City Officials -Caught Between a Ritchey and a Dye Place

January 10, 2015 at 5:57 pm 22 comments

freedom of speech by  Chris Ritchey

freedom of speech by Chris Ritchey

Last Thursday I wrote a post on the continuing saga of 418 Broadway, Lorain Ohio as the Morning Journal had run an article as to the building conditions and the “behavior” of the owner
In 2013 this blog brought to the attention of the readers issues happening in our deteriorating “downtown”. Although many people have been trying for years to change the blighted direction of what is known as the Broadway Corridor and more recently “the Waterfront District” the rot, literally, of the buildings has continued. My question in my last post as to the further deterioration of 418 was to the “powers that be”

WHY, if complaints had been made over the many months and years as to the issues with this poster child of a building, did it take so long for the process to start?

It is no secret there were issues with that building and they could be “seen ” from even a cursory sidewalk inspection.

Why didn’t our inspectors, Building Dept. act? Why didn’t the acting head of Community Development ( Rey Carrion – no longer with the city) at the time follow through as to the “signage” situation of that building?

Yesterday, I received a copy of an email sent to “Leon Mason, Director
Department of Building, Housing and Planning- City Of Lorain”.
I was sent a copy of the email because, as you will read, I am pretty much the focus of the ire.

The email in question was sent by Kathy Dye, mother of the owner of the 418 Broadway. Ms. Dye is a long-time member of the Design Review Board in Lorain
and herself a business owner on Broadway- Dyes Appliances- 960 Broadway
960 Broadway Schnitzler Block Dyes Appliance

Kathy Dye is no stranger to this blog and in 2013 had her say as to my thoughts etc. which I duly posted and answered to her “all caps rant” and innuendo , name calling and her promise “WHILE YOU TAKE THIS RUN DOWN BROADWAY I’M GOING TO ALL OF YOUR HOMES.

The situation with 418 Broadway and the owners ‘trouble” has once again surfaced this week
and I duly wrote about it. The effect of the recent news had another email from Kathy Dye- I have highlighted the words I find troubling from Ms Dye


From: Java******** [mailto:Javalady*******]
Sent: Friday, January 09, 2015 11:56 AM
To: Mason, Leon
Subject: Design review board
Getting pretty sick and tired of Loraine Ritchie running this city with her complaints.

#1 if you and the mayor are going to harrass people you should look at everybody, not just a few chosen people. I can be a bigger bitch than Loraine Ritchie. I know of several things if I spill the beans will cause a huge uproar in this city as well as a large number of law suits. I was previously asked to keep my mouth shut about all of it but my patience is running thin. Just to also let you know the information I know has nothing to do with any previous city employees.

#2, Loraine Ritchie has a lot of “ordinance issues” on the outside of her property, what about the inside?

#3 Loraine Ritchie keeps saying that my son did not get approval for his Kharisma sign. Well when he came before the board, before you came aboard, We gave him a conditional approval if the sign fit the sign board. Well it fit and we sent pictures to Dave Gulden as we were told. Then the uproar came and community development was dissolved and Dave damaged his files, not our fault. So I sent pictures again to Rey Carrion. Whatever happened to them I do not know. So here we still are seeing Loraine running her flapping mouth that the sign was hung illegally and that he was told to remove it. Well that is not the case and I want a letter sent for the approval now. The Building Department was notified months ago that we were still waiting for it.

#4 I understand the mayor is planning to run again. Well after I start sending out my series of letters to all the tv stations, radio stations and newspapers I don’t think it will help his campaign. The ball is now in your hands. If things don’t straighten up immediately with my son and his building the letters will begin next week.

#5 Also I have a question, why did the ex-mayor and your father back in their day refuse to take the mast from Admiral King’s boat that sank and make a memorial here in Lorain?

Remember this is a sitting member of Lorain’s Design Review Board- one has to ask WHY? is she- who wishes to hold hostage a process for which she supposedly “sits” for deny due diligence of that process a member of such a board? There is something wrong with that scenario

I want to address Kathy Dyes comments :
I will skip for the moment to No. 2.

“Loraine Ritchie has a lot of “ordinance issues” on the outside of her property, what about the inside?”

I am unaware of any ordinance issues on the outside of my property and when the homes etc. on 4th street were inspected last year we were not cited for any issues. As for the inside of my home – well I can guarantee not one alligator or unusual pets just Shadow
Kathy is more than welcome along with any one else to come on in- just call first so I am not in my pajamas. In fact, they have done so twice when this house was on tour for two different homes tours for fundraising.
A childish “tit for tat” methinks!

Style Center Kharisma

Let us address No 3 the dreaded signage . Kathy needs to read the post from the PRESIDENT of the Design Review Board and the explanation – it has been stated clearly enough on this blog – twice-

The board has NOT approved the signage for 418 Broadway as we were not presented with the required submission documentation.

The signage was reviewed and there were conditions that had to be met by Mr. Dye to receive approval. The board has not received the information required for conditional approval. The signage was installed illegally

Now down to the rather strange question to Leon Mason with regard to his father , who at one time was Community Development Director for a few months. No 5
” #5 Also I have a question, why did the ex-mayor and your father back in their day refuse to take the mast from Admiral King’s boat that sank and make a memorial here in Lorain?”

I am not sure what this has to do with anything except her possible use of an innuendo – the lack of thinking and knowledge” leads me to wonder as to “lack of reason”. But that being said let me “educate Ms. Dye on the “history” –

refuse to take the mast from Admiral Kings boat that sunk…

Sorry Ms Dye, you have the wrong end of the mast….. Admiral King’s boat didn’t sink, it was the bombing by the Japanese at Pearl Harbor which caused the sinking of the USS Arizona.

” The battleship USS Arizona (BB 39) was sunk at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. The superstructure above the waterline was removed soon after the attack. Admiral Earnest H. King, Chief of Naval operations, sent the signal mast to his hometown of Lorain, Ohio. Commander Edwin C. Keyes, a close friend of Adm. King commanded that naval armory in Lorain.

AND Ms Dye there were three mayors involved over a decade when the signal mast was an issue. If you are going to cast veiled aspersions I would suggest you get your facts straight first.!!!!

As petty , erroneous and spiteful the above are, it is in my opinion nothing to what Ms. Dye threatens ( and to me there is no other word for it for me) and tries intimidation of one government official and also the duly elected Mayor of the City of Lorain –

IF the Director of Department of Building, Housing and Planning for the City of Lorain does NOT “straighten up” immediately with my son and his building” letters will be sent to the media which will apparently according to her that will cause adverse publicity to the Mayor’s campaign ( Mr. Mason’s boss”)

What those letters contain can only be guessed at with her initial statement “I can be a bigger bitch than Loraine Ritchie. I know of several things if I spill the beans will cause a huge uproar in this city as well as a large number of law suits. I was previously asked to keep my mouth shut about all of it but my patience is running thin.

I understand the mayor is planning to run again. Well after I start sending out my series of letters to all the tv stations, radio stations and newspapers I don’t think it will help his campaign. The ball is now in your hands. If things don’t straighten up immediately with my son and his building the letters will begin next week.

I find Ms. Dye’s behavior insulting , provocative in the extreme and from board member of the “supposed” unbiased Design Review Board most worrying.

HER son is charged with according to the Morning Journal reporting

“unsafe connections to gas supply lines and rubber hoses being used for natural gas” in the building, according to the police report.
The building’s last natural gas connection ended July 7, 2008, according to the Columbia Gas report. One gas meter in the building showed the building had gas usage totaling $14,469 from August 2010, when Dye took possession of the building, to November last year, according to the report.

It is my interpretation – MS DYE, is stating unless the City of Lorain Director of Building and Planning doesn’t intercede and give “sonny” the all clear then she will send out letters containing “what” ??????knowledge of wrongful doings with the City of Lorain enough to cause lawsuits??? -( What a responsible citizen ( that is sarcasm for those in doubt) ! Hopefully, who ever receives these Diatribes of Dye will fact check because her “record” of getting the facts straight even in this last email is nought for 5!
However, I think I have the answer to my question as to why it takes so long for things to happen in this city, with people like Ms Dye “on board” the City of Lorain had better cross all its T’s and dot its i’s otherwise who knows what vicious, vindictive behaviors will come about.

And to those who wonder why I have retired from “downtown” see above….. However, I have not retired from the truth …… Shhhh listen carefully is that sound you hear the falling of another building on Broadway, the “termagant” of Broadway( aka Ms Dye) or perhaps the power of politics in its death throes ????????

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The Dye is set- A sign of trouble?? Lorain The Sign, The Dye and the Design Review Board

22 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Robert J. Gargasz  |  January 10, 2015 at 7:38 pm

    The Lorain detective Bureau should be apprised of these matters, if not already accomplished. Sounds like a threat of coercion or extortion is being made, does it not? The law director and the city prosecutor should also be made aware of these threats. Lorain City Council should hold hearings on these matters and make a record of the alleged facts so that the public is apprised of the facts existing, if any, behind the threats! Who is hiding the truth here? What is being concealed? Will the investigative reporters get the real story out?

  • 2. thatwoman  |  January 10, 2015 at 7:48 pm

    I sent the post and the email out to other city officials – I believe the Law Director has been made aware of the situation. and I know Mr. Mason did respond to Ms Dye in a very professional manner and that reply was cc to the local media as well a the initial email .

    I am just so sick of “circumvention” of the rules we all have to follow and this is to me disgraceful behavior and what makes Ms. Dye think she could write such things – must feel pretty safe???? As a lay person is this the norm??? As to her “knowledge” of scandals and spilling those beans well I wait with baited breath……well this certainly is an entertainment district 🙂

  • 3. margareetaville  |  January 10, 2015 at 8:10 pm

    That’s a whole lotta crazy in one letter!

  • 4. Loraine Ritchey  |  January 10, 2015 at 8:36 pm

    I think so …. the comments by the previous Community Development Director on my facebook is also worrying he seems to be focused on the sign – this isn’t about the damned sign one has to wonder

  • 5. Mark Teleha  |  January 12, 2015 at 2:06 am

    Was she involved in the approval of her son’s sign? Methinks that soundeth not on the up and up. 🙂 And yea, her threats don’t sound like they come from the type of person that should remain on the DRB. This city has had enough scandals for the last few years (I’ll not name the individuals here, but their names are already here 🙂 ), she should get her family’s ducks in a row before she runs off at the mouth anymore.

  • 6. thatwoman  |  January 12, 2015 at 1:41 pm

    She abstained from the vote for the Kharisma sign . Broadway will not turn around any time soon this building isn’t the only one with issues obviously and taxes are in arrears as I am sure are others….

  • 7. thatwoman  |  January 12, 2015 at 2:02 pm

    just did a quick check just on the south side of Broadway in the two blocks 4oo and 600 the amount of delinquent taxes is $199,763. 00

  • 8. Tammy Ramirez  |  January 12, 2015 at 3:35 pm

    And if they aren’t paying the taxes, why would we expect them to meet the codes? We have a catch 22 here. What a mess!!!!

  • 9. Loraine Ritchey  |  January 12, 2015 at 3:51 pm

    It is a mess and I know the city etc is trying to be of help in these hard economic times but honestly Tammy the consortium , the LGC, and all who are trying so hard to bring life back have some powerful obstacles to get over including the “thinking” –

    I am not just picking on Dye and co although they see it that way… I did a whole series on the issues with downtown – Mark on his blog and the old WoM tried for years to point out not only the problems but some solutions it gets old …..just like me 🙂 However my beef with Dye and Kathy Dye is that as a sitting Board Member of the Downtown Review Board should be held to a higher standard imho and her email with regard to the Mayor and the Director of Building and Planning is worrying because it certainly shows a flaw in the thinking and the process….. but instead the focus is on the “sign” 😉

  • 10. Kathy Dye  |  January 12, 2015 at 6:44 pm

    People that have no life and don’t know all of the circumstances surrounding someone and find it necessary to flap their traps should shut their mouth in stead of looking stupid and running it. I was raised if I had somethng to say it better be the truth or don’t say it.

  • 11. Loraine Ritchey  |  January 12, 2015 at 7:28 pm

    Dear Ms. Dye – I am not interested in your life – or at least I wasn’t – until you made it my business. I was more concerned with the way the process of inspections and buildings on Broadway have been left to deteriorate and how that has been allowed to happen and not just 418 – there are many building written about in this city and lack of codes being met. Many people have tried and are still trying to “bring back Broadway” There are many obstacles in their path. On two blocks alone on the south side 400-600 there is approximately $200,000.00 in “delinquent taxes”

    You made it personal in 2013. However I never write or say anything that I can’t back up with documentation. I have today under my public records request received all the inspection information for 418 Broadway. It goes into great detail the codes that weren’t met , the conditions of the building, the danger to those in residence and to the general public and the condition of the reptiles.
    It isn’t pleasant reading .

    Also according to the Auditors site the fact 418 Broadway owes over 17 thousand in property taxes $14,659.41 of those delinquent.

    You made mention in your rant of 2013 how difficult it was to keep these old buildings to a standard and the expense. I agreed with you
    My answer to that is that unless you have enough capital to restore or make safe these buildings “a business man or woman” should not purchase them. POS should hopefully take care of that issue in the future

    – However the email you sent to Mr. Mason shows a whole different problem and issue. As a member of the Design Review Board you should be ashamed to have written such an email also as a business person, and a citizen.

    I don’t care about your insults toward me , your petty tit for tat, your family members outside my home taking photos – if you had asked I would have gladly emailed you both inside and out.- but to use “supposed” knowledge that would threaten the campaign of one who is running for office and to state that unless you get your way ( which would further endanger others including your own family members ( if he could even implement such a request) you would be sending out mailings detrimental to an elected official is in my opinion reprehensible.

    I feel your thought process through this whole situation is not conducive to “trust” in Design Review Board, you have tarnished its reputation for being unbiased and fair with such an email.

    That being said it there is anything you can state where I have made an erroneous statement please feel free to send me the supporting documentation and I will post it on the blog.

  • 12. Mark Teleha  |  January 12, 2015 at 9:15 pm

    Ms. Dye wrote: People that have no life…..

    Does that include you and whomever was with you when you stood outside Loraine’s house taking pictures?

    I hope someone investigates you, Ms. Dye, concerning the “threats”/comments you made concerning knowledge you had about the Mayor and whatever else you seem to know concerning the day-to-day in this city? I also would hope that you would see fit in resigning your position on the DRB after your comments and involvement here. After interviewing members of the DRB’s in the cities surrounding Lorain, you embody absolutely nothing that has any potential in helping this city move forward.

  • 14. margareetaville  |  January 14, 2015 at 3:05 pm

    I love a good argument. Some days it’s good for the mind, it’s good for the soul. But I have learned that there are some things you just can’t argue about.

    1.) Water is wet
    2.) The sky is blue
    3.) Loraine Ritchey ALWAYS has the facts to back up what she’s saying!

  • 15. thatwoman  |  January 14, 2015 at 4:07 pm

    the problem is things written two years ago still appear fresh and in the latest go around things reported in 2013 changed – although no documentation as to the legality of the sign has ever been produced until this morning ( can’t go on hearsay) but there is so much more in the inspection reports…… my whole beef is how does Mrs. Dye feel her email was appropriate behavior what has led her to that conclusion in her 20 years on the DRB

  • […] This individual, felt safe enough to put in writing her desires and “nothing- nada naught” ever came out of that little episode except the retaliation against me, the messenger! – What sort of a “community”-” system” countenances and rewards – let alone tolerates such blatant threatening behavior toward city officials???? ( see the whole email in the above link) […]

  • […] street that late January day to confirm I was illegal and Gary the Garage was becoming an eyesore. In fact, Mrs. Dye did so more than once . You see, Mrs. Dye was really “ticked off” […]

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