The Elyria Court House debacle , tax PAY ers

July 26, 2014 at 1:14 pm 2 comments

Playing catch up the best coverage of the hand bags at dawn or gavels galore between the tenant ” Lorain County Common Pleas” and the landlord Lorain County Commissioners can be found in the Elyria Chronicle and Brad Dicken by Line

Judges: Put old Lorain County Courthouse on death row

Commissioners, judges engaged in deadlock over building access

Evan Goodenow also filed a story for the Chronicle

Commissioners say plan to move Probation Department too costly
But it was the article by Lisa Roberson of the Chronicle that sent this “that woman” off on her own perspective of the taxpayer who will end up paying the “lawyers for both sides now “

Lorain County judges hire legal counsel in probation department dispute
My take found here on the judiciary jousting of 2014

On July 18th, since things had gone quite quiet I sent an email to Tim Lubbe the “spokesperson for the judges and the probation dept”
for just how much money had been spent by them on Chandra , the attorney He had seemingly done his usual PR in the media opening volley –
Chandra is very good at that media manipulation tact, been there done that and seen it before.

Not wanting to take anyone else’s perspective whether it was the judges take or the commissioners take – I decided – since it had gone quiet- to see for myself.

I made arrangements as a “taxpayer” to take the tour. Of course as luck would have it the day scheduled also happened to be the day another ” legal fisticuffs ” took off . By noon that day ( Friday the 25th of July) was the deadline and my appointment was for 11:00 am.

Photo source United Artists

Photo source United Artists

I wondered after reading all the articles of mould , asbestos , strange smells would I need hazmat gear to enter and now the added worry of being caught in the High Noon deadline as an innocent taxpayer.

County commissioners said Thursday they will defy a court order issued by Lorain County Common Pleas Judge James Burge requiring them to turn over the keys to all doors on the second floor of the old Lorain County Courthouse by noon today.

It was therefore with some trepidation I returned to the Elyria Court House, I say returned because 20 years ago I was there on jury duty. ( please note they never asked me back 😉

I sat on the bench watching the foot traffic , the day was one of those sparkling feel good weather days. If I concentrated on the building itself, ignoring the sounds of the traffic, as the church bells rang out the hour I could almost imagine what it must have been like for those who had walked this way in an earlier time. Perhaps, they too had rested under the trees on a summer day when this once beautiful edifice was the pride of a new government and not carrion to be fought over

Elyria Court House  with  cupola

Elyria Court House with cupola

To be continued


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History Demo’ed- Another Rehabbed -Pt3 The Elyria Court House debacle , tax PAY ers PT2

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