Freedom of Speech – USA- Really??? Pt 3

August 10, 2014 at 11:09 pm 16 comments


Shane French photo courtesy of his arrest and ensuing mug shot- the background changed to add to the ambiance 😉

ED NOTE: Please note , as I predicted some of the Rover Fest material has “disappeared” from You Tube including the ” Sex Positions Game” due to “copy right infringement – you tube” choke choke choke cough cough”-

Yeah, well that is interesting however this “game” consisted of people having to come up with and demonstrate various sexual positions in 69 seconds – Oh dear another one of those not so clever double entendre… so is it the game that is copyrighted- or sex or is revisionist history and selective marketing taking place……. ? the 69 is “ninety six-ed” but then again maybe Rover Fest took out the copyright on sex games 😉

PART ONE Would I defend your right to have a differing opinion?

One man’s Cricket

Who I Am - Chris Ritchey

Who I Am – Chris Ritchey

So here I am, an aging community advocate, who has been trying to change the “image” of Lorain’s oldest neighborhood for most of my time living here. But I have also had a share of life “outside” the mistake on the lake.And before Lorainites get offended, that is what was told to me by a US customs agent when I was returning back from a trip to London one year .

What is your destination

” Lorain Ohio-”

What is your business there?

“I live there” –

and then with a smile said Oh the mistake on the lake – why?-

“I am married to an American – I thought the mistake on the lake was Cleveland ” ?

No! he said that was the first mistake.. and stamped my passport .

“Coming from London all things are relative” said I and smiled and walked away !

Ah! to see ourselves as others see us ( paraphrasing Robbie Burns)

In my other existence, having been part of the UK record industry entertainment and promos,
I had to attend various “gigs”- some groups/ bands went off into the sunset, others reinvented themselves time and time again:


Source Billboard

The Faces are an English rock band formed in 1969 by members of the Small Faces after lead singer/guitarist Steve Marriott left that group to form Humble Pie. The remaining Small Faces—Ian McLagan (keyboards), Ronnie Lane (bass), and Kenney Jones (drums and percussion)—were joined by Ronnie Wood (guitar) and Rod Stewart (lead vocals), both from the Jeff Beck Group, and the new line-up was renamed the Faces .

jock strapres
Yes, it is all passé to this aging activist. The bands that come and go through the decades trying to make the jocks shocked and vice versa are just another wannabe. .
The mosh pit ( of the BRL ) event is not the most recent of happenings

The term mosh came into use in the early 1980s American hardcore scene in Washington, D.C. Early on, the dance was frequently spelled mash in fanzines and record liner notes, but pronounced mosh, as in the 1982 song “Total Mash” by the D.C.-based hardcore band Scream. H.R. of the band Bad Brains, regarded as a band that “put moshing on the map,”

Pogoing attributed to Sid Vicious and the precursor to the 1980’s moshing and mosh pit with body surfing is decades old ( sorry to those that think they are at the forefront of cutting edge)

As 1977 came to a close, the Sex Pistols were arguably one of the most famous bands on the planet with vulgarity and obnoxiousness as well as Sid’s hardcore punk personality as the absolute key to their ever growing stature.

YES! we of the older and jaded generation had the bad boys a long time before the latest money-making bad boys were even in diapers.

The record companies picked up the cost of damage done by the drunken, high , all for a good time audiences . The cost of the trashed hotels – the smoothing over of the police ( due to the amount of pot being smoked), the sex on the rocks ( literally) the schmoozing over the press! That was part of my job – damage control.

So bearing in mind the much-lauded “event” at Black River Landing and the latest incarnation of a “bad boy “ of Cleveland –

Black River Landing

I knew what COULD happen! ( emphasis on COULD) Therefore in my “old” damage control hat and not wanting the overflow of oafishness to effect my neighborhood – a letter was written – and I gave an interview to the Chronicle Telegram as to my concerns.

Anti  Political Correctness Ad by  Chris Ritchey

Anti Political Correctness Ad by Chris Ritchey

For those concerns and the concerns of the organization (CVSI) I, personally , was held up to ridicule etc on the a “radio spot” and in the comments section – not a problem –I know how the “system works” and I didn’t care that a self-professed shock jock– although astute businessman – was using the yin and yang to add to his “show” and “debate”.

However, I was not alone in my thoughts and as things progressed it seemed anyone who had a concern , dislike or thought negatively about the “event”- aka RoverFest 2014– were taken on, insulted and ridiculed in the print media, the radio and elsewhere by, not only rabid fans of Rover, but in the very community of Lorain who were welcoming the thought of a few bucks being tossed their way by the overflow crowd and being “put on the map”!
They were IN MY OPINION ( which I am allowed to have -contrary to some) literally slathering and drooling over the fact 15,000 of the 18-34 male demographics would be “Coming on Downtown “ ( how’s that for a double entendre? ) Morning Glory not withstanding ….

poo band

Rover Fest had their very own hat tip to the past play on the of the Beatles Album – Sgt. Poopers Lonely Sharts Club Band Rover Fest 2014-
Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band (June 1967)
You can find the video – all 25 minutes of singing about defecating – by Googling the title Sgt Poopers or you can scroll down to the last you tube link in this post and see the result of what was deemed acceptable by the Lorain Port Authority!
The authority’s Board of Directors lifted the authority’s ban on “offensive, distasteful or inappropriate” music at the behest of French, according to Rick Novak, authority executive director. “The board was aware that there was going to be obscene language and, in this case, they allowed it,” and with it the rest of the days entertainment what you could see through the smoke 😉

tits 2res
For those of us who “missed” the “entertainment” (at our tax payer funded Black River Landing on July 26th) some videos can be can be found here :
Mosh Pitt and Titties ( not my title)

WARNING these videos are not for some – BUT since the majority of those in business on Broadway- The Intelligencer Waterfront Intelligencer Issue 5 Brewfest Issue
and on the Lorain Port Authority Board ( see contract here )
as well as the City of Lorain government seemingly have absolutely no problem with the type of “entertainment” and keep the dollars rolling in crowd I am sure they won’t be among the NOT for SOME genre After all why would they ? THEY HAVE SET THE COMMUNITY STANDARD!!!!

The Failed Stripper



now before the rest disappear you can find a compilation video here

a screen shot

The much looked forward to Miss Morning Glory

and the DUMP!

You can watch more of the entertainment by Googling Rover Fest 2014 ( You Tube)


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Freedom of Speech — USA – REALLY?? PT 2 Freedom of Speech – USA- Really??? Pt 4

16 Comments Add your own

  • 1. alandhopewell  |  August 11, 2014 at 3:01 pm

    Still in there with you, ducks.
    Started to write a longer post, realized I didn’t know where to begin, or where to stop.

  • 2. thatwoman  |  August 11, 2014 at 3:24 pm

    well Alan those videos can stop you dead in the tracks

    maybe wait until I finish in Part 4 because this really isn’t about the event itself but the “freedom” to have a differing opinion without being pilloried because of it and hopefully Part 4 will show that …….

  • 3. aka/mozart  |  August 11, 2014 at 3:46 pm this almost can’t have one without the other.

  • 4. Rich  |  August 11, 2014 at 8:10 pm

    EXCELLENT ARTICLE… videos speak of Sodom and Gammorah (not sure if spelled right). Thank YouLorain Port Authority. I think we need a series of strip clubs on Broadway now – just to add to theatmosphere and keep it going year round. Eventually someone will sprnd some $ on Broadway .

  • 5. aka/mozart  |  August 11, 2014 at 10:45 pm

    I have thought long and hard about the whole event…from the time I knew…which was almost day one…to the very end…and after. The Whole thing had caused me much despair…because it dealt with things on personal levels…it dealt with things on community levels….and it dealt with things on the rights of speech levels…so looking back..and thinking forward…I have run the gambit. more than likely, I will have more thoughts about that on part 4. or 5 however it comes…
    .but ………
    in my recent thinking…I reflected back to conversations about Catholic charities off Broadway. Business owners not so happy about having the charity group hanging out so close to where businesses were located. Why?

    Well, I presume it could be because it might reflect poorly on their business to be located so close as to the image that it might reflect on negatively.. Not the “clientele” (so to speak) that one would desire. Not the desired venue that sets the tone for a thriving establishment….but perhaps just the opposite…perhaps projecting an image of failure….but it’s the right thing to do in having C. Charities that help the poor afterall….they have to be located somewhere right?..why not in your back yard?….but the thing that there is so much already in our backyards, that we feel we have had enough.. and that is how I feel as a resident of 30+ years living here in the 2nd ward. We have had our fill of garbage in our back yard…sex offenders,,,slum lords….gangsta wanna be thugs.and one more piece of trash that showcases this city in a negative light is just too much more to bare.

    I was speaking to an Avon resident last week, regarding his plight..we came to the topic of rover fest..and he said there was no way he would attend such an event…but immediately stated how he did bring his family to the rib fest..and how they loved the Band that had played that evening…it was not the eye opening event of rover that put us on the a wakeup call to come to lorain..but it was the venue itself…well..i suppose I have gone on long enough at this moment….but where are the voices that support the event of rover fest….I would love them to speak ….there is still plenty of room for fellow posters….comeon…use your name..don’t be shy! SPEAK OUT..YOU HAVE THAT RIGHT!

  • 6. Loraine Ritchey  |  August 12, 2014 at 11:20 am

    Yes Denise I remember it well and the meeting that was called and the elephant in the room because “people” were too intimidated to speak their real thoughts

  • 9. thatwoman  |  August 31, 2014 at 11:55 am

    interesting the sex positions video has been pulled by Rover Fest what next……. hmm revisionist history what happens hopefully the screen shots are available 🙂

  • 10. aka/mozart  |  August 31, 2014 at 12:41 pm

    well we all saw it…I have not heard back from mr riley yet re the email I had sent to him and council…”Mr. Riley,
    I am needing to know if the city of Lorain violated its own ordinance with regards to the
    Rover fest on the black river landing this summer 2014. It is with my understanding (thru clerk of council) that the ordinance below had not been amended since the ordinance was put into place in November of 1985.

    If you are unclear of what was going on while police and officials were there, you might seek out the pictures/ video’s on Loraine Ritchie’s blog thatwoman…”free speech 3”. Certainly anyone that would approve that venue would certainly know what kind of event rover fest is..just simply by doing one’s homework/ diligence by googling past rover fests. I will look for your response. I thank you in advance as always. Denise caruloff
    *if the city does not abide by its own are we to enforce it for others. Makes no sense..perhaps this should be brought to council for discussion.”

    coy right my ass Loraine…lol!

  • 11. thatwoman  |  August 31, 2014 at 12:52 pm

    Hey Denise he might have copy righted that too – don’t moon anyone 😉 you might have to pay him

  • 12. aka/mozart  |  August 31, 2014 at 5:14 pm

    well Loraine…..I will do what I can…with some help of course. The hornets next has been disturbed…my stinger is out…I am sick of all of it….need to find out first when that video was pulled….then the rest will fall into place.

    what a moon shot that is…the sun… the moon…the rain..the lightning…the fail…and the success….what a plethora of crap…oh yeah…that too! ugh.

  • […] and the sharing of such things as a “ Twerk Fest” on local face book pages I realized this new “classy behavior” has left me, along with a few other dinosaurs, sinking into the tar pits of time . […]

  • […] ( Note two of the videos in this post were taken down by You tube – the failed stripper because it did not meet even YOU Tube’s community standards 😉 […]

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