The Dye is set- A sign of trouble?? Lorain

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UPDATE: Mr. Dye was acquitted of theft

Long time coming?????
Style Center Kharisma

You read about the issues with the building above. There was much too-ing and froing between this blog and the “mother” Kathy Dye ( Design Review Board member) about her son’s building at 418 Broadway. The Morning Journal had a lovely ” positive article” about the sign that apparently shouldn’t have been put up in the first place

as we learned later as this blog explored the “sign”
kharisma at night

The board has NOT approved the signage for 418 Broadway as we were not presented with the required submission documentation.

The signage was reviewed and there were conditions that had to be met by Mr. Dye to receive approval. The board has not received the information required for conditional approval. The signage was installed illegally. It is my understanding that the Building and Fire Departments visited the building last Friday. The door signage was not approved and Mr. Dye has been ordered to remove it.

Errr not exactly because that was JULY 25th 2013 It IS still up JAN. 2015. Dye also was running a fabricating shop out of that building…. as per that front door “sign” krisdyefabrication door Now I know the wheels turn slowly and you have to wonder why, when so many complaints were brought to the attention of the ‘powers that be” The building was and is a disgrace to all who have to go down Broadway or do business. Now also in 2013 since Mr. Dye has a very interesting face book page, there were more than the ceilings falling down worries – in fact also in 2013 the powers that be were notified that even if they didn’t have teeth apparently a couple of Dye’s pets did

The worry was to this blog and others that an unsuspecting person entering the building ( such as safety forces) might come up against Mr. Dye’s hobbies and business practices

KD guns 2
KD target practice 1
KD target practice 2

Worrying to those who don’t exactly follow the “Dye” lifestyle However today 18 months later we find according to the Morning Journal Mr. Dye of the sign who was so proud of his “talents

The owner of a building on Broadway was charged with theft for allegedly having an illegal gas tap to heat the structure, according to records from the city of Lorain.
Dale C. “Kris” Dye, 36, also was charged with harboring wild animals and cruelty to animals for allegedly having two alligators or caymans at his building at 418 Broadway, according to court and police records.
On Jan. 7, Dye appeared in Lorain Municipal Court for arraignment, where Judge Thomas J. Elwell Jr. read the charges from the bench. Dye pleaded innocent and waived his right to a preliminary hearing, so Elwell ruled the charges would be bound over to the Lorain County grand jury for consideration

and not to be forgotten

By permission of the warrant, they entered the building to inspect it and found apparent code violations, along with a 4-foot-long alligator and two smaller alligators about 18 inches long, the police report said.

On Nov. 13, 2014, Lorain Chief Building Official Richard Klinar declared the property a “dangerous building” because of “numerous” building and electrical code violations and storage of flammable liquids, according to a letter from Klinar to Dye.
As of Jan. 7, the building did not have a certificate of occupancy, according to records from the Lorain Department of Building, Housing and Planning.
On Dec. 11, 2014, Lorain police also met with an investigator from Columbia Gas of Ohio, who made a report alleging Dye had “unsafe connections to gas supply lines and rubber hoses being used for natural gas” in the building, according to the police report.

Amazing it is a wonder things didn’t get “hot ” on that block! However, the Powers that Be cannot say they weren’t warned- this blog warned them in more than one email as to what was happening June 2013

I am glad that finally in November 2014 an inspection was made, but WHY the wait ? This was a dangerous situation and the inspection process ( as it was listed commercial) did not have to follow the same rules as a private residence. Our safety in the neighborhood and “Waterfront District” was compromised. The animals in question suffered due to the lifestyle and worse yet the City did not enforce their own signage ordinance through the Design Review Board WHY????? He was given so long to take it down , never happened and Rey Carrion the Community Development head at the timea ssured me in an email that was happening. You can’t enforce codes “willy nilly” by selective enforcement –

However as Mr. Dye wrote at the time of the “sign” and his “club/ fabricating building in response to a well-wisher

Kris Dye Thanks man. It hasn’t been easy for sure. I am happy where I am.

I am lucky that i inherited a great sense of business and finance from my mom and some amazing mechanical and; electrical knowledge from my dad.

NOTE: from the MJ article:
The building’s last natural gas connection ended July 7, 2008, according to the Columbia Gas report. One gas meter in the building showed the building had gas usage totaling $14,469 from August 2010, when Dye took possession of the building, to November last year, according to the report.

I do thank my teachers back in grade school n high school that told me I didn’t need school and it was a waste of their time to teach me cause all I was ever gonna do was work at my parents appliance store. #showedthem #beenmymotivation
August 22, 2013 at 7:38am •

Mr. Dye in November-2014 was trying to sell the building on Craig’s List

Very Temporary price reduction for a fast sale because I found a house out of the city that I want. Price will go back to 100k if the other property sells first.

Possibilities are endless with the amount of space this building has.
this place is huge.
5 floors total each floor is separated.
Former bar / restaurant / niteclub

Bar is turnkey ready to open
huge bar on first floor
smaller 2nd bar on 2nd floor that over looks the first floor.
Commercial kitchen area on 2nd floor

Garage/shop space has a 10′ wide garage door
Can store up to 16 vehicles inside

Area for living space/offices or?
3 rooms almost finished for bedrooms
3 bathrooms 100% finished
1 full bathroom fully finished
top floor has a dozen rooms and a separate entrance but will need some remodeling.

17k sq ft.
has security system with surveillance cameras

Needs some work in certain areas.
Appraised at over $120k
Has over $50k in bar equipment that can be sold with or without.

Kitchen/2nd level bar has a big pizza oven, ice machine, prep table cooler, 2 door stainless cooler. Tall stand up cooler. Oven/fryer. Commercial bread/bun toaster. Big 3 bay sink. Under bar cooler.

Bar area also has a under the bar ice machine, 5 under bar coolers, under bar 3 bay sink. Under bar commercial dish washer. Has its own working multi flow system. Has a full dj system, dj lights, many neons etc. Bar seats around 32. And has around 30 seats/tables around the bar. Has room for a dance floor, pool tables and dart boards.

Kharisma / the style center building
418 Broadway ave Lorain Ohio 44052

former ninas bar, island bar, levelz bar, boathouse bar.

70,000 or trade for a house preferably out of the city.

For sale only. not for rent or lease
• do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

Maybe Mr. Dye missed his calling and should go in to “marketing”

Oh Dear -………. well I for one would like some answers!!!!!!! Where is the timely “follow through” ( with a complaint driven system – and the complaints were made- I have the emails and responses this situation which could have been very dangerous to the public and safety forces) – WHY did this take so long and why wasn’t that sign removed as stated in July 2013 – who is or was accountable………?


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