Morning Stillness- the Pond Life – continues

May 30, 2015 at 1:46 pm 2 comments

The sun was just coming up this morning when I decided to take my coffee out to the garden pond. The back garden ( yard for the Americans) has been somewhat torn up of late. It all started with the back door stairs needing to be replaced and as usual with this house one thing led to another since things usually turn into a building site around here with “projects” why not re-do the ponds ?
Shadow was definitely not sure of the plans.
shadow sure
In fact Shadow was not the only resident of the garden leery as to what was happening . There seemed a lot of interest as to what these humans were up to:bird

The top pond had “settled” badly and needed leveling and a continuation of the rock wall and an upper flower bed installed.


How I miss the Willow tree. The silver lining is I might be able to have the water lilies and blooms, they never grew in the deep shade of the Willow.
The building was and is slow- not as young as we were and ill-health and life getting in the way makes the project slower than I would like. BUT it is happening. The dry stone rockery is 75 percent done .
the building last week were here in the project.
Shadow discussing the situation with another resident bird- and well those two toads – what can I say? It is spring after all!!!
the project

Yesterday was another trip to Pandys, for pond supplies and flowers- some have been planted and this morning the area was at least nice enough for that morning cup of coffee and to feed the fish before the other residents of the house were awake.

I was not alone however, two Morning Doves were enjoying a stimulating activity – I surmise there will be offspring soon, two Blue Jays were following suit and a Cardinal was definitely intent on some morning love as he chased his mate across the garden skies. Squirrels chattered and nattered at me for intruding on their morning drinking time.
Ghost koi
In the meantime my Ghost Koi oblivious to the changes in the garden , continued to graze at the edges of the bottom pond indifferent to the hullabaloo of the gold-fish as they rushed around in a frenzy after the fish pellets. He reminded me of a dirigible of the water as he slides through the water at peace whilst all around him is chaos. Oh! to be a Ghost- Koi!!! in the pond

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Memorial Day- 2015- Respect through the ages June 3rd- the comfort -the questions- Chris Ritchey

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  • 1. Robert J. Gargasz  |  May 30, 2015 at 2:07 pm

    In the change of the seasons, the visible is concealed, a remembrance is forgotten, and friends are treated as enemies.
    In the change of the seasons, I question past answers found.
    Confused, indeed with fear of instability, I fall in the change of the seasons! What will happen in my residual human days in the change of the seasons? Will I stand again after the fall, can I winter the storms raging in my mind and heart? Shall I persist in the spring of life? This summer’s strain has forced a movement and has uprooted a once proud human. Blood, sweat and tears drape this casket’s embrace in the fall from grace, in the change of the seasons. From a dark place, amongst the cries of despair pass away from me this change, this change of a season! Be gone from my mind, I must think anew.

  • 2. Diane Burke Ford  |  May 30, 2015 at 2:57 pm

    Oh how I would love morning coffee at that beautiful serene garden. I am sure there have been many secret conversations in that wonderful place, that no one else would understand. You are in my thoughts a lot Loraine, and even though we only sat in your living room one time, I feel very connected to you. I keep my teapot out in view, and go back to the caring hands that made it for you, and you generously passed it on to help heal a deep wound of great loss in my heart that was left there by the loss of my parents. Thank you for being such a wonderful, caring soul.

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