Is it worth it? Retaliation -dealing with the dregs

January 26, 2015 at 1:10 pm 3 comments

Who I Am  by  Chris Ritchey

Who I Am by Chris Ritchey

“Nothing should be hidden or untouchable , if it is your truth and you stand behind it – no one should be able to silence you”- Christopher D. Ritchey

I have over the years written a great many posts about “freedom of speech” “freedom of choice” and advocacy. There are over 1,400 posts on this blog alone ( some in draft form) in the past 7 years.

“But as I watched the bully beat of on going editorials, letters to the editor been there before , media and facebook comments -my son’s words kept playing over and over in my head .. KNOWING NOTHING I WOULD SAY WOULD CHANGE A DAMNED THING . Why should I ? Because as one person’s opinion is silenced by the weapons of embarrassment, and ridicule- 10 others look and learn the lesson and walk away- and that my friends is the insidious beginning of the death of free speech!”

I have also written a great many posts with regard to our housing situation ,
the deterioration of our neighborhoods and our business district in this city called Lorain.


I wrote a seven part series exactly two years ago about the Building Dept. that is Lorain (you can find links to the previous posts in the series in this part 7)
I am pleased to say things have tightened up – we now have Point of Sale –
Vacant and Foreclosed property registration,
However , what is known as Broadway Business District ( Waterfront District) continues to deteriorate – the process of inspections etc takes quite a long time because they have to get it right. We now have more inspectors but considering the “state ” of this city and her building stocks it will take time and time is not on our side when it comes to these buildings.

Rick Lucente 6th ward councilman said in an email to fellow council people and the administration in July 2014 in response to Dennis Flores complaint about a property cited – one of George Schneider’s

Jul 16, 2014
How did all the Houses and Buildings get in such poor condition? As I said
when the Point of sale issue came before Council, We did not need more tools
in our toolbox, We just needed to use the tools we already had in the box.
Example is the old Eagles Café on the corner of East 30th and Grove Ave
which is a main access in to the city of Lorain.
I believe the Point of sale helps but we should of never let things get in
such bad shape.

Schneider George 011813
Note : George Schneider who as per the Morning Journal article died September 19th-2014 and in the words of Rick Payerchin

“Schneider also was an occasional target of Lorain blog writer Loraine Ritchey of the Charleston Village Society, who has argued neglect by owners of rental properties have hurt the neighborhoods, especially in central Lorain.”

Dear George of the nearly 300 properties 275 in Lorain

“. However, Safety/Service Director Robert Fowler said Schneider owns about 300 properties in the county, with about 275 in Lorain.

Schneider owned some properties in limited liability companies, Mayor Chase Ritenauer said. Limited liability company members have little personal liability if the company has debts.

Schneider had 57 code violations on Lorain properties through May of last year. Dozens remain in violation, said Leon Mason, director of building, housing and planning.

Yes, I and other bloggers
were pointing out the issues with George for many years when he owned JUST 34 properties . Now George has passed and the city will have to work with property managers , attorneys and wills and non wills such as Lewis Strnad who passed in 2010 and we the residents and city officials are still dealing with his legacy, his dozens of properties still hanging about including the historic home of Mayor King 138-col

There has always been a danger when speaking out or writing about issues. After all you are usually stepping on someone’s toes and that can cause you to bear the brunt of retaliation( and don’t think that isn’t the case) . Most people now choose their battles and will speak out only if an issue directly affects their own lives.
Style Center Kharisma

I, too have walked away lately- but history and history on this blog will come back to bite and updating posts is needed. I updated the “happenings- non happenings” with the Kharishma / Dye building and posts written 2 years ago and there in lies the rub. This set off a firestorm of rhetoric by Kathy Dye – the mama of Dale Kris Dye the owner of 418 Broadway and what I believed and still believe was reprehensible behavior of Kathy ( Cathy) Dye from one who has long-held ( 20 years) a significant position on a City Of Lorain Board – Design Review Board.

To Be Continued……………………

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  • 1. Tammy Ramirez  |  January 26, 2015 at 7:44 pm

    Re: George Schneider. Heard his estate has over 400 houses and he was bringing in about 80k per month. I guess I would have a heart attack too with that much stress!!
    Am glad the cleanup has started and other cities are taking notice. This should help Lorain be more business/job ready!!

  • 2. Loraine Ritchey  |  January 26, 2015 at 8:41 pm

    OMG sad isn’t it that people struggle in the downtown to keep their businesses afloat and to attract people to their places and because of the situations with the likes of Mr. Schneider and others who have let their properties deteriorate so the whole area has become what it has become and they benefit by the blight…

  • 3. Retribution- DYE a Tribed- The process | That Woman's Weblog  |  January 29, 2015 at 11:40 pm


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