General (ly) Gillmore- the portraits of men- Part 7

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I feel all at sea when it comes to deciphering the Gillmores, Peggy left clues and enough information to tantalize but then?????????

In part five I questioned the identity as to the man on the far right as indeed being our General Quincy Adams Gillmore-

Gillmore Family

I am still hoping to find out for sure. Looking at the man to the left – the man designated as Cornelius Reid Gillmore – Quartus’s son -the resemblance to Quartus’s brother Alanson is uncanny- my thoughts are is this just an extremely strong family resemblance between uncle (Alanson) and nephew or could this be Quartus brother ( 15 years his junior) – does this look to be the photo of a 20 year old- Cornelius Reid???? more questions than answers – hints and then nothing!

alanson gilmore old


Alanson Gillmore’s Obituary February 1895 from the original newspaper cutting from Peggy’s file Click on to enlarge
AGillmore Obitres
You can find more information and another obituary here
Alanson, however had a son Simon A Gillmore – it was his lovely little house that I first saw across from the park ( which I now know was donated by General Gilmore’s sister Sophia Gillmore Leslie to the city of Lorain) and what is now the Antlers “parking lot” when I came, as a bride myself, to Lorain. I remember thinking how pretty the house was only to see it was torn down weeks later
simon houseres In the same faded envelope another photo of a another home. Was this the home on the corner owned by the Gillmores that is now where the Antlers Hotel apartment building stands or possibly the house next to that another of the Gilmores (124)? Who are the people on this front porch, the lady in the rocking chair, the man on the steps and the rather dapper young lady at the rail? What did they do who were they? We will probably never know- there is no writing- as there is on the back of the Simon Gillmore House- stating what it is and where.
other gillmores
other gillmores1 But what we do know of Simon Gillmore, who owned that pretty house I so liked across from the park his Aunt Sophia donated to the city, was married to a Celia Frances Chapman aka Celia F Gillmore .


Simon was a ship’s captain and sailed the Great Lakes . He received his Masters certificate for steam – 1st of May 1897Simon's pilot license

And so we have Generals, ship builders, and captains all eking a living out of this village / town Black River/ Charleston/Lorain.

Much wheeling and dealing had gone on in this community – from Page 213 of Lorain County History It seems Quartus Gillmore tried his hand at land speculation and sold off swathes of it . The land speculation, due to the fact the canal and railroad would be located here, found John S Reid and Quartus selling off the land … From Page 213 of The History of Lorain County

. General Quincy Adams Gillmore, would have been around 11 or 12 when the Ohio Railroad scheme fell through. Can imagine the euphoria in the farm house ( now Lakeview Park) as the word of riches and easier times were discussed around the dinner table and the let down when it all went bust. But that didn’t stop the Gillmores they continued to add to this community and a young man named Quincy Adams Gillmore entered West Point just 8 years later at the age of 20.



To Be Continued

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General (ly)Gillmore- Recogniton Lorain? Pt 6 October 3rd- family fingerprints- Chris Ritchey

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