October 3rd- family fingerprints- Chris Ritchey

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chrisart collage

October 3rd , the day you last spent with us here at home in Lorain. You never came home again. There are still days when I wait to see you walk through the door or come into Nikki’s kitchen after being out on your four-wheeler.

There are days where I can’t believe any of this happened , there are days that even you seem unreal. And then , even though I have seen your work hundreds of times, used your art work and graphics to tell the story of you I am brought to my knees.

by Chris Ritchey

by Chris Ritchey

How can I have missed the subtle inclusion, where was my focus – I thought I knew every fold , every nuance of that piece of work- you won a Cleveland Addy award for that poster. I have looked at it so many times. I marveled at the story told with your graphics. Then just a few days ago, whilst scrolling down through the posts, on this blog my eye caught something I hadn’t seen before . I went back to the artwork and looked closely
there in the bottom right hand corner was your thumb printthumbprinrest
and in the opposite corner on the pages that you used in the work to remind of the blowing papers from that September 11th day of destruction the cover of your US passport passport
I know how strongly you felt about the attack on September 11th and your pride in being an American. I wanted so much to ask you why the “thumb print” and yet somehow I believe it was a reminder that you were here you existed and left your mark . Even though others have forgotten you or have dismissed you from their lives – you are still speaking through your work even if the voice is soft and almost silent.

Once again I am amazed by who you were and are – I love you with all of what is left of my heart ………


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