The Sign, The Dye and the Design Review Board

January 14, 2015 at 2:36 pm 2 comments

Style Center Kharisma

In a comment to Kathy Dye in the last post – I said that if documentation to support any errors and or changes in the situation:

Well I have this morning been given an update: 2015 January

In 2013
in Gary’s post he wrote
Gary Fischer of the Design Review wrote of the much discussed sign

“That being said….…418 Broadway. While many people may not like the name or the style of the sign it does meet the guidelines for signage in the district. The board has no control over the name, unless it is indecent , of the business only the color, design and placement of the sign.

The board has NOT approved the signage for 418 Broadway as we were not presented with the required submission documentation.

The signage was reviewed and there were conditions that had to be met by Mr. Dye to receive approval. The board has not received the information required for conditional approval. The signage was installed illegally. It is my understanding that the Building and Fire Departments visited the building last Friday. The door signage was not approved and Mr. Dye has been ordered to remove it.”

That was then 2013 , the history of this sad building continued and I could find no documentation the sign had been approved or was sent anything that updated .
960 Broadway Schnitzler Block Dyes Appliance
However, for the sake of clarity according to an email sent to me this morning: the sign “approval never came throughto Mrs. Dye in an another email.

“have a neon sign approved back when Dave Gulden and Rey Carrion were on the board. The board gave Dale Dye a conditional approval if the sign fit the existing sign board. So he hung it, it fit, I took pictures and sent to Dave Gulden. At that time Community Development was dissolved and all files were lost. I again sent pictures to Rey Carrion and still nothing happened. So now Lorraine Ritchey is again running her mouth that the sign went up illegally. But in fact somebody has not ever sent him the letter of approval. I have asked and again denied. So, this letter is just so all of you know the truth behind this sign. Richard Klinar has been notified that my son still awaits the letter. You would think after I have voluntarily served on this board for about 20 years things would proceed properly for a member of my family. This is why I hear so much negative talk from anybody wanting to bring a business to this downtown. They have to put up with a lot of grief from City officials, police, fireman and Lorraine Ritchey.”

From the Gary Fischer: Design Review Board

RE: Desogn Review Board


Wed, 14 Jan 2015 02:46:56 +0000

Gary Fischer

City of Lorain Officials and Design Review Board members

Cathy is correct. The sign was approved by the DRB.

So there we have it apparently since the post in 2013 we have a legal sign.

So now let get on with what is really wrong with this whole scenario- Lack of Follow through- even apparently with the Design Review Board and the Building Dept.

An email that bordered on coercion and threats ( in my opinion) by a member of the Design Review Board. Totally reprehensible .

( sign of the times)
The sign may “now” be legal but according to inspection reports and complaints made by the utility company there is a lot more that needs to be done .
From the request for the search warrant ! click on to enlarge:
Dye affidavit
dye aff 2
so and the very lengthy inspection report of that property found violations indeed .

So there we have it The SIGN is now legally in place but we have a building that is hazardous to ones health , with any number of violations that have to be corrected. Illegal Gas connections

No occupancy permit


and of course reptiles which may legal in Ohio but not in Lorain


and member of the Design Review Board who in order to get her way .

960 Broadway Schnitzler Block Dyes Appliance

#4 I understand the mayor is planning to run again. Well after I start sending out my series of letters to all the tv stations, radio stations and newspapers I don’t think it will help his campaign. The ball is now in your hands. If things don’t straighten up immediately with my son and his building the letters will begin next week.

This is my issue with Mrs. Dye the tactics used and how unprofessional as a standing member of 20 YEARS on a Design Review Board .

Leon Mason did respond to her email Jan 9 at 2:52 PM

Mrs. Dye,
Thank you for your email. As a standing member of the City’s Design Review Board, and the applicant in question being your son, it would appear that your request poses a conflict of interest.
With the aforementioned being said, the applicant for the sign, Kris Dye (as signed on the application), should contact the Building, Housing and Planning Department.
I’m not sure as to how I can “straighten up” the matter regarding your son, as it is now in the court system.
So that we are clear moving forward, code enforcement is not an issue of whether or not I like or dislike anyone. My knowledge of you personally is from our interaction on Design Review, and knowledge of your appliance business on Broadway.
No one has, nor will they ever receive preference in the enforcement of codes or the consequences resulting from violations of code enforcement under my direction.

Well Lorain…… there you have it .. hopefully not to be continued BUT I can’t see that happening and I can’t see a healthy downtown anytime in the near future .

Lorain Ohio Downtown Urban Renewal Plan

October 2008

The city of Lorain, the Lorain Port Authority and the County of Lorain hired Gould/Associates, Inc. to conduct a Slum & Blight Eligibility Study for the Lorain Downtown and to prepare an Urban Renewal Development Plan according to Section 1728 of the Ohio Revised Code. The goal of the plan was to build an urban environment that is practical, long lasting and provides a sense of well-being to the citizens of Lorain. One outcome was for the Downtown Study area to qualify for Tax Increment Financing and to create an urban renewal plan.
Team members:James Scott Muscatello,
William A. Gould, AIA, AICP
BUT HEY we have at least one sign that is now legal Kharisma

Kharisma meaning ( The English term charisma is from the Greek χάρισμα khárisma, which means “favor freely given”) ….. Oh Joy!!!!

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City Officials -Caught Between a Ritchey and a Dye Place No Exit -“A touch of class” Lorain

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  • 1. Mary Springowski  |  January 14, 2015 at 3:29 pm

    I wonder if she’ll send the letters…..and what is her reasoning behind her daughter coming to your house to take pictures of your lovely home?

  • 2. thatwoman  |  January 14, 2015 at 4:03 pm

    who knows Mary – the way of Lorain?????

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