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Retribution- DYE a Tribed- The process

dye a tribed


Part One
Part Two:
Oh Horrors upon horrors

“GUILTY as charged by the tribe of Dye- there are apparently CODE VIOLATIONS on my property – since the inspections of 2013.

in the stocks
I am hanging my head in shame because on this 90-year-old house I have ONE downspout that has become disconnected…… I am so sorry Lorain for lowering the property values in Charleston village by my awful violation of the “dreaded downspout debacle”

Please get out the stocks – get the whip to whip my feet- How could I let down the ambiance of this Lorain’s oldest neighborhood ? Please accept my abject apologies

But that is NOT ALL I am guilty of – that 90 year old garage – well shame of shame -it needs painting ( as readers were aware) and was in need of repair when my son went to help his father to do so -Unfortunately cancer and grief got in the way- signature

no excuse -everyone has problems – the homeowner has to realize the responsibilities of owning a home or a building.
marshalled 2

Hands up ! I am totally guilty – bring out the bread and water and slap me silly I deserve the shame of the “shedding garage”. Come to think about it my husband is the one in need of bread and water !

Actually , we have until spring to paint it – hopefully it is a warm April…. but it will be done ( as it was already in the plan) I so want to adhere to Lorain’s Building codes -I have groused about them long enough.

And.. that presented a problem, as we know, because one of the many buildings I took issue with was the son of Kathy ( Cathy ) Dye and his “Kharisma “( favor freely given) 418 Broadway building and his documented violations that were a hazard to the community WHICH TOOK MONTHS to go through the process -which included alligators( Caymans) theft of over 14 thousand dollars of gas and illegal hookups and a tax bill of delinquent taxes since his ownership of 2010 totaling $14,650.41 cents.
Heck I didn’t even mention that “chatty cathy” herself of Lorain Design Review Board was behind by $1,807.92.

No, I just reported what was in the media and the inspection reports showing there were various issues but the “dye was cast” and a diatribe spewed forth in the form of emails- we will get back to that in another part to the series.
and the threat made in a previous post to this blog .

Note: it will be interesting to see when I get the answers to my Public Records Request just whom Java Lady ( aka Kathy Dye) reported – just me or the whole block? I wait with bated breath.

Sorry neighbors – guilt by association 😦 and of course it seems the Kathy has much more clout than I ( could it be because I don’t spill beans but cook them?). After all it took me 38 YEARS to get something done about the house on the corner
heneryhamilton Well its lone downspout was connected – there was that! Maybe “Chatty Kathy” can let us in on her “protocol” for getting the Building Dept to “move quickly” ? I am sure other complainants such as council people , might be interested 😉

Of course this whole situation of my non compliance – the “dreaded downspout debacle” was brought about by Debbie Dye – the photographer -and her mother Kathy Dye of the Design Review Board doing their “tit for tat” on Sunday January 11th 2015 at approximately 2 pm. by sitting outside my house and driving up and down the alley taking photos in order to “catch me” in non- compliance”.

And to my undying shame we have been cited for a lone disconnected downspout and a garage in need of paint…. no alligators, illegal gas hook-ups and a building considered dangerous to one’s health

Dye affidavit

If they did but know it they have done me a huge favor _ sorry “catty dye” I have been nagging my husband for two years to paint the garage – Do you do basements????

All joking aside there are some questions that have to be answered as to enforcement time lines and retribution.

In the next few posts we will explore the system and most importantly what I consider coercion – if not worse – visited upon city officials and elected officials and “using” the complaint process for private vendettas

Note: I am waiting for information requested under a public records request and until then this blog will- as the Old Wom Blog used to say- be getting into our Way Back machine…………..

To be continued

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Is it worth it? Retaliation -dealing with the dregs

Who I Am  by  Chris Ritchey

Who I Am by Chris Ritchey

“Nothing should be hidden or untouchable , if it is your truth and you stand behind it – no one should be able to silence you”- Christopher D. Ritchey

I have over the years written a great many posts about “freedom of speech” “freedom of choice” and advocacy. There are over 1,400 posts on this blog alone ( some in draft form) in the past 7 years.

“But as I watched the bully beat of on going editorials, letters to the editor been there before , media and facebook comments -my son’s words kept playing over and over in my head .. KNOWING NOTHING I WOULD SAY WOULD CHANGE A DAMNED THING . Why should I ? Because as one person’s opinion is silenced by the weapons of embarrassment, and ridicule- 10 others look and learn the lesson and walk away- and that my friends is the insidious beginning of the death of free speech!”

I have also written a great many posts with regard to our housing situation ,
the deterioration of our neighborhoods and our business district in this city called Lorain.


I wrote a seven part series exactly two years ago about the Building Dept. that is Lorain (you can find links to the previous posts in the series in this part 7)
I am pleased to say things have tightened up – we now have Point of Sale –
Vacant and Foreclosed property registration,
However , what is known as Broadway Business District ( Waterfront District) continues to deteriorate – the process of inspections etc takes quite a long time because they have to get it right. We now have more inspectors but considering the “state ” of this city and her building stocks it will take time and time is not on our side when it comes to these buildings.

Rick Lucente 6th ward councilman said in an email to fellow council people and the administration in July 2014 in response to Dennis Flores complaint about a property cited – one of George Schneider’s

Jul 16, 2014
How did all the Houses and Buildings get in such poor condition? As I said
when the Point of sale issue came before Council, We did not need more tools
in our toolbox, We just needed to use the tools we already had in the box.
Example is the old Eagles Café on the corner of East 30th and Grove Ave
which is a main access in to the city of Lorain.
I believe the Point of sale helps but we should of never let things get in
such bad shape.

Schneider George 011813
Note : George Schneider who as per the Morning Journal article died September 19th-2014 and in the words of Rick Payerchin

“Schneider also was an occasional target of Lorain blog writer Loraine Ritchey of the Charleston Village Society, who has argued neglect by owners of rental properties have hurt the neighborhoods, especially in central Lorain.”

Dear George of the nearly 300 properties 275 in Lorain

“. However, Safety/Service Director Robert Fowler said Schneider owns about 300 properties in the county, with about 275 in Lorain.

Schneider owned some properties in limited liability companies, Mayor Chase Ritenauer said. Limited liability company members have little personal liability if the company has debts.

Schneider had 57 code violations on Lorain properties through May of last year. Dozens remain in violation, said Leon Mason, director of building, housing and planning.

Yes, I and other bloggers
were pointing out the issues with George for many years when he owned JUST 34 properties . Now George has passed and the city will have to work with property managers , attorneys and wills and non wills such as Lewis Strnad who passed in 2010 and we the residents and city officials are still dealing with his legacy, his dozens of properties still hanging about including the historic home of Mayor King 138-col

There has always been a danger when speaking out or writing about issues. After all you are usually stepping on someone’s toes and that can cause you to bear the brunt of retaliation( and don’t think that isn’t the case) . Most people now choose their battles and will speak out only if an issue directly affects their own lives.
Style Center Kharisma

I, too have walked away lately- but history and history on this blog will come back to bite and updating posts is needed. I updated the “happenings- non happenings” with the Kharishma / Dye building and posts written 2 years ago and there in lies the rub. This set off a firestorm of rhetoric by Kathy Dye – the mama of Dale Kris Dye the owner of 418 Broadway and what I believed and still believe was reprehensible behavior of Kathy ( Cathy) Dye from one who has long-held ( 20 years) a significant position on a City Of Lorain Board – Design Review Board.

To Be Continued……………………

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No Exit -“A touch of class” Lorain


On the mirrors ( at least the last time I looked) in the outer lobby of the Palace Theatre Lorain is a list of donors. Among those that donated significantly is the mention of Palace Players

The Palace Players, an intrepid band of actors and actresses from the local community. At the core were Jean Schaeffer, Dave Cotton, Casey Wolnowski, Karen Kelley and yours truly. The “company” got together to specifically raise funds for the Palace.

The kick off , as described in the history of the Palace on their website mentions what happened, in 1974 and my introduction to Lorain and a great bunch of people. Yes! I served the lunches along with Barb MacGregor, Ruth Calta, Mary Lou Connone
This immigrant to Lorain- made the soups and generally helped those great bunch of people – thanks to my introduction to Lorain via Jean Schaeffer and was involved in the “speakeasy” segment of the gala night.

The Palace was and is still a major “player” in determining Lorain’s downtown -

In 1974, “Civic Center Madness”, a major fund raising project, took place in the urban renewal area of north Broadway. Forty civic groups participated in this week long street fair, Stores soon to be torn down were converted as if by magic into an old fashioned ice cream parlor, a “Second-Hand Rose” shop, a casino, a book and plant store, an open air barbecue, international shops, etc. The Saturday night “Great Gatsby Party” at the Palace climaxed the week’s activities.

Theatre was all important to the culture of the area. Most of us didn’t have a lot of money , those band of thespians, but what they did have was a love of theatre and the Palace – so the Palace Players formed.

One production – loosely based on a Dinner with Henry the VIII– took place on the Palace stage

Cover Arcade  MJ

Cover Arcade MJ

We had to be creative , in order to raise money for the building, we couldn’t interfere with the daily running of the Palace. Creative , especially as to performance space we were given. One criteria was that no “set” set – everything had to be put up an hour before the show ( each performance night) and the set had to be struck each night.
ipalace seats

Educating Rita– we did that in a mini proscenium set up in the area behind the seats, using one of the archways with the drinking fountain as the dressing rooms and off stage. I was Rita and it was an education !

palce bar

Two shows were performed in the inner lobby in front of the bar – The Fantasticks - A young Mike Skimmin, Melissa Driscoll and Billy the Clown were part of that “company”. Imagine a musical in the lobby- however did we manage the music????- but we did.

The other show No Exit– a depiction of the afterlife in which three deceased characters are punished by being locked into a room together for eternity ( done as theatre in the round). Memorable to me about those performances was we had to share the theatre for a few performances with an action movie playing on the” big screen” – the louder sounds such as crashes, screams and gunfire bled through into our performance area . Our audience was told to ignore as that was just another room in hell.

Hell is other people”,a reference to Sartre’s ideas about the look and the perpetual ontological struggle of being caused to see oneself as an object in the world of another consciousness.”

We were involved , that group participated and performed with such productions as the Follies and – Lorain Community Music Theatre
when it was “truly Lorain” and performed their musicals every year on the Palace stage. Organizations benefitted greatly from the talent. Just a few come to mind-

Oliver 1978,
Mame -1979 ( Jean playing the lead), and in Camelot 1986 where Jean was MERLIN

South Pacific 1985 ( Dave directing)

Casey and I directing and producing King and I -1991 and Brigadoon 1990 – we sold out the Palace with those performances.


Yes! and the same people gave of their time and talent freely to put together an extravaganza to promote the newly formed Lorain Arts Council under the auspices of MainstreetLorain throughout the whole Palace venue even utilizing the “boxes”. The audience was lined up to come and view the talent who call Lorain County home.

We would call on our fellow thespians for help and they always showed up and came through, whether to stage manage, produce , perform, organize, publicize , play an instrument – whatever was needed if they were available they were there. Those were good days.

No Exit – and the statement “hell is other people” – well I have had my share of living that particular line in the “play that is Lorain”.

I am saddened by what has transpired in recent years the demise of Broadway to the extent it has . We need more of those ladies who lunched- they brought a “touch of class” – in my opinion decidedly lacking of late- but that era has too passed us by –
– I have become old , jaded and cynical- Lorain and life has done that and I know I am not alone in wondering what was the point in all those efforts and hard work but then there is the Palace

and am thankful to say still is the house of “light on Broadway” .

Please visit the Palace website for all the latest information

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The Sign, The Dye and the Design Review Board

Style Center Kharisma

In a comment to Kathy Dye in the last post – I said that if documentation to support any errors and or changes in the situation:

Well I have this morning been given an update: 2015 January

In 2013
in Gary’s post he wrote
Gary Fischer of the Design Review wrote of the much discussed sign

“That being said….…418 Broadway. While many people may not like the name or the style of the sign it does meet the guidelines for signage in the district. The board has no control over the name, unless it is indecent , of the business only the color, design and placement of the sign.

The board has NOT approved the signage for 418 Broadway as we were not presented with the required submission documentation.

The signage was reviewed and there were conditions that had to be met by Mr. Dye to receive approval. The board has not received the information required for conditional approval. The signage was installed illegally. It is my understanding that the Building and Fire Departments visited the building last Friday. The door signage was not approved and Mr. Dye has been ordered to remove it.”

That was then 2013 , the history of this sad building continued and I could find no documentation the sign had been approved or was sent anything that updated .
960 Broadway Schnitzler Block Dyes Appliance
However, for the sake of clarity according to an email sent to me this morning: the sign “approval never came throughto Mrs. Dye in an another email.

“have a neon sign approved back when Dave Gulden and Rey Carrion were on the board. The board gave Dale Dye a conditional approval if the sign fit the existing sign board. So he hung it, it fit, I took pictures and sent to Dave Gulden. At that time Community Development was dissolved and all files were lost. I again sent pictures to Rey Carrion and still nothing happened. So now Lorraine Ritchey is again running her mouth that the sign went up illegally. But in fact somebody has not ever sent him the letter of approval. I have asked and again denied. So, this letter is just so all of you know the truth behind this sign. Richard Klinar has been notified that my son still awaits the letter. You would think after I have voluntarily served on this board for about 20 years things would proceed properly for a member of my family. This is why I hear so much negative talk from anybody wanting to bring a business to this downtown. They have to put up with a lot of grief from City officials, police, fireman and Lorraine Ritchey.”

From the Gary Fischer: Design Review Board

RE: Desogn Review Board


Wed, 14 Jan 2015 02:46:56 +0000

Gary Fischer

City of Lorain Officials and Design Review Board members

Cathy is correct. The sign was approved by the DRB.

So there we have it apparently since the post in 2013 we have a legal sign.

So now let get on with what is really wrong with this whole scenario- Lack of Follow through- even apparently with the Design Review Board and the Building Dept.

An email that bordered on coercion and threats ( in my opinion) by a member of the Design Review Board. Totally reprehensible .

( sign of the times)
The sign may “now” be legal but according to inspection reports and complaints made by the utility company there is a lot more that needs to be done .
From the request for the search warrant ! click on to enlarge:
Dye affidavit
dye aff 2
so and the very lengthy inspection report of that property found violations indeed .

So there we have it The SIGN is now legally in place but we have a building that is hazardous to ones health , with any number of violations that have to be corrected. Illegal Gas connections

No occupancy permit


and of course reptiles which may legal in Ohio but not in Lorain


and member of the Design Review Board who in order to get her way .

960 Broadway Schnitzler Block Dyes Appliance

#4 I understand the mayor is planning to run again. Well after I start sending out my series of letters to all the tv stations, radio stations and newspapers I don’t think it will help his campaign. The ball is now in your hands. If things don’t straighten up immediately with my son and his building the letters will begin next week.

This is my issue with Mrs. Dye the tactics used and how unprofessional as a standing member of 20 YEARS on a Design Review Board .

Leon Mason did respond to her email Jan 9 at 2:52 PM

Mrs. Dye,
Thank you for your email. As a standing member of the City’s Design Review Board, and the applicant in question being your son, it would appear that your request poses a conflict of interest.
With the aforementioned being said, the applicant for the sign, Kris Dye (as signed on the application), should contact the Building, Housing and Planning Department.
I’m not sure as to how I can “straighten up” the matter regarding your son, as it is now in the court system.
So that we are clear moving forward, code enforcement is not an issue of whether or not I like or dislike anyone. My knowledge of you personally is from our interaction on Design Review, and knowledge of your appliance business on Broadway.
No one has, nor will they ever receive preference in the enforcement of codes or the consequences resulting from violations of code enforcement under my direction.

Well Lorain…… there you have it .. hopefully not to be continued BUT I can’t see that happening and I can’t see a healthy downtown anytime in the near future .

Lorain Ohio Downtown Urban Renewal Plan

October 2008

The city of Lorain, the Lorain Port Authority and the County of Lorain hired Gould/Associates, Inc. to conduct a Slum & Blight Eligibility Study for the Lorain Downtown and to prepare an Urban Renewal Development Plan according to Section 1728 of the Ohio Revised Code. The goal of the plan was to build an urban environment that is practical, long lasting and provides a sense of well-being to the citizens of Lorain. One outcome was for the Downtown Study area to qualify for Tax Increment Financing and to create an urban renewal plan.
Team members:James Scott Muscatello,
William A. Gould, AIA, AICP
BUT HEY we have at least one sign that is now legal Kharisma

Kharisma meaning ( The English term charisma is from the Greek χάρισμα khárisma, which means “favor freely given”) ….. Oh Joy!!!!

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City Officials -Caught Between a Ritchey and a Dye Place

freedom of speech by  Chris Ritchey

freedom of speech by Chris Ritchey

Last Thursday I wrote a post on the continuing saga of 418 Broadway, Lorain Ohio as the Morning Journal had run an article as to the building conditions and the “behavior” of the owner
In 2013 this blog brought to the attention of the readers issues happening in our deteriorating “downtown”. Although many people have been trying for years to change the blighted direction of what is known as the Broadway Corridor and more recently “the Waterfront District” the rot, literally, of the buildings has continued. My question in my last post as to the further deterioration of 418 was to the “powers that be”

WHY, if complaints had been made over the many months and years as to the issues with this poster child of a building, did it take so long for the process to start?

It is no secret there were issues with that building and they could be “seen ” from even a cursory sidewalk inspection.

Why didn’t our inspectors, Building Dept. act? Why didn’t the acting head of Community Development ( Rey Carrion – no longer with the city) at the time follow through as to the “signage” situation of that building?

Yesterday, I received a copy of an email sent to “Leon Mason, Director
Department of Building, Housing and Planning- City Of Lorain”.
I was sent a copy of the email because, as you will read, I am pretty much the focus of the ire.

The email in question was sent by Kathy Dye, mother of the owner of the 418 Broadway. Ms. Dye is a long-time member of the Design Review Board in Lorain
and herself a business owner on Broadway- Dyes Appliances- 960 Broadway
960 Broadway Schnitzler Block Dyes Appliance

Kathy Dye is no stranger to this blog and in 2013 had her say as to my thoughts etc. which I duly posted and answered to her “all caps rant” and innuendo , name calling and her promise “WHILE YOU TAKE THIS RUN DOWN BROADWAY I’M GOING TO ALL OF YOUR HOMES.

The situation with 418 Broadway and the owners ‘trouble” has once again surfaced this week
and I duly wrote about it. The effect of the recent news had another email from Kathy Dye- I have highlighted the words I find troubling from Ms Dye


From: Java******** [mailto:Javalady*******]
Sent: Friday, January 09, 2015 11:56 AM
To: Mason, Leon
Subject: Design review board
Getting pretty sick and tired of Loraine Ritchie running this city with her complaints.

#1 if you and the mayor are going to harrass people you should look at everybody, not just a few chosen people. I can be a bigger bitch than Loraine Ritchie. I know of several things if I spill the beans will cause a huge uproar in this city as well as a large number of law suits. I was previously asked to keep my mouth shut about all of it but my patience is running thin. Just to also let you know the information I know has nothing to do with any previous city employees.

#2, Loraine Ritchie has a lot of “ordinance issues” on the outside of her property, what about the inside?

#3 Loraine Ritchie keeps saying that my son did not get approval for his Kharisma sign. Well when he came before the board, before you came aboard, We gave him a conditional approval if the sign fit the sign board. Well it fit and we sent pictures to Dave Gulden as we were told. Then the uproar came and community development was dissolved and Dave damaged his files, not our fault. So I sent pictures again to Rey Carrion. Whatever happened to them I do not know. So here we still are seeing Loraine running her flapping mouth that the sign was hung illegally and that he was told to remove it. Well that is not the case and I want a letter sent for the approval now. The Building Department was notified months ago that we were still waiting for it.

#4 I understand the mayor is planning to run again. Well after I start sending out my series of letters to all the tv stations, radio stations and newspapers I don’t think it will help his campaign. The ball is now in your hands. If things don’t straighten up immediately with my son and his building the letters will begin next week.

#5 Also I have a question, why did the ex-mayor and your father back in their day refuse to take the mast from Admiral King’s boat that sank and make a memorial here in Lorain?

Remember this is a sitting member of Lorain’s Design Review Board- one has to ask WHY? is she- who wishes to hold hostage a process for which she supposedly “sits” for deny due diligence of that process a member of such a board? There is something wrong with that scenario

I want to address Kathy Dyes comments :
I will skip for the moment to No. 2.

“Loraine Ritchie has a lot of “ordinance issues” on the outside of her property, what about the inside?”

I am unaware of any ordinance issues on the outside of my property and when the homes etc. on 4th street were inspected last year we were not cited for any issues. As for the inside of my home – well I can guarantee not one alligator or unusual pets just Shadow
Kathy is more than welcome along with any one else to come on in- just call first so I am not in my pajamas. In fact, they have done so twice when this house was on tour for two different homes tours for fundraising.
A childish “tit for tat” methinks!

Style Center Kharisma

Let us address No 3 the dreaded signage . Kathy needs to read the post from the PRESIDENT of the Design Review Board and the explanation – it has been stated clearly enough on this blog – twice-

The board has NOT approved the signage for 418 Broadway as we were not presented with the required submission documentation.

The signage was reviewed and there were conditions that had to be met by Mr. Dye to receive approval. The board has not received the information required for conditional approval. The signage was installed illegally

Now down to the rather strange question to Leon Mason with regard to his father , who at one time was Community Development Director for a few months. No 5
” #5 Also I have a question, why did the ex-mayor and your father back in their day refuse to take the mast from Admiral King’s boat that sank and make a memorial here in Lorain?”

I am not sure what this has to do with anything except her possible use of an innuendo – the lack of thinking and knowledge” leads me to wonder as to “lack of reason”. But that being said let me “educate Ms. Dye on the “history” –

refuse to take the mast from Admiral Kings boat that sunk…

Sorry Ms Dye, you have the wrong end of the mast….. Admiral King’s boat didn’t sink, it was the bombing by the Japanese at Pearl Harbor which caused the sinking of the USS Arizona.

” The battleship USS Arizona (BB 39) was sunk at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. The superstructure above the waterline was removed soon after the attack. Admiral Earnest H. King, Chief of Naval operations, sent the signal mast to his hometown of Lorain, Ohio. Commander Edwin C. Keyes, a close friend of Adm. King commanded that naval armory in Lorain.

AND Ms Dye there were three mayors involved over a decade when the signal mast was an issue. If you are going to cast veiled aspersions I would suggest you get your facts straight first.!!!!

As petty , erroneous and spiteful the above are, it is in my opinion nothing to what Ms. Dye threatens ( and to me there is no other word for it for me) and tries intimidation of one government official and also the duly elected Mayor of the City of Lorain –

IF the Director of Department of Building, Housing and Planning for the City of Lorain does NOT “straighten up” immediately with my son and his building” letters will be sent to the media which will apparently according to her that will cause adverse publicity to the Mayor’s campaign ( Mr. Mason’s boss”)

What those letters contain can only be guessed at with her initial statement “I can be a bigger bitch than Loraine Ritchie. I know of several things if I spill the beans will cause a huge uproar in this city as well as a large number of law suits. I was previously asked to keep my mouth shut about all of it but my patience is running thin.

I understand the mayor is planning to run again. Well after I start sending out my series of letters to all the tv stations, radio stations and newspapers I don’t think it will help his campaign. The ball is now in your hands. If things don’t straighten up immediately with my son and his building the letters will begin next week.

I find Ms. Dye’s behavior insulting , provocative in the extreme and from board member of the “supposed” unbiased Design Review Board most worrying.

HER son is charged with according to the Morning Journal reporting

“unsafe connections to gas supply lines and rubber hoses being used for natural gas” in the building, according to the police report.
The building’s last natural gas connection ended July 7, 2008, according to the Columbia Gas report. One gas meter in the building showed the building had gas usage totaling $14,469 from August 2010, when Dye took possession of the building, to November last year, according to the report.

It is my interpretation – MS DYE, is stating unless the City of Lorain Director of Building and Planning doesn’t intercede and give “sonny” the all clear then she will send out letters containing “what” ??????knowledge of wrongful doings with the City of Lorain enough to cause lawsuits??? -( What a responsible citizen ( that is sarcasm for those in doubt) ! Hopefully, who ever receives these Diatribes of Dye will fact check because her “record” of getting the facts straight even in this last email is nought for 5!
However, I think I have the answer to my question as to why it takes so long for things to happen in this city, with people like Ms Dye “on board” the City of Lorain had better cross all its T’s and dot its i’s otherwise who knows what vicious, vindictive behaviors will come about.

And to those who wonder why I have retired from “downtown” see above….. However, I have not retired from the truth …… Shhhh listen carefully is that sound you hear the falling of another building on Broadway, the “termagant” of Broadway( aka Ms Dye) or perhaps the power of politics in its death throes ????????

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The Dye is set- A sign of trouble?? Lorain

UPDATE: Mr. Dye was acquitted of theft

Long time coming?????
Style Center Kharisma

You read about the issues with the building above. There was much too-ing and froing between this blog and the “mother” Kathy Dye ( Design Review Board member) about her son’s building at 418 Broadway. The Morning Journal had a lovely ” positive article” about the sign that apparently shouldn’t have been put up in the first place

as we learned later as this blog explored the “sign”
kharisma at night

The board has NOT approved the signage for 418 Broadway as we were not presented with the required submission documentation.

The signage was reviewed and there were conditions that had to be met by Mr. Dye to receive approval. The board has not received the information required for conditional approval. The signage was installed illegally. It is my understanding that the Building and Fire Departments visited the building last Friday. The door signage was not approved and Mr. Dye has been ordered to remove it.

Errr not exactly because that was JULY 25th 2013 It IS still up JAN. 2015. Dye also was running a fabricating shop out of that building…. as per that front door “sign” krisdyefabrication door Now I know the wheels turn slowly and you have to wonder why, when so many complaints were brought to the attention of the ‘powers that be” The building was and is a disgrace to all who have to go down Broadway or do business. Now also in 2013 since Mr. Dye has a very interesting face book page, there were more than the ceilings falling down worries – in fact also in 2013 the powers that be were notified that even if they didn’t have teeth apparently a couple of Dye’s pets did

The worry was to this blog and others that an unsuspecting person entering the building ( such as safety forces) might come up against Mr. Dye’s hobbies and business practices

KD guns 2
KD target practice 1
KD target practice 2

Worrying to those who don’t exactly follow the “Dye” lifestyle However today 18 months later we find according to the Morning Journal Mr. Dye of the sign who was so proud of his “talents

The owner of a building on Broadway was charged with theft for allegedly having an illegal gas tap to heat the structure, according to records from the city of Lorain.
Dale C. “Kris” Dye, 36, also was charged with harboring wild animals and cruelty to animals for allegedly having two alligators or caymans at his building at 418 Broadway, according to court and police records.
On Jan. 7, Dye appeared in Lorain Municipal Court for arraignment, where Judge Thomas J. Elwell Jr. read the charges from the bench. Dye pleaded innocent and waived his right to a preliminary hearing, so Elwell ruled the charges would be bound over to the Lorain County grand jury for consideration

and not to be forgotten

By permission of the warrant, they entered the building to inspect it and found apparent code violations, along with a 4-foot-long alligator and two smaller alligators about 18 inches long, the police report said.

On Nov. 13, 2014, Lorain Chief Building Official Richard Klinar declared the property a “dangerous building” because of “numerous” building and electrical code violations and storage of flammable liquids, according to a letter from Klinar to Dye.
As of Jan. 7, the building did not have a certificate of occupancy, according to records from the Lorain Department of Building, Housing and Planning.
On Dec. 11, 2014, Lorain police also met with an investigator from Columbia Gas of Ohio, who made a report alleging Dye had “unsafe connections to gas supply lines and rubber hoses being used for natural gas” in the building, according to the police report.

Amazing it is a wonder things didn’t get “hot ” on that block! However, the Powers that Be cannot say they weren’t warned- this blog warned them in more than one email as to what was happening June 2013

I am glad that finally in November 2014 an inspection was made, but WHY the wait ? This was a dangerous situation and the inspection process ( as it was listed commercial) did not have to follow the same rules as a private residence. Our safety in the neighborhood and “Waterfront District” was compromised. The animals in question suffered due to the lifestyle and worse yet the City did not enforce their own signage ordinance through the Design Review Board WHY????? He was given so long to take it down , never happened and Rey Carrion the Community Development head at the timea ssured me in an email that was happening. You can’t enforce codes “willy nilly” by selective enforcement –

However as Mr. Dye wrote at the time of the “sign” and his “club/ fabricating building in response to a well-wisher

Kris Dye Thanks man. It hasn’t been easy for sure. I am happy where I am.

I am lucky that i inherited a great sense of business and finance from my mom and some amazing mechanical and; electrical knowledge from my dad.

NOTE: from the MJ article:
The building’s last natural gas connection ended July 7, 2008, according to the Columbia Gas report. One gas meter in the building showed the building had gas usage totaling $14,469 from August 2010, when Dye took possession of the building, to November last year, according to the report.

I do thank my teachers back in grade school n high school that told me I didn’t need school and it was a waste of their time to teach me cause all I was ever gonna do was work at my parents appliance store. #showedthem #beenmymotivation
August 22, 2013 at 7:38am •

Mr. Dye in November-2014 was trying to sell the building on Craig’s List

Very Temporary price reduction for a fast sale because I found a house out of the city that I want. Price will go back to 100k if the other property sells first.

Possibilities are endless with the amount of space this building has.
this place is huge.
5 floors total each floor is separated.
Former bar / restaurant / niteclub

Bar is turnkey ready to open
huge bar on first floor
smaller 2nd bar on 2nd floor that over looks the first floor.
Commercial kitchen area on 2nd floor

Garage/shop space has a 10′ wide garage door
Can store up to 16 vehicles inside

Area for living space/offices or?
3 rooms almost finished for bedrooms
3 bathrooms 100% finished
1 full bathroom fully finished
top floor has a dozen rooms and a separate entrance but will need some remodeling.

17k sq ft.
has security system with surveillance cameras

Needs some work in certain areas.
Appraised at over $120k
Has over $50k in bar equipment that can be sold with or without.

Kitchen/2nd level bar has a big pizza oven, ice machine, prep table cooler, 2 door stainless cooler. Tall stand up cooler. Oven/fryer. Commercial bread/bun toaster. Big 3 bay sink. Under bar cooler.

Bar area also has a under the bar ice machine, 5 under bar coolers, under bar 3 bay sink. Under bar commercial dish washer. Has its own working multi flow system. Has a full dj system, dj lights, many neons etc. Bar seats around 32. And has around 30 seats/tables around the bar. Has room for a dance floor, pool tables and dart boards.

Kharisma / the style center building
418 Broadway ave Lorain Ohio 44052

former ninas bar, island bar, levelz bar, boathouse bar.

70,000 or trade for a house preferably out of the city.

For sale only. not for rent or lease
• do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

Maybe Mr. Dye missed his calling and should go in to “marketing”

Oh Dear -………. well I for one would like some answers!!!!!!! Where is the timely “follow through” ( with a complaint driven system – and the complaints were made- I have the emails and responses this situation which could have been very dangerous to the public and safety forces) – WHY did this take so long and why wasn’t that sign removed as stated in July 2013 – who is or was accountable………?

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January 3rd- Goals – Chris Ritchey

January 3rd- All over this planet people are starting this year of 2015 with goals- losing weight , spending more time with family, giving up smoking etc. My goal, is to be able to sit in the chair in the den long enough to write my 3rd of the month post for you my son. Not to do so would be , for me , breaking faith with not letting the world forget as so many in your life have already done, that you existed were loved and made a difference.


Without going into too much detail, I have had chronic pain for a few months. First the drugs were tried and they took care of it so it was manageable for a few weeks at a time but then more and stronger were needed. I have learned through your months of “hospitals and doctors ” more negatives than I ever wished to know about the health care system and some “professionals and hospitals”. Because of my life for those many months watching and seeing the outcomes I now trust only my instincts , my intelligence and my own research.
Yes that is right Chris, the one thing I learned is that I should have taken more charge of what was happening to you- I didn’t. Would the outcome have been the same? In all probability YES but the pain of our journey would have been lessened and hope would not have been sold “wholesale” for as long as the insurance paid and you would not have been Cleveland Clinic “lab rat”.

As I researched and interviewed Drs. I refused to be sent to anyone having anything to do with my dreaded Cleveland Clinic or doctors that took their residency under a certain Program Director at South Pointe Hospital –
I knew too much about that aspect of Dr. training from personal experience.

You would be amazed at the faces of potential health care professionals when I interviewed them. I am sure a couple were getting out the “white coat” for me. But remember this is my body , my choice, they are not gods, just people earning a living in the health care industry and not all doctors are of the same level. Putting a MD or DO to their name doesn’t make then all-knowing or of more than a “passable” expertise ! You and your insurance are paying for their expertise and yet so often we turn ourselves over to people we don’t know or know very little about or who know about you and say “save me”. You trust in their ability or the ability to refer but to whom?? You have rights as a patient and I now choose to exercise those rights.

Click to access patient%20bill%20of%20rights_merged.pdf

However, I have managed even with my “outrageous to some” criteria to find a few wonderful doctors, and two very special hospitals, small enough to know my name and to whom , I and my family are people and not just an insurance number or the next condo in the islands payment .

One, St. John West Shore
has literally saved my husband’s life twice in the past 18 months and have treated my strange proclivity’s with patience, caring and understanding.


The pain worsened , I managed with drugs and hot water bottles and a lot of understanding from family and friends for the two weeks it took for the “insurance” to tell my doctor it was Ok for the next step.

Every time I filled the red hot water bottle , too hot for my bare skin, I thought of you the hundreds of times the five hot water bottles we filled in Texas as you went through the “trial” with no one but you and I. The number of scalding hot baths you took every night to ease the pain in your body. You never complained to me I know you didn’t want to scare me , you were “eating pain pills like candy” I knew you were just trying “to be”. I watched the pain envelope you but the phone would ring and you would answer in a voice so strong so as to hide the agony you were going through.

chrisart collage
I am not afraid of dying, you have left me that gift as you have given me so many others. but I don’t handle pain well , it stops my ability to think. clearly, to tolerate and makes me so impatient.

December 17th found me having the first procedure which went well, in fact better than expected and for 10 wonderful days I had only very slight discomfort- the pain forgotten as I got through Christmas. I was waiting for the procedure in the operating room and the anesthesiologist as he stated ” you will feel a little burn then nothing”- I remember thinking

I wish you could make me feel nothing! I wish you and your anesthesia had something to erase this horrible debilitating grief( that you are unaware of as I lay here)

But just like the tsunami of grief that is held at bay whilst life continues, so the pain laid low for a bit roared back into being . It came back after departing for a just a brief while,- contained – only to break through the medical barrier stronger for the respite as my body probably was doing more than it should without the warning of pain.

New Years Eve, found me once again laying on the table waiting to have my misery relieved. I have in the past months learned to live outwardly not showing for the most part the grieving mess I really am- the powder and paint of normalcy painted on like a mask every morning.
This time although I felt nothing due to the anesthesia and how that works is a mystery to me and also to others

” Despite their necessity in modern medicine, scientists aren’t sure exactly how anesthetics work. The best theory suggests that they dissolve some of the fat present in brain cells, changing the cells’ activity. But, the precise mechanisms remain unknown. ”

Well the fat cells in my brain may have been dissolved but apparently “according to the nurse” my fat body ( she didn’t say that though) was not co-operating and was moving around in pain on the table for a bit even after my brain was anesthetized .

Not such a good thing for the doctor, I would assume, poised to do a delicate procedure. I, of course was unaware this happened although in my mind’s eye this great lump of a body laden with grief flopping around on the table half-naked probably wasn’t a great sight for him that New Years Eve. He earned his money that day.

So here it is January 2nd , my pain has lessened although I am not fully functional but I am endeavouring to sit in a chair for as long as it takes to finish this post for you. – a lap top may be in my future-

But somehow I will get this post written and posted even if I have to take jpgs of these scribbles and post them.
Another year without you in our lives will not be happy but hopefully it will at least be free from physical pain…. and I think of you every waking minute of every pain filled moment… I love you Chris
Disclaimer : The views and opinions in this post as to various doctors and hospitals are entirely my own based upon my varied experiences with such entities through out the illness of my family members and myself. I have no medical expertise but the life experience of having been there immersed in the world of medicine !

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