Freedom of Speech — USA – REALLY?? PT 2

August 8, 2014 at 10:56 am 1 comment

Who I Am  by  Chris Ritchey

Who I Am by Chris Ritchey


Struggling still to sort out the conflicting thoughts”.

Where do I begin? and how did I get to this place of quandary?

I don’t like Cricket , but millions do and some of my best friends and close family love the game . I know very little about the game except for the Tea Pavilion
and the fact my Aunt Rene apparently dated one of the game most famous batsman Denis Compton.

Therefore, I stay away from Cricket matches and conversations, commenting or having an opinion on Cricket. It just isn’t worth the time and effort in sharing my uneducated opinion of the game-

One: I don’t know enough about it
Two- I am not the least bit interested in finding out about it.

Cricket is not a problem for me here in Lorain. a discussion about “Cricket rarely comes up , in fact I have never had a discussion with regard to “Cricket” in Lorain

I don’t like a lot of things that many of my closest friends and family like and also follow. None of us are ever in complete agreement with our interests or following. To each his own.

I don’t like reality TV ( personally ) if I want to watch dysfunctional life, I just need to turn on the local news .

Reality TV shows cost so much less to produce $100,000 to on the high end $500,000 on the other hand a “show” about a somewhat dysfunctional family Downton Abbey of $1.7 million dollars to produce per episode or another whey hey what is next in the Yorkshire Dales of Dysfunction “Last Tango in Halifax” at $2. million per episode

However as “cheap as chips” reality shows are highly successful as it seems the demographics of young people with expendable incomes are drawn to their product and switch on regularly .
“Entertainment is a subjective thing, so where one thing is quality to one person, it’s not to another,”Manville says –
Scott Manville ( founder and president of TV Writers Vault

I am not quite at the age where I have seen it all , but I have seen a lot of it and been a part of more than most in my “circle”

artwork Chris Ritchey

artwork Chris Ritchey

One of my “hats” as long time readers are aware is the “Co Chair of Charleston Village Society “- This is a non-profit organization founded in 1989 to preserve the quality of life and historical aspect of Lorain’s oldest neighborhood.

However, when we first started out it was against the wishes of the then Community Development Dept. They didn’t want a “middle class clique” in the middle of their lucrative HUD funded “bank” . In point of fact, many obstacles were put in the way at every turn, which is WHY there is a Charleston Village Society today– I was young enough, energetic enough and passionate enough along with a few others to “fight City Hall” literally.

You don’t take on that particular fight lightly, especially when more than a few depended upon the city for their bread and butter- my husband included. Oh! there was quite the “back lash” then and since; the times when we were vocal and in opposition. Since I was the one not having a “regular job” and was available for meetings etc. I became the spokesperson, my name went out under the letter head as “secretary and co-founder” . The “village idiots” continued and a few months ago I was contacted about an event coming to our neighborhood.

And it turned out to be definitely “NOT CRICKET”
ED NOTE for the non Brits among you ‘ not cricket
phrase of cricket British informal
a thing contrary to traditional standards of fairness or rectitude.

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Freedom of Speech- USA- REALLY?????? Freedom of Speech – USA- Really??? Pt 3

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