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Dye- abolical – goose /gander Inspection Process Pt 2 – Lorain

In part one
Mayro  Krasienko

We touched upon 1965 28th Street– where the duly elected Mayor of Lorain – Anthony Krasienko wanted the site cleaned up and or demolished – It is still there

 1965 28th Street January  2015

1965 28th Street January 2015

Part Two – 3620 Clifton Avenue
Eddie Edwards
this will find another elected official and the frustrations of his own. Councilman Eddie Edwards. This property 3620 Clifton AVE. has quite a history and was first written about on Bustershouse Blog : The blog was incredulous and in their post stated :

I am amazed that this house, which has been inspected and re-inspected by TPTB (and then some), was deemed worthy of a second chance. Sitting exposed to the elements for at least five years, sold for $200 to two guys who let it sit untouched for two more years (sale date January 2011) – it meant nothing to anybody until the city came knocking with the wrecking ball

3620-ist shot
see the photos of that post here
Bustershouse Blog followed up in June
This blog too, after attending the Demolition Appeals Board wrote about 3620 Clifton Ave.

and the “process”

The frustration of Mr. Edwards was apparent that day:

In that article, it was mentioned that the owners of one of the houses on the demolition list were given a second chance to make repairs. Even though it was noted by :

Demolition Board member, 5th ward Councilman, and neighborhood resident Eddie Edwards that “Before the sale, the house sat empty for about five years, with its doors and windows open and generally falling apart…” and “The new owners also waited a year before taking action to repair it…” AND the Board went out to see this house for themselves AND took the Fire Chief with them AND talked to the unhappy neighbors – the owners have $17,000 and a plan and that was enough for the Board to grant them a second chance

A year and a few months later the flip became a flop!
So here we are 2 years after that meeting : and the dwelling today
January 2015
3620 Clifton res

Conclusion : the flippers from Elyria , exactly 4 years ago, purchased a property without Point of Sale which so upset the Lorain County Board of Realtors.
and is still upsetting them , even if they aren’t quite accurate in their statements to the press
another nearly a decade on 3620 Clifton Avenue 5 years abandoned – 4 years in the INSPECTION PROCESS- 9 YEARS BY MY CALCULATIONS – the Flippers
Joseph Barbee and Nathaniel Johnson of Elyria also never paid the taxes roughly $218.00 per year and the tax bill as of today $1,088.48
( another worrying concern as delinquent taxes in the county according to the Lorain County Auditor when I spoke to him last week was in the amount of 34 million!

I emailed the city with regards to this property as to its status and it has been confirmed by Leon Mason (also a target of the Kathy (Cathy) Dye original email which I found extremely worrying and offensive from one who is a longtime member of the Lorain Design review Board.
Leon Mason – Director of Building, Housing and Planning

3620 Clifton, it was forwarded to the County Land Bank to begin the foreclosure process. As you may or may not know, the process for demo has changed since the original program, and the county must take possession of the properties.

Ironically this house was a forfeiture from the State of Ohio in the first place hmmmmm wonder if there had been a POS in place back then?

Well this process is still a work in progress on this one but I am still of the opinion it hasn’t worked!

Up next another “inspection in the hinterland”to be continued

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