November 3rd-Remind Me- Chris Ritchey

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There truly is something always there to remind me”-Some things I purposely have about me, some things I can’t bear to bring to the fore- your emails still archived in the inbox from happier times, times of excitement, growing ,sharing life’s moments . I can’t bear to access them – they are too fresh, full of love and hope as you shared your plans- even after all these lonely months I am not strong enough.

This week, unwanted reminders- politicians still asking for your vote come through the door- the four-wheeler trips wanting your custom- even a letter from Ford with regard to the spark plugs on your truck.

They are the unexpected in amongst all the daily reminders of you. A fleeting look that flashes just for a second across Gavin’s face; Nana as she comments as to the way Braedyn was sitting after a night of trick or treating –

who does that remind you of?

and then quickly stops because she doesn’t want to cause pain and has caught herself from “reminding” –

This morning, as I opened my face book page- there you were unexpected, my heart caught in my throat as I for one fleeting moment I was unsure why I was looking at you smiling happy and “in life”. Facebook shared that moment and I realized it was from a post I had written 2 years ago which had resurfaced .Linked once again in cyber space………..

You – everything reminds me of you. You are never far from me – the reminding is bitter sweet- the memories continue and you are still there sharing.

The problem is I am in a world that is fluid going from memory to moment and my reality reminds me how much we loved you and always will img045-1


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