of the walkway is underway. Ariel Vazquez and his crew prepared another area for the Marine Corps monument which will hopefully find its new home along the walkway this spring/summer. We have been very fortunate with the donations of plants and trees and shrubs which have also found homes along the pathway. Although some summer storms caused some damage to trees we were lucky in the fact no hardscape was destroyed.

We were able to use donated funds to add a 5 ft. military concrete statue representing the armed services to the walkway in time for Memorial Day. The Veterans Council also has donated flags for the pathway and as the flags get damaged we are able to replace them. This project is ongoing and a great deal of our funding for the project has gone on perennials and trees to landscape the walkway.

logo Chris Ritchey

logo Chris Ritchey

The Crime Watch Program
Participants, Block Captains continue to quietly look out for the neighborhood especially Veteran’s Park. We have had a number of issues with some noteworthy happenings both drugs and arson however I am pleased to say the Fire Dept. and the Lorain Police Dept. have handled the situations with professionalism and concern for this neighborhood.

Veterans Park
We are hoping to bring back the park once again. It has deteriorated sadly of late. We have met with the City of Lorain and Veterans Council in the hopes of finding a solution to the decay of Lorain’s oldest Park ( if not the county’s ) This historical green space needs , in our opinion, to be promoted not only as to its historical worth, the worth of a place of remembrance but also as place of reflection and an anchor to the business district.

Outreach and Promotions Committee:
Thanks to the members of this committee they promoted the organization at various events such as Lorain County Reads and Lorain County Preservation Exhibition and attended various meetings on behalf of CVSI.
2nd mock up cover
I am pleased to say we now have a “guided tour available within the “village” and a booklet focusing on the “history of this area.

Frank and Carolyn Sipkovsky, Renee Dore, Diane Medina and Dave Cotton have been working very diligently in promoting not only the history but the organization. Thanks also has to go to the committee for researching and decorating the “Lilac City of Lorain” Christmas tree at the International Festival of Trees this past Christmas Season

Lorain 365

Lorain 365

CHARLESTON VILLAGE SOC. End of year financial report 2013


Main Account:

Starting Balance carry-over 2012 = $9.00
Donations 2013 =$129.59
Expenses 2013 = $37..49
Ending Balance= $101.10

Cemetery Fund

Starting balance carry-over from 2012=$104.27
Donations 2013 = 0
Expenses 2013= $88.30
ENDING BALANCE 2012 = $15.97

Raffle Account for sealers

Starting balance carry -over from 2012= $219.55
Donations 2013 = 0
Expenses 2013 = $176.20 (stabilizers and sealers for Captain)
Ending Balance 2013 = $43.35

Settlers’ Watch

Starting balance 2013 = $112.74
Donations 2013= $200.00
Expenses 2013= $292.98
Ending Balance 2013= $19.76

Admiral King Tribute Site
Starting Balance 2013= 43.56
Donations 2013= $25.00
Expenses 2013- 0
Ending Balance= $68.48

Eric Barnes Heroes-Walk-
Starting Balance 2013= $2,153.19
Donations= $25.00
Expenses 2013= $1,730.20
Ending Balance 2013= 447.99

As you can see donations of cash were very sparing in 2013 BUT we fulfilled all obligations and moved in a positive direction thanks to the many “IN KIND “ Donations and also the volunteers who worked so hard giving freely of their labor and expertise. It is obvious we are going to have to have a fundraising effort of some sort to continue with the maintenance and perpetuation of those projects

Respectfully submitted January 15 2014 by Co- Chair CVSI Loraine Ritchey

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  • 1. Jim Long  |  January 15, 2014 at 6:26 pm

    A fine job for all that donated time and material to the Charleston Village Society and their projects. It is a great feeling to know you have all given and not received it means so much more!!! God bless you all!!!

  • 2. Dennis Lamont  |  January 16, 2014 at 12:57 am


  • 3. Dave  |  January 16, 2014 at 3:56 am

    Thank you for your leadership!!

  • 4. Carolyn Sipkovsky  |  January 16, 2014 at 4:02 am

    Thanks Loraine for all your excellent record keeping among all the numerous things you have accomplished for Charleston village. Your efforts are appreciated.

  • 5. Loraine Ritchey  |  January 16, 2014 at 1:03 pm

    not just me I just nag well I am just the record keeper it really is down to “people” and thank you all!!!!

  • 6. Don Killinger  |  January 17, 2014 at 6:45 pm

    As always, superior work and dedication by all involved. Great report, Loraine.

  • 7. Lisa  |  January 19, 2014 at 4:33 am

    I hear a lot of positive comments about the SW/EBHW/AKTS area while I’m out & about. Your report was an enjoyable read. Thank you for including us in your many projects. It is always a pleasure to work with you. Thanks to all who have played a part in transforming 3/4 of this city block into 3 beautiful, peaceful, connected green spaces for all to share, enjoy, and care for. -lisa

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